Trade Canyon Review – Sean Donahoe Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Trade Canyon. Is it legit? Find out more on this review.

I have to admit that stock trading isn’t really my forte when it comes to reviews. Sure, I have written a decent number of trading-related training programs and tools. But it’s never been one of the topics that I have a good grasp on. There’s a larger barrier of entry to stock trading compared to something like e-commerce or digital marketing.

That’s not to say that something like e-commerce or digital marketing aren’t difficult to get into. Everybody has their own pace when it comes to learning. But it’s relatively easier to get the hang of those two particular topics compared to stock trading. Stock trading is highly unpredictable and I don’t think everyone can thrive with that level of unpredictability.

So I guess that’s why there are a ton of different online courses that you can take to learn more about stock trading. There are also a lot of different websites that you can access for free. The information is already out there. But your success in trading still hinges on your own decisions.

So when I heard about Trade Canyon, I was curious to learn more. Most of my reviews regarding similar services have not been that great. But maybe there was something to this particular program that makes it worth the cost.

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Trade Canyon Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Trade Canyon
  • Founder: Sean Donahoe
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Software
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommendation: While it is possible that this particular program can actually help you succeed in trading, it is not guaranteed that it will work every time. The market is often unpredictable. And it may not be the best for those who are just starting out as traders.

Who Is Sean Donahoe?

A screenshot of a video featuring Trade Canyon founder Sean Donahoe

I was really surprised to see the amount of interviews that Sean Donahoe has done in the past couple of years. It seems that he has been a fixture in whatever niche was in at the time. There are so many different interviews for different products of his. It might be a bit concerning to a lot of people that he has so many different programs that target different niches online.

But I guess that’s just the entrepreneur in him. In an interview that Sean did for the Eventual Millionaire podcast, he mentions that his dad ran multiple businesses. I could see why his dad wanted to instill in Sean to be his own boss. He didn’t want him to just coax on the money that they were earning from those businesses. There’s a chance that it wouldn’t last that long.

So Sean decided to do the best he can to earn money for himself. He started off with washing cars during the weekends. His goal at the time was to collect money for a computer. He was able to earn money from that hustle. But considering how much computers cost, especially when it wasn’t as prevalent during Sean’s time growing up, it wasn’t really enough. His father suggested that he try to scale his business so that he can earn more money quickly.

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We All Live In A Computer World

Somehow Sean Donahoe was able to buy the computer and a used car from the money he earned. He didn’t really stop working after that. Once he graduated from college, I guess, he decided to start his own business building computers. At the time it did that, the personal computer was becoming more commonplace in business and households. And that kind of lead him to digital marketing.

A lot of businesses during that time, especially where Sean lived, wasn’t really too keen on having an online presence yet. So eventually Sean decided to move to the United States. The reasoning is that there’s probably a lot more opportunities there when it comes to digital marketing. But his move there had a bit of a setback. He had poured most of his resources into moving because he had an offer for a job. Unfortunately, it didn’t move forward. Though that didn’t really stop him from trying to make it in the U.S.

He was able to bounce back from that and managed to do a few consultation services with different companies. But there was still that opportunity in digital marketing looming over him. Though it seems that nobody was really interested in it yet. Still, Sean decided to push through with it. It seems that he had created an e-commerce store that sold art. Somehow, it managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in profit. That sort of earned him a reputation.

It didn’t really seem to faze him that much anymore when something goes wrong. There’s this unbridled optimism he has early on that what the internet is going to have will be big. And it kind of paid off, in a way.

What Is Trade Canyon?

A screenshot of a video featuring Trade Canyon founder Sean Donahoe

By 2015, Sean Donahoe decided to create Trade Canyon. You wouldn’t really have guessed that he would go from digital marketing to stock trading. Nothing about that jump makes sense. But, at some point, you’re bound to want to do something different in your life. So why not stock trading, right?

Trade Canyon is less of a training program and more of a software that will help budding and expert trainers in their trading. From what I could understand, this is mostly just signals that will alert you of the optimal time to buy and/or sell a stock. It seemingly works for every type that you want to trade. Foreign exchange, indices, commodities, stocks, you name. Well, technically, that’s most—if not all—of them.

They give you a one-week free trial of the program. After that, you can choose how often you want to get charged for the tools that Trade Canyon is providing. There’s a monthly plan worth $59, a quarterly plan worth $149 and an annual plan worth $496. Once you’ve signed up, you get access to 10 different indications that you can use to your account. Bear in mind that these indicators are only compatible on a trading platform called TradingView. It seems decent enough but you may need a separate subscription to TradingView’s paid tier to get access to more stuff.

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Final Verdict – Trade Canyon Review

I don’t highly recommend Trade Canyon. There’s nothing particularly compelling about the service that it provides to you as a budding trader. You’re going to spend a lot of money on this specific product without any assurance that you’ll actually manage to recoup the cost of it from your trades.

Like I mentioned earlier, stock trading is very unpredictable. While it could be possible that the indicators from Trade Canyon would alert you of the ample time to buy or sell, you can’t guarantee its success every time. You’re still the one who will choose whether or not to follow the signs. Nothing about Trade Canyon is automated. They don’t really advertise it as such, I’ll give them that.

Considering that the website for it is still up, Trade Canyon seems to still be an active service. But the cost for the subscription on top of the cost buy stocks is a lot for anyone. You’re going to spend a lot of money with no guarantee that you’ll earn it back. Some people say that you should only spend money you’re willing to part with. But there’s still so much risks in trading.

Trading is not really something that has immediate rewards. You’re probably going to spend a lot of time and money hoping to make bank. And a lot of people don’t really have either of those to waste. If you’re really willing to learn how to start trading, there’s a ton of free resources out there from vetted resources. Mostly, it’s just the basics. You could always go to wherever is the nearest stock exchange market to see trades in action.

Still, you’re going to need to have really good decision making skills. While you could attribute it to luck if you earn big, you’re still making decisions.

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That’s it for my review of Trade Canyon. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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