Trade Smart University Review – Stock Trading Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Trade Smart University. Is it legit? Find out in this Trade Smart University review.

Stock trading is not an easy venture to delve in. It requires a lot of prior knowledge to the business, a business-savvy mind, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an openness to learn new business trends.

I do not recommend going into a business that you have no idea about. I suggest that you have a lot of knowledge about a business venture before delving into it and investing in it.

Seeing as stock trading is an investment that is difficult to make, I suggest that you tread lightly. This is why there are a lot of programs like Trade Smart University promising to teach you how to do stock trading.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Trade Smart University review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Trade Smart University in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Trade Smart University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Trade Smart University
  • Founder: Josh Hesse and Jeremy Whaley
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommendation: I will not recommend you signing up for the program if you do not plan on participating on stock trading.

What is Trade Smart University?

Trade Smart University Review - Logo

Without a doubt, Trade Smart University is the best place to learn how to trade. They offer a wide range of services, but their main goal is to help students understand how to use technical analysis to navigate the complicated stock market.

However, the scope of their expertise extends beyond the confines of equities, encompassing futures, currencies, and options trading as well.

In their endeavor to foster knowledge dissemination, Trade Smart University presents a diverse spectrum of membership choices, each thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs and aspirations of a broad spectrum of individuals.

Whether you are an aspiring trader seeking to embark on a journey of financial enlightenment or a seasoned investor looking to further refine your trading acumen, their extensive range of membership options is poised to accommodate and propel your trading endeavors to new heights.

Who is in charge of the program?

Josh Hesse and Jeremy Whaley emerge as the prominent figures steering the helm of the website’s operations. A meticulous exploration through the vast expanse of Google’s digital repository revealed a conspicuous absence of adverse or unfavorable information concerning either of these individuals.

Trade Smart University, as per the available information, seems to have established its digital presence in 2009, denoting a noteworthy longevity in the domain of trading education.

Since its inception in 2009, this stalwart trading education company has continued to thrive and has successfully evaded the potential pitfalls of negative online critique, which undoubtedly serves as a positive testament to its reputation and operational efficacy.

Even the most reputable educational trading entities often face the scrutiny of online review forums, yet Trade Smart University appears to have maintained a commendable track record, unmarred by critical backlash.

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Trade Smart University Overview

The website proudly asserts its commitment to delivering immersive, experiential training via a dynamic live online classroom, with the primary objective of empowering traders with the essential skills to navigate the intricate world of stock trading, with a keen focus on the critical art of timing buy and sell decisions.

Each instructional session comprises a comprehensive curriculum spanning 24 lessons thoughtfully segmented into three distinct sections, each thoughtfully designed to last a dynamic 90 minutes.

This learning journey unfolds through engaging live webinars, fostering a direct and immediate connection between students and seasoned instructors. This real-time interaction is a crucial facet of the learning experience, allowing for queries, discussions, and clarifications to enrich the learning process.

Trade Smart University Review - Community

The program extends over the course of four weeks, with a carefully planned schedule of two classes per week. This approach ensures that participants have ample opportunities to absorb and assimilate the material gradually.

To further enhance the learning experience, participants are afforded the valuable opportunity to assess their progress and gauge their understanding through a series of meticulously crafted online quizzes, serving as checkpoints in their educational journey.

This holistic approach aims to equip traders with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to navigate the complex terrain of stock trading successfully.


There are three plans available for the program. Let us discuss this in this section.

The Silver Plan, priced at a mere $39 per month, grants subscribers access to a comprehensive library brimming with an extensive array of training videos, on-demand study courses, a sentiment survey, community engagement opportunities, and a suite of invaluable market research tools, ensuring they have all the resources needed to excel in the trading arena.

Stepping up to the Gold Plan, available at $89 per month, unlocks a realm of enhanced benefits.

In addition to everything featured in the Silver Plan, subscribers gain access to weekly trade ideas, an invaluable resource for staying ahead in the market, and the exclusive option to have their trades meticulously analyzed by a seasoned trading expert.

For those who seek the pinnacle of trading excellence, the Platinum Plan is available at $119 per month. This elite tier encompasses all the offerings of the preceding tiers, enriched further by exclusive masterclasses that delve into advanced trading strategies.

Additionally, Platinum Plan subscribers gain privileged access to the Weekly Power Trader Live, where they can interact with top trading professionals and gain valuable insights into market dynamics.

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Is Trade Smart University Legit?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to highlight that any endeavor to unearth the personal trading performance history of the founders of Trade Smart University yields no results.

Despite diligent efforts, my attempts to delve deeper for the sake of this review, including reaching out via email to request additional information regarding their qualifications and performance, have been met with a resounding silence.

This conspicuous absence of verifiable credentials and trading track records from the founders is notable, especially when considering that Trade Smart University positions itself primarily as an educational entity within the trading sphere.

Instead of presenting itself as a performance-based product with a demonstrable history of trading success, the organization seems to emphasize its role as a provider of educational resources.

Given their role as a trading education company that develops and markets trading educational products and proudly identifies as trading educators, the absence of concrete evidence of their own profitable trading endeavors raises pertinent questions.

A natural expectation would be that an institution dedicated to teaching trading should possess a track record of successfully applying trading principles in real-world scenarios.

In light of these considerations, the absence of such a track record leaves potential students and interested parties pondering the credibility and efficacy of Trade Smart University’s educational offerings.

Final Verdict – Trade Smart University Review

While Trade Smart University certainly seems to have carved a space for itself in the domain of trading education with its impressive longevity and apparently positive online presence, there are critical aspects that potential students must take into consideration.

The very foundation of a reputable educational platform, especially in the intricate world of stock trading, should be based on credibility and proven results.

The fact that Trade Smart University does not provide any tangible evidence of the trading success of its founders is deeply concerning. It’s a red flag when an educational platform, which charges students for teaching them about stock trading, cannot or will not showcase the trading accomplishments or qualifications of its leaders.

One would expect that such a platform, especially one with high visibility and a seemingly impressive track record in education, would be built upon a foundation of proven expertise.

Furthermore, the lack of response to inquiries about these critical qualifications is disheartening. In a realm as volatile and risky as stock trading, having confidence in one’s educators and mentors is of paramount importance.

Without verifiable success stories or concrete trading credentials, how can one truly ascertain the value and legitimacy of the lessons being imparted?

For those who are genuinely serious about diving into stock trading and want the best chances of success, it might be prudent to look elsewhere. While the allure of comprehensive courses, dynamic online classrooms, and tiered plans might seem tempting, the essential backbone of trust and proven expertise seems to be lacking.

Before investing not just money, but also time and trust into an educational platform, ensure that the institution can offer concrete evidence of its efficacy and credibility.

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