Trade The Chain Review — An Alerts-Based Trade Platform?

Today we will be reviewing an company known as Trade The Chain. Is this company legit? Find out in this Trade The Chain review.

In the cryptocurrency industry, we’ve witnessed a substantial degree of volatility over the previous several months. We have seen a lot of cryptocurrencies rise to popularity (sometimes because of internet gurus), only to drop in value significantly.

It has actually came to a point where these crypto people pay influencers just to advertise their new coin.

Many traders have found themselves on both sides of the market – some making money when prices are decreasing, while others are left holding the bag when prices are increasing.

After all, there is really no way to predict whether the investments you have will go up in value or not.

This company called Trade The Chain is an alerts-based dashboard that gives essential information before the general public’s get a hold of them. This is to help you benefit even when the market is down.

The company also claims that it can provide a brief overview of sentiment-driven price estimates.  This means that when it comes time to make your next trading choice, you will not have to make any blind guesses.

Before you decide to look into joining this company, you should read this Trade The Chain review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you make such a huge decision.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Trade The Chain in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Trade The Chain Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Trade The Chain
  • Website:
  • Socials: None available
  • Type: Alerts-based dashboard
  • Niche: Cryptocurrency
  • Owner: Alex Mascioli
  • Recommended?: This platform is not that reliable. Also, crypto value is pretty volatile, meaning that it is not that profitable. In fact, the opportunity I have for you right here is loads better.

What is Trade The Chain?

Trade The Chain Review - Logo

Trade The Chain is an alerts-based dashboard. Its main function is that it provides you with essential information in the crypto market before the rest of the public gets hold of it.

It is intended for traders who are searching for a competitive advantage and who are interested in learning how to profit in any market circumstance, even when prices are falling. After all, volatility is the main enemy of traders.

The company promises that it will assist their customers in identifying chances before anybody else does so by allowing them to make a profit even in a depressed market. Basically it is a platform that promises that members get the upper hand in terms of the market conditions.

Trade The Chain offers a range of services available via the Chain, including sentiment-driven pricing estimates.

When it comes to your next deal, this innovative tool claims that it can assist you in making the best choice possible. It also strives to provide insight into what’s occurring in the cryptocurrency markets before any news networks get ahold of the info.

Access to the so-called “Crypto Millionaire Inner Circle” is also included, which is basically a secret chat room with other like-minded traders.

In here, you can interact with people who are interested in learning how to profit even during bad market circumstances. Just like you, these people are utilizing Trade The Chain as their go-to resource to get ahead of the competition.

Given the fact that this group includes members from all around the globe, you can be assured that there will always be someone online and ready to discuss trading ideas. You can learn a lot from other people’s ideas, you know.

How Much Does It Cost?

Signing up for a monthly membership ($99) or an annual subscription ($990) with Trade The Chain is the only way to get started with the service.

You will have immediate access to everything after you have completed the registration process. It’s a pretty quick process which wouldn’t take you too long to finish.

This platform can actually be useful to you whether you are a newbie or experienced investor. You can monitor which crypto values are in good or bad situations, meaning that you can always save yourself from getting a bad deal.

It can help you decide whether you should invest on a certain cryptocurrency, or sell out what you currently have before the situation flips itself.

The platform will help you observe what other traders were doing ahead of time, which can help you plan out your trading activities. After all, if you are a newcomer, it wouldn’t hurt copying what others are doing for now.

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How Do You Make Money in the Platform?

In this section of the Trade The Chain review, I will be discussing the many ways that you may earn money using the site.

Trade The Chain Review - Earning money

You may get essential information before the broader public by using the platform, which is mainly an alerts-based dashboard. I think I already said this too many times, and I probably sound like a broken record by now.

This implies that if a currency has just been listed on Coinbase, or if there is news about it being added to another exchange, Trade The Chain will have already notified its members.

This gives members an edge, since they are given time to prepare before anyone else knows about the development.

It also features sentiment-driven price estimates that are trusted by prominent crypto funds. This allowing them to inform their members on what they should be purchasing right now in regards to their risk tolerance level.

Is Trade The Chain a Scam?

Trade The Chain seems like a a secure method to trade. They seem to have a fairly secure system, so I don’t think that’s what you should be worried about.

