FBA Masterclass Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an Amazon training course known as FBA Masterclass. Is FBA Masterclass legit? Find out in this FBA Masterclass review.

It is quite hard to find a stable job nowadays. Actually, companies are not too psyched with hiring new workers since business is still quite slow. A lot of industries are still closed, while some unfortunately went bankrupt.

Even if you get to keep your job, it seems like companies are doing their best to keep the profit to themselves and giving pay cuts to a lot of employees. The problem is, these pay cuts are not in any way understandable.

Billionaires actually became a lot more richer, while the poor became a lot poorer. This toxic cycle seems like it will be continuing in the near future.

One of the ways that people are getting by despite these pay cuts are through side hustles. The only way to make yourself financially secure is to work more, unfortunately.

You may be thinking that Amazon FBA can help you make money. Well, this course promises that it can teach you all about how the business model works.

Does the course work? Do I recommend Amazon FBA? Learn more as you continue reading this FBA Masterclass review.

Before you decide to pay for this service, you should read this FBA Masterclass review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is FBA Masterclass?

FBA Masterclass Review - FBA Masterclass intro

FBA Masterclass is an online course created by Tom Wang. It aims to teach you about how you can start a business using the Amazon FBA model. This will include training regarding different tools and resources you will be using.

This course focuses on how PPC (pay per click) works, and how to utilize it in order to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings.

Along with that, you will be learning how to provide good service in order to boost your store ratings, what products to offer to your customers, and how the FBA business model works.

Because there is steep competition with FBA already, what you need to learn the most is how to establish your own brand and make it stand out against the others.

Take note that providing good service is the main key to get your brand’s name to stand out. Advertising will also help you to get your products seen by as many potential customers as possible.

This course aims to give as much knowledge as possible in order to get people into the FBA business.

Does FBA Masterclass Work?

Well, the course does not seem like it is a scam. However, a course like this will not guarantee your success in the business, as it can do so much.

Also, take note that the strategies you will be learning will be the ones that Tom is recommending. It is not guaranteed that it will work for you though, or if customers will like the course or not.

In this course, it is recommend that you start with selling one product. To be honest though, I don’t think this method will work, especially as customers look for variety when they browse Amazon stores.

Tom insists that this method could work though. Finding a “hot” product which could guarantee you sales is indeed a great point that he presented, and he reiterates that you can then introduce new products once you start doing well.

However, this is not enough to get customers to your store.

The best way to get your brand out there is through advertising. Even though the course will train you, there is still no guarantee that you can get sales as soon as possible. Your products need to be seen.

Also, take note that it can take time before you even start earning money. This course will not guarantee you any success right away.


This program will cost you $6,997 CAD. Unfortunately, it is not available for installment. If you want to access it, you are required to immediately pay for the whole sum.

However, the course includes a lot of modules and lessons, which could explain the hefty price tag. Still, it seems like you would not be able to afford this if you do not have that much money and just want a cheap starter course.

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Who is Tom Wang?

FBA Masterclass Review - FBA Masterclass creator

Tom Wang is the creator of FBA Masterclass. He is an entrepreneur.

He discovered the Amazon FBA business model from a friend, and was fascinated by it. This is why he decided to try it, and it worked for him as he is now a successful seller on the platform.

He wants to educate others regarding the methods that worked for him, in hopes that they can also succeed.

Tom runs a YouTube channel where he posts videos regarding the course. Compared to the other gurus I found that peddle these courses, Tom seems like he has actually found success in what he is teaching.

FBA Masterclass Overview

This training program is pretty in-depth, as included with it are 330 lessons, along with bonus training videos from other people who found success in the platform.

You also get access to coaching calls once you decide to buy the course. Let me break it down for you.

Chapter 0 – Setup & Welcome Video

This is the introduction part of FBA Masterclass. There is a 12-minute welcome video included, which can help you navigate through the lessons you want to start with.

Take note that with 330 lessons, it is easy to get lost, so this is a pretty good video to start with. Along with that, there is a video which will teach you how to setup an Amazon account.

There is also a quick overview regarding the steps you need to follow to have a smooth start.

