Travis Stephenson Reviews – Wealthery Scam?

Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

Today we will be reviewing an affiliate marketer named Travis Stephenson. Is he legit? Find out in this Travis Stephenson review.

Travis Stephenson is a 7-figure affiliate marketer and businessman who is from Palm Coast, Florida. He is also the CEO of a company named Wealthery that consists of a group of entrepreneurs focusing on Wealth building through business, financial, health and relationship growth.

His goal is to help people who wants to start and build a stable online business that will help them make money.

Let’s dive in further about him and his company so sit back and relax!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Travis Stephenson in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Travis Stephenson Reviews: Quick Details

  • Name: Travis Stephenson
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Online Training Program
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Recommendation: I cannot recommend doing business with Travis due to several red flags I have researched across the internet.

Who is Travis Stephenson?

Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

Travis has been rocking the business world for over 14 years, building and selling six multi-million dollar ventures. Back in the day, he dropped 80 grand on a four-year stint at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, snagging a Bachelor’s degree in a bunch of business-related stuff.

Travis kicked off his career in 2006 as a personnel manager at Black Tie Valet, a hospitality joint. Fast forward three years, and he launched Magic Media, his own gig where he spreads the word about online courses. Then, in 2018, he dove into the tech world with Chatmatic, an online messaging tool making social media engagement a breeze through automated direct message campaigns.

This guy’s trophy shelf includes four 2 Comma Club ClickFunnels awards for killing it in affiliate and messenger marketing. In addition, he has helped a whopping 35,000 folks break free and build their digital marketing empires.

Meanwhile, Travis Stephenson’s YouTube channel still has 8.18K subscribers. Over on Instagram, he’s got 34.4K followers and 29K on Facebook, all soaking up his daily online marketing wisdom. Travis is on a mission to keep bringing value and dropping knowledge bombs in the digital marketing world.

What is Wealthery?

Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

Let’s talk about his company first. Wealthery is a company that consists of a group of entrepreneurs that are focused on Wealth building by business, financial, health and relationship growth. This company allows business minded people to build an online community and offers never before known coaching every week wherein it includes tips from their expert in helping their business grow.

You can find their official website here but apparently, it only consists of several testimonies of their students and a video of Travis sharing his experiences and providing brief description on what appears to be his proudest program which is the Simplest Profit System Training.

Simplest Profit System Training

Also known as the Covert Influencer Method, Simplest Profit System is a training program that provides a strategy designed to assist you in earning money through the Amazon Influencer Program wherein; the Amazon Influencer program pays you a commission for creating short product review videos for Amazon products. When someone watches your product review video and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission.

You can read a more in-depth review about this program here. For now, we will be sticking with Travis Stephenson and his other programs.

Commission Jailbreak

The product pledges to share your website link on their network of blogs and videos, suggesting it’s like being on YouTube’s front page, though this is questionable. The aim is to increase the likelihood of videos going viral, but predicting virality is uncertain.

The package offers training on free promotion methods such as keyword research and social media sharing. However, the assertion that these websites will automatically rank themselves is disputed because Google dislikes duplicate content. Despite Google favoring videos in search results, having low-quality videos and duplicate content won’t guarantee a first-page ranking.

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My Favorite Program

2K A Day System

Apparently, Simple Profit System is not the only training program that Travis had created. There is also 2K A Day System, which is also known as Web Hosting Scam, which claims to reveal a “new secret system” that he created and gives for free for the purpose of beta testing so he can improve it more to the point where it can make you 5 grand day. Funny enough though, for this to work, you will have to buy a domain name and website hosting before you can get access to this system. Makes me question if it is really free.

According to a feedback, you will be asked to sign up for Pure Leverage, paying $30 monthly with half going to Travis. In return, you get a One-Page website and training, but these sites won’t likely make money through search engines. The real profit comes from recruiting others into a Pyramid Scheme like the 2K A Day System or Pure Leverage.

In addition, this made quite a confusion considering that he quoted “Having your own website is bad.” on one another product that he launched.

No Website Millionaire

This is where No Website Millionaire comes in. According to Travis, you are going to make money instantly after watching his introduction video on No Website Millionaire. For $47, you will have access to 3 video lesson.

Video 1: Activating your commission platform

The initial video lesson focuses on singing up an account with Pure Leverage, affiliated with the Internet Lifestyle Network—a multi-level marketing (MLM) company purportedly providing instruction on affiliate marketing. Evidently, enrolling in such account is not included in the No Website Millionaire purchase. It will cost you a recurring membership fee of $25.00 per month. And this is just for starters making it shady for me.

Video 2: Getting Traffic

Travis earns from you in No Website Millionaire by introducing you to traffic sources, specifically solo ads. He gives you links, and when you click on them to purchase the recommended traffic, Travis receives a commission. While the traffic sources are effective for generating targeted traffic, for me, it’s not acceptable for him to profit from you in this way.

Video 3: Watch your inbox for commission

Gradually, Travis is earning a complete commission from your earnings. On the third video, he presents an automated traffic system (developed by Anthony Morrison), for which you have to spend additional money again. It appears that Travis is using No Website Millionaire as a platform to increase his own earnings rather than prioritizing your interest in learning how to genuinely make money online.


While there are evidences provided like videos and screenshots or photos from social medias posted on his website, it seems that Travis doesn’t really have a good reputation.

For starters, his company got an F rating from Better Business Bureau showing 6 complaints within 12 months and 7 complaints for the past 3 years.

Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

One complaint even stated that they can’t believe that Travis Stephenson is attempting to educate others on marketing, given his reputation as a scammer. According to this person, a simple Google search of his name yields a long list of dubious get-rich-quick websites. He appears to believe that the primary goal in marketing is to maximize profits from unsuspecting individuals as quickly as possible, only to abandon those efforts for something new repeatedly, without any genuine commitment.

In addition, it was stated that individuals like him represent what is problematic in internet marketing. Their current success is solely due to a lack of ethical awareness, as they fail to recognize that deceiving people is not good marketing, even if it results in substantial financial gains. Some people seem more willing to compromise their integrity for quick profits than others.

Here’s some screenshots of complaints for example:

Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

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My Favorite Program


Travis Stephenson Reviews - Wealthery Scam?

In a nutshell, complaints found in Better Business Bureau are mostly about technical issues, unresponsive support, not honoring refund requests and what seemed to be a fake urgency where they will inform their members that there will be a price hike which does not happen.

Final Verdict – Travis Stephenson Reviews

The fact that his trainings can help people make money online cannot be denied. However, from what appears to be his unorthodox methods, I still won’t recommend purchasing his products. With all these programs he created, it seems that he has veered off to what he actually does do in order to achieve the goal that he is claiming. If helping people is really his goal.

In addition, his trainings has extra offers for participants to buy, known as upsells. These are additional features or advanced modules that go beyond the basic training, promising more in-depth knowledge, advanced techniques, or exclusive resources. Participants may come across several chances to invest more in their education or access premium content during the training rather that actually earning profit.

At the end of the day, whatever program you might choose, be it something you have purchased from some guru-like figure or as simple as a tutorial video off the internet that mostly are as effective as the first one, you should know how to evaluate carefully to avoid being tricked. This is a risky business, yes. What you can do is to prepare precautionary measures. And if you have read this, you’re onto your first step.

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