You can rest easy with that, at least. It looks like the platform is closely monitored, meaning that people who are genuinely interested with the platform can gain access to it. After all, joining it is not free.

If you are worried about any trolls penetrating the platform, well, you shouldn’t. Not many trolls are willing to pay for something just so they can cause chaos there. That would be a desperate attempt, if you ask me.

Also, even if some hacker tries to use your account, it will be difficult. Since all transactions are automated, there is nothing they can do in your account other than stand by helplessly while gains mount in real time.

Judging by these, Trade The Chain seems like a secure platform.

What I Like About Trade The Chain

First, let’s go over some of the aspects of the platform that I like.

There are notifications triggered by the system, which provides you with vital information before the rest of the world gets a hold of it.

Trade The Chain Review - Dashboard

In the event that a cryptocurrency has recently been listed on Coinbase or there is rumors of it being added to another exchange, this platform will have previously notified its members and given them time to prepare before anybody else is aware of it. This is their main function, after all.

Finally, membership access to the “Crypto Millionaire Inner Circle” – a secret chat room with like-minded traders you can talk to and share ideas with is included with your purchase.

It also contains sentiment-driven price estimates that are trusted by prominent crypto funds, allowing you to know what currency you should be investing in right now.

Other than those, I like how simple it is to navigate around the dashboard. It has a user-friendly UI.

If you decide that subscribing to the platform is a mistake, then you can ask for a refund. I am not quite sure how the process goes, but hey, at least you can opt out when you are not feeling like using it anymore.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Trade The Chain

Because of its flaws, I wouldn’t really recommend joining the platform.

It turns out that the platform’s notifications are not correct all of the time. It looks like that there have been a handful of instances when the price has moved up or down without an alert from the platform.

Take note that this is the main function you pay for. Imagine not getting an important notification. It would be frustrating, especially if it should’ve been a clear trade opportunity for you to take advantage of.

This is irritating because, if you’re able to execute such deals, they may have been successful. However, because you do not get the notification, the opportunity gets wasted.

If you are a newbie and your only source with your trading needs is this platform, then you will be losing a lot of opportunities. While your experienced colleagues are doing just fine, here you are regretting your decision not to invest in something profitable.

It also looks like that the platform does not send notifications during nighttime, unless something major occurs. This is a problem if you are living in a different timezone as they are.

Also, you should take note that investing in crypto isn’t really the most profitable side hustle out there. The volatility can be too much, and if you do not have that much money to invest in it, then I suggest you steer clear from crypto.

Alternatives to Trade The Chain

Crypto investment is a very risky business. Yes, you can potentially double your money fast, but you can also lose all of it just as fast. If you are not well-versed as to how it works, then you will not be enjoying good results.

Yes, you can learn online how crypto investment works, but with no prior background in finance, it can be risky. After all, you will be dabbling in a lot of unfamiliar terms and situations.

I don’t really recommend investing your money in crypto for this reason. Honestly, there are a lot of better options available in the internet.

You can always find investing in things you like as a good way to make passive income. After all, you should be thinking of simple ways which would not require you to have substantial knowledge of.

Or better yet, just take advantage of the opportunity I have right here.

Final Verdict — Trade The Chain Review

Before I end this Trade The Chain review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Trade The Chain, in my opinion, is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to have an edge in trading, or even just someone interested in crypto but unsure how to get started with it.

I think I have already provided you with the answers you are looking for as to what you need to know regarding the platform. After all, I made sure to cover what the platform has, as well as its pros and cons.

If you are a newbie to crypto investing, you may find this platform useful to you. After all, it would take you a while to get a good grip on how things are. Instead of wasting your money with bad investments, maybe this platform can tell you where you should be investing in.

However, not receiving notifications in important moments is the biggest drawback here. That is the main function of the platform too, and I am disappointed to know that it isn’t being executed properly.

So, how are you supposed to make money when you aren’t even receiving the alerts you subscribed to? Simple. You don’t.

Take note too that crypto is highly volatile, meaning that there will surely be times when you will be losing money. That could happen during your first try, which could be discouraging.

That is the main reason why I don’t recommend investing your money in crypto. After all, there are better ways to make passive income without having to risk a lot of your hard-earned money.

In the next section, I will be introducing you a better opportunity.

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