Chapter 1 – Finding Your First Winning Product

Like I mentioned before, the main focus of Tom is to sell one product first. In total, there are 19 training videos for you to watch here, which contains strategies on how you can pick which product you can focus on.

Some programs can actually help you choose that product, like Amazon Suggested. There are indeed a lot of niches and products, so a software can help you skim through them in order to find the perfect product for your store.

You will also learn about the products you should be avoiding and how to make your offers look like a good deal.

You can also learn about Helium 10, which is basically a tool suite which could help you with product research, SEO, and product management. This is purchased separately, though.

Chapter 2 – Sourcing Negotiation and Logistics

FBA Masterclass Review - FBA Masterclass dropshipping

If you want to be an Amazon seller, then you would need suppliers for your products. I’m sure that the reason why you decided on this option than going on Shopify is because you do not really have the time to conceptualize products from the ground up and make them on your own.

This module includes templates which you can use in communicating with suppliers in a professional manner. There is also a short video which will show you how to properly negotiate with suppliers you want to get products from.

There is also a training video which will teach you about how logistics works, specifically how you can get products from China. 39 videos are included in this module.

Chapter 3 – Building Your Foundation For Launch

This module will teach you all about how to properly list your products on Amazon. This task is a lot more harder than you think, and is actually quite tedious.

Here, you will learn how to make good product descriptions, take good product photos, do keyword research, and make pricing decisions for the products you plan to list on your store.

Chapter 4 – Getting Reviews

Reviews are basically free advertising for your store. Get good reviews, and you can lessen your advertising costs.

There are some videos which will tell you how you can get good reviews, and a 25-minute video will show you how to use Feedback Whiz.

You will also be taught about how you can get more people to click your product listings, and how to incentivize customers who leave good reviews.

Chapter 5 – Rank & Bank

This part is all about how Amazon ranks products. You will be taught on how to use the right keywords for your product names and descriptions. Your aim is to get your items at the first page.

Chapter 6 – Manychat

Manybot is a chatbot tool which many Facebook pages utilize. What it does is automate the entire process of communicating with customers, which can save a lot of time and effort.

This tool will help you with reaching it to potential customers without having to do it by yourself one by one. It is a pretty convenient tool.

The software is available with a free trial, but if you want to use it long-term, then purchasing it is highly recommended so you can utilize all the features.

Chapter 7 – Seller Tools

This is a platform that is made by 1% of the top Amazon sellers. You can use this to gain valuable data and insights about how those top sellers make their sales.

You can definitely use a helping hand to grow your business, and Seller Tools can probably help you out with that.

Chapter 8 – Facebook Ads

This module is designed to teach you about Facebook ads, and how you can use them to be successful. Take note that running ads on Facebook is pretty expensive, as it is a pretty large platform.

If you want your products to be seen, then it is great to run ads. Tom will explain to you the technical side of Facebook ads, and help you set up effective ads using training videos.

Chapter 9 – Rank & Bank Strategies

This module discusses the more advanced stuff regarding Facebooks ads and Manychat, which could give your business a great boost if you learn it properly.

The training videos in this module can help you with by teaching you some techniques that other sellers might not be familiar with.

Chapter 10 – Amazon PPC

This module is pretty long. The lessons are taught by another entrepreneur named Mina Elias. He is also a successful seller on Amazon, and his expertise is on PPC. He will be teaching you how you can utilize your ads.

There are 38 lessons you can learn in this module, so with all that information you have to digest, I am sure that you will already be pretty knowledgeable with FBA once you are done with all of them.

You also have access to 3 Q&A recordings with Mina, where he will go over some FAQs about PPC.

Chapter 11 – Maintain and Scale

In this module, the lessons are purely text-based compared to the other modules. It has 4 files included, which will teach you about how you can increase traffic through the use of promotions, and how you can add variations on your account in Seller Central.

Chapter 12 – Finance Side of Amazon FBA

These lessons are all about the finance side of the business. In here, you can learn how to properly track all your expenses and how to do some simple bookkeeping. There is also a guide included, which is all about learning to read your Amazon payout report.

Chapter 13 – Miscellaneous

These lessons are all about some fields which were not covered by the other modules. Here, you will learn about how you can establish and expand your brand, what to do with out of stock items, and how to properly reach out to the Amazon support team.

