Trade Juice Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Trade Juice. Is the program any good? Find out in this Trade Juice review.

The path to being a successful trader is not an easy one. It is going to take a lot of late nights without sleep and a lot of hours of practice to get it just perfect. Despite the fact that you have invested a significant amount of time and money into it, there may be periods of time when you will feel fatigued, overwhelmed, and even like giving up.

Trade Juice makes the promise that it may help you increase your earnings and decrease your losses. But you might be curious about what it is and how it operates.

I have spent the last several weeks conducting extensive study on the topic in order to provide you with information that will assist you in making an informed decision. As a result, I am able to provide you with all of the information necessary for Trade Juice.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Trade Juice review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with this program in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Trade Juice Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Trade Juice
  • Owner: Nicola Delic
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Cloud-based system
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommended?: Trading is not really that profitable if you do not know what you are doing. Look for a more profitable and better opportunity instead.

What is Trade Juice?

Nikola Delic’s Trade Juice is an innovative cloud-based integration system that continually calculates hundreds of market indicators in real time.

These indicators include Pips, Candles, and Trends. As the tool continually updates market patterns, you will be able to participate in deals that are both hot and juicy.

It is possible that using Trade Juice will allow you to make between 65 and 75 percent of your total profits. In addition to this, it enables you to select trades in a quick and easy manner without requiring you to worry about the choices you’ve made.

The person who created Trade Juice asserts that all of the services he provides are founded on the trading algorithms and strategies that he has built over the course of his career. Members get access to a variety of different categories inside the site, including Cryptocurrency, Forex, Indices, and Commodities alerts.

The Trade Juice platform provides dealers with access to accurate exit and entry locations for foreign exchange trading.

Trade Juice is also perfect for both inexperienced traders and seasoned professionals alike. According to the official website for TradeJuice, it has created over 20,000 transactions utilizing their platform, with an average success rate of 67 percent and a risk-reward ratio of 1.3.1. This information was gleaned from their statistics.

Who is Nicola Delic?

Trade Juice Review - Nicola Delic

Nicola Delic created a cutting-edge trading signal service known as TradeJuice. Over three thousand people have been instructed in the art of trading indices, foreign currency, and commodities by Nikola Delic, an experienced international trader.

He found the idea of becoming financially independent to be an attractive proposition, which encouraged him to investigate the matter more.

During the course of his career, he even established his own own hedge fund, which at its peak was worth more than 150 million dollars.

Trade Juice Overview

Trading may be done in a quick and simple manner with this method. Trade Juice will automatically present you with the most recent profit objectives, entry targets, exit targets, and general market trends across all sessions and periods. This enables Trade Juice to make this possibility a reality.

You may make substantial earnings in a very short amount of time when you use this trading technique. You are free to utilize it with any trading platform you like due to the fact that it has a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity.

In addition to that, it has the capability of calculating the risk-to-reward ratio of each and every transaction that you choose. If you have this knowledge, you will have a better understanding of how much of a risk you should be willing to accept before you start.

Trade Juice takes care of everything for you, right down to determining whether you should engage in risky or safe trade situations depending on the amount of money you are willing to lose in order to make more.

Over one hundred and twenty autonomous algorithms are contained within the Trade Juice, and they all collaborate in perfect harmony to bring about instantaneous updates to all markets, trends, and targets.

According to the reports, Trade Juice is capable of doing more than merely generating “hot trade signals.” This includes providing investors with a variety of tools that make the trading process easier to understand and manage.

Because Trade Juice continually updates these objectives in order to keep investors informed, there is no need to be concerned about entry, profit, or exit targets.

The following additional features can also be obtained:

  • Determines, for each deal, the appropriate risk to reward ratio.
  • Establishes financial strategies that are either cautious or risky.
  • Contains 120 algorithms that may run separately but are connected to one another. Used to create mathematical mutations with several layers.
  • Describes the best times and places to initiate a trade, as well as where to set stop-loss orders.

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Members’ Area

You won’t need to guess where to input and target your pricing once you have access to the members’ section of TradeJuice. You’ll see it all laid out for you.

Additionally, it will show you the stops that you have to set in order to trade, and once you have made a decision about what to do, you will be able to place the trade with the broker of your choice.

You’ll also be able to locate a list of the transactions with the highest possible chance right there on the dashboard (in Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Crypto). In addition to that, each signal contains a synopsis of the following information:

  • Time Frame
  • Instrument (Pair)
  • Direction (bullish or bearish)
  • Entry Price
  • Target Price
  • Stop Loss
  • Risk Reward


If you feel like you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, go on over to the official website to use the Trade Juice tool.

It won’t take you more than a few seconds to add Trade Juice to your shopping basket, complete the payment details, and then pay with the payment method of your choice.

You are now able to watch all four channels, which cost a total of $4,752 when purchased separately. The fact that the instrument can now be purchased at such a low cost makes the situation much more favorable. You will receive all four channels, including Currencies, Cryptos, Commodities, and Indices, for the low price of just $499.

When compared to the total amount of money you will make utilizing the trading strategy developed by Nicola Delic for TradeJuice, the compensation you will receive is reasonable.

Is Trade Juice Legit?

There is no way that Trade Juice is a fraud. It is a genuine method that was created by a genuine firm.

Trade Juice is a step-by-step approach that takes you from the most fundamental trades to the most complex trades and may help you boost your revenue.

It can appear difficult, but if you know where to look, there is nothing that can’t be done. You may save yourself a lot of time and effort by solving even the most fundamental of your financial concerns first.

Regardless of the profession or trade you decide to pursue, you may increase the amount of work you do and the money you make. According to projections, Trade Juice has the potential to raise profits by anywhere between sixty and seventy five percent, which is not something that can be ignored.

The program resembles Trade Genius and Chaikin Analytics,

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Final Verdict – Trade Juice

When it comes to making decisions about investments, having access to the juicy trade tips and important indicator updates that are provided by Trade Juice gives investors an advantage over other people in their field. When it comes to entry, exit, or profit objectives, the embedded algorithms in the system are able to conduct all of the calculations on their own, relieving users of much of the laborious work that would otherwise be required.

You are not limited to just one market thanks to this service’s ability to connect you with others in numerous areas.

As a result, those who have an inquisitive mind have the opportunity to investigate a variety of paths that have a significant potential to generate profits and then select the one that best accommodates their immediate and long-term goals.

Customers of Trade Juice who, over the course of the last two years, attentively followed the provided instructions achieved a weekly profit of between 4-5 percent on average.

Consequently, utilizing the Trade Juice System may result in higher profits for you than investing in conventional equities.

People who are just getting their feet wet in this endeavor and don’t know a lot about how the Forex market operates will find that the cost of Trade Juice is well worth it.

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