Tooturnttony Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Tooturnttony and his net worth.

You can never really run out of people who become famous on social media. I feel like there isn’t a day that doesn’t lead to somebody becoming the person everybody talks about. Fame or infamy can happen to anyone at any time. And I am frankly scared by that.

The accessibility of social media for millions of people around the world helps us connect with each other. But you do have to game the system nowadays in order to be noticed. Sure, your friends and family can see your posts. But if you’re intending to build a following— why would you? —you do have to post photos or videos that get people interested.

I think the pandemic definitely had a lot more people be on social media. There isn’t really anything that you could during lockdowns. And the only way you could converse with friends and family was through social media. So people were spending a lot of their time in front of a screen. That sort leads you to fall down the rabbit hole sometimes.

It’s not as easy on places like Facebook and Twitter. But it is on places like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Facebook and Twitter do suggest posts to you. But some of them are text. On the latter three platforms, they’re more on the side of photos and videos. You don’t really have to read as much text. All you need is just people showing you their life online.

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Tooturnttony: Quick Details

  • Full name: Anthony Dawson
  • Claim to fame: Posting videos on social media
  • Estimated net worth: $300,000

Turnt Up for Whom?

There isn’t really anything that I could find with regards to when Tooturnttony was born. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything about his personal life. Despite the fact that he involves his entire family in the videos that he posts, there’s very little that you could really get out of it.

You shouldn’t really expect people you see on social media be forthcoming about providing personal information. I don’t think they have any reason to do that. They could choose not to share information about them if they don’t want to.

But considering that Tooturnttony has managed to turn posting videos on TikTok into a full-fledged business entity, it’s sort of easy to find corporate information about it. For the most part, business entities need to provide information like that. You do have to abide by state laws and all that.

Through that bit of information, all I could really find was that Tooturnttony’s name might be Anthony Davis. I mean… The Tony part of his brand would obviously be based on Anthony. The last name was kind of a surprise, I guess.

That’s pretty much all that I could find with regards to his persona lifel, I guess. It’s weird seeing them post frequently out and about on social media. But there’s rarely anything that you could take away from those posts. For the most part, he’s already built up an audience. And there’s really only so much you could do on social media.

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A screenshot from a video that TooTurntTony posted

What’s The Deal With Tooturnttony?

He’s a guy who became famous for posting on social media. What more is there to talk about?

I actually went through the bottom of his Instagram page to get a sense of what he was like before he became social media famous. And for the most part, he was kind of the same. Like, his early posts were just him hanging out with his family and friends. Even in his earlier posts, you can see how much he loves his grandmother.

He was just a normal teenager living in the suburbs somewhere in America. There’s very few people who get into social media wanting to become known. Sometimes, people just want to post of photos of their life for the friends and family to see.

The ducks were already an integral part of Tony’s life. I honestly thought that the ducks kind of came about during the pandemic. Turns out I was wrong.

One of the posts on his account was him in a bathtub with a duckling swimming around. That post was in March 2013. The ducks were sort of a constant in the succeeding posts.

There were six other posts with him and his duck after that one. He wasn’t really posting a lot on Instagram. Most of his early posts were about a month apart from each other.

Not Another Section About His Instagram Account

There was a gap between his last post in 2013 to his first post in 2014. Still, there wasn’t anything different from what he posted before. He was pretty much posting photos of him with his family and friends.

Even then, Tony seems to enjoy hanging out with other people. Also, he just sort of started to gain more muscle. He had some level of definition. But he was still kind of skinny.

Slowly, he got a lot more ducks. You never really know what kind of thing other people would be into. Surely, nobody expected ducks.

A lot of the succeeding posts were of Tony showing off his body. He wasn’t really shy before. But he’s definitely been more frequent with posting shirtless photos of him in his account.

I guess at some point Tony became a model? It makes sense. He definitely has the kind face and body that would lend well to modelling. His features definitely settled in nicely as time went on.

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A screenshot featuring TooTurntTony

Tooturnttony Turned To TikTok To Post

Tony was still posting on his Instagram when decided to post on TikTok. I guess Tony already reached a thousand or more followers on Instagram by that time? Honestly, I don’t even know the metrics for his account prior to him becoming internet famous.

Even before the pandemic hit, Tony was already posting on TikTok by then. I don’t that Tony went into creating an account with a goal in mind. He probably just wanted to try out a new platform. TikTok was already a thing in the United States by the time the @tooturnttony account popped up on the platform.

His early videos on there weren’t really any different to the photos on his Instagram. He pretty much posted a lot of videos of him and his family on the platform. Of course, the ducks are still pretty much included in a bunch of his early videos.

I guess the tooturnt brand was already a thing when Tony started his TikTok account. With everybody being sheltered in place, people just started becoming more active on social media. And people were already into social media. I mean, who isn’t? That was basically the only place that you could talk to other people. Or update them about your life.

I still don’t really know exactly how Tony’s account blew up. Like, he’s a pretty decent-looking guy. So he definitely had a chance to become popular. People sometimes like to watch people who are hot. There’s no mystery to that.

The interactive nature of TikTok just helped Tony reach a wider audience. A thing that people can do on TikTok is make video replies to comments on another video. People were just starved for any type of connection with other people.

So What Is Tooturnttony’s Net Worth?

Soon after, Tony’s account just blew up. Like any kind of social media figure, you are bound to earn money from posting on the internet. It’s insane that an entire job like that exists now. And there are a lot of people who benefit from it.

I only scrolled through both his Instagram and TikTok feeds. So outside of those dates that I mention, I haven’t really seen anything else from the tooturnttony account. Once you’ve seen a specific post or video, you can really get the gist of what their account is like.

But it is interesting how a normal account could suddenly turn into an entire brand and business. Like, Tony has managed to involve his family into this content creation thing. Like, his dad and his mom both have their own Cameo accounts. If you don’t know what Cameo is, it’s a service where you can get celebrities to record a personalized video. Somehow Tony’s Cameos cost at least $200.

It makes sense that Tony’s net worth is around $300,000. The amount may not seem like a lot. But it’s still amazing to see somebody be worth that much. And that’s just from posting videos on the internet.

I think Tony’s sister helps runs the Tooturnttony business. It makes sense to keep the business within the family. Like, his family was doing pretty well for themselves even this. But having a different income stream doesn’t really sound bad. If people are willing to pay you money to make a video, then why not?

You wouldn’t have assumed that people being themselves could turn into a legitimate business. Like, I don’t think anybody would have seen that a guy named Tony doing videos with his ducks would be earning him thousands of dollars a month. The internet can be such an interesting place.

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