In here, you can also learn about how you can provide quality customer service.

Level 2 Program

This is for sellers who have managed to reach the $5k/month rank. This is a whole new program meant to teach you how to expand your business to a greater scale.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Amazon FBA

FBA Masterclass Review - FBA Masterclass FBA

My research says that most Amazon sellers only earn a profit margin of an average 10% by selling on Amazon. Take note that these sellers are already experienced, so the number will be a lot lower for newbie sellers.

It seems like you will be facing quite a lot of competition, so be prepared. It will require you a lot of dedication and persistence in order to stand out from your competitors.

In this section of the FBA Masterclass review, you can learn why I do not recommend the business model.

Or better yet, I suggest venturing into another business which will not require a lot of work from you.

Saturated Market

There are already way too many sellers in the Amazon platform. There are also way too many products too, and the products you would like to sell are probably already listed by other sellers by now.

Because of this, your store is most likely not going to get noticed.

The odds are already against you before you even start selling. Being able to stand out in a platform with a lot of veteran sellers is considerably hard, and tapping into an unnoticed niche is close to impossible, if you ask me.

High Financial Risk

Dropshipping might save you a lot of costs, like production costs and storage costs. However, even if you will not be handling your store inventory here, there are still a lot of costs you need to pay attention to.

These include advertising, branding, logistics, and packaging. Even if no one buys from you, you need to keep the advertising going, which is not cheap.

Little Quality Control

Because you will be outsourcing your products, you will not be present to oversee if the quality of the items are up to par. Are there any damages? Are the items durable? Is the pricing you set worth it for the items’ quality?

Items that are mass produced, especially those made in China, often suffer from lack of quality issues. Remember that cheaply made items are often produced at a rapid pace, making QA impossible.

Also, remember that if your supplier ships damaged or defective items to your buyers, they are most likely to ask for a refund and leave a bad review. That is not good for your store’s reputation.

Very Low Profit Margin

There is very little profit to make from here. If you want to make money, you need to hustle really hard, but it is still not guaranteed.

Also, there is not much money to be made in dropshipping anyway, so I cannot recommend this business model at all even if you are tempted by all the money you can save.

Long Startup Time

Before you can even start selling and making money, you need to do a lot of things first. Establishing your store, finding suppliers, and running ads are some things you need to pay attention to. Before you can even earn a profit, it could take months, or maybe even a year.

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Things I Like in FBA Masterclass

Extensive Training Course

This course consists of more than 300 lessons for you to learn from. This means that this course has covered everything you need to know about the business model, and how to properly set up your store.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed once you finish the course, but having resources to come back to every once in a while is good for a newbie seller.

Tom Wang Cares

Not only is Tom Wang a successful Amazon seller; he also cares about his students. You can leave feedback after every module you finish, which means that Tom is doing his best to give a good learning experience for everyone.

Things I Dislike in FBA Masterclass

Very Expensive

This course is not recommended for newbies, as it is quite expensive. Before you can even start your business, you are being asked to invest $7k CAD to a training course straight away. I am sure you do not have that much just lying around.

I think this course is designed for those who have decided that they really want to sell on Amazon. Also, if you are looking for newbie courses, you can definitely find one that is a lot cheaper than this one.

No Refunds

Once you pay for the course, there is no way for you to get your money back. Like I said, it is better to be 200% sure that you want to adapt this business model before you pay for this.

Final Verdict – FBA Masterclass

Before I end this FBA Masterclass review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Amazon FBA is not a business model that I can recommend, and I know that I made my reasons clear. This is not as simple as you think it is, and you need to be able to learn a lot of things before you consider it.

Selling on Amazon is tedious work. It is not only about listing your products and finding a supplier. There are a lot of daily tasks you need to attend to, so it is not really advisable for a one-man team.

Even if you would not handle inventory, you still need money, as you will be running a lot of ads. And ads are not cheap, especially if you want to run them on social media.

There is a very low return here, which is simply not worth all the time and effort. It is simply not worth it as a side hustle.

I believe that a good side hustle is something you can do on your spare time. I know of one better than this. It does not require you to learn a lot of complex processes, too. More details are available in the next section.

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