Tree for Money App Review: Will You Get Payouts?

Today we will be reviewing an app called Tree for Money. Is Tree for Money a scam? Find out in this Tree for Money app review.

There you are, stuck at home yet again. The pandemic shows no sign of going away anytime soon, so people are still obligated to stay at home.

Well, there is really not much to do at home. I am pretty sure that most people just watch movies or TV shows, play video games, and work while they are at home.

There is also the issue of how badly the world’s economic situation is. I am sure that you are looking for a way to make extra money on the side, right?

Then, you see this app being advertised to you. You could’ve seen it on your social media feed or when watching a video. Either way, you immediately got intrigued by its premise.

From what you observed, it is a fairly simple game that is easy to play. What caught your eye though is that it advertises that you can make money just by playing.

If what they say is true, then it seems like playing this game is a good way to make a quick buck. However, how can you be so sure about that?

Before you decide to download this app, you should read this Tree for Money app review first. You should check if it is worth all the effort before you dedicate your precious time to it.

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Tree for Money: Quick Overview

  • Name: Tree for Money
  • Developer: charlottemqd
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • App Icon:
Tree for Money App Review - Tree for Money icon

What is Tree for Money?

Tree for Money is a game where you take care of a virtual tree. You watch it grow, and every now and then, it will give you rewards. This app is being developed by the same person responsible for Starry for Cash.

The gameplay is much like Starry for Cash, too. You need to keep tapping your virtual tree in order to get virtual cash rewards. In order to be eligible to cash out your prize, you need to have earned at least $200.

Upon reaching the $200 threshold, you can gain access to the redemption page. You can then cash out your prize there.

The question is, will they give it to you that easily?

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How Does Tree for Money Work?

No Cloud Saves

There is no need for you to create an account to play nor give this app any permissions. All that you need to do is to download it from the Play Store and install it. Simple as that.

A potential issue though is that uninstalling the app will lose you of your game’s progress.

How to Play

To play, all you need to do is to tap your virtual tree. Your goal is to collect as much of the green bills as possible. You can check how much you have collected at the top of the screen.

There is also a progress bar which will tell you how many more bills you have to collect to be able to upgrade. Take note that you cannot use this currency to cash out. This is can only be used to upgrade your tree.

Tree for Money App Review - Tree for Money gameplay

Once you have reached the goal, you will then receive some PayPal currency which you can cash out. Take note that you can only collect this after watching an ad.

In order to upgrade your tree, you need to click the large blue button with the picture of a tree on the bottom of the screen. There are also tools you can use to get your tree to grow faster, like the rain and fertilizer. You need to watch an ad before you can use them.

By helping your tree grow and watching ads, you will then reach the point where you have $200 worth of PayPal currency to cash out.

Lucky Prizes

There is a Lucky Wheel feature which you can spin to earn rewards. These include green bills for upgrading your tree, rain and fertilizer to upgrade it faster, and PayPal currency.

Friend Referrals

This is another way to earn PayPal cash. Every player gets a unique invite code to share to their friends and get them to install the app.

For 100 successful referrals, you earn $5.

Gameplay Video

This video will show you some gameplay footage of the app.

How Can You Earn Money in Tree for Money?

Like other apps who promise the same thing, you can earn from $5 up to $13 by upgrading your tree during the first few minutes of gameplay. This is what usually hooks the players to keep using the app.

However, you can easily notice that the payouts decrease once you are close to the $200 threshold.

You can then come to the conclusion yourself. Tree for Money decreases your earnings more and more before you can even reach the $200 mark. The developers did this on purpose so that they would have no need to pay you.

I mean, of course there is still a chance for you to reach the $200, but I doubt that you can cash out that money.

Take note that Tree for Money does not have any obligation to pay you, as they don’t really have a Terms of Service. The developer can simply ignore your payout request without getting into legal trouble.

With that out of the way, I guess you are now convinced that this app is nothing but a scam designed to bait people.

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Is Tree for Money Legit?

Just like the other apps I have reviewed so far, I don’t think Tree for Money is legit.

Just look at it this way. How come that you can earn $200 only after a few hours of gameplay? That does not sound legit at all.

If it is true, then I doubt that people would come to work anymore. All they had to do is to keep playing and earn money by spending their time on games like these one.

I was also not able to find any proof of payment to the players who tried to cash out their prizes. What a scam.

Much like other apps advertising that you can earn money, I noticed a familiar pattern. The app is in early access.

Tree for Money App Review - Tree for Money early access

I doubt that they would ever put this app out of early access though. This is done deliberately because apps in early access cannot be reviewed publicly.

This means that players who got scammed out of their time and effort have no way to air out their grievances.

Alternatives to Tree for Money

At this point, you may be convinced already that this app is not worth your time.

But you may ask yourself. Is there still a way to make money online while you’re playing a game that you like?

Worry not. If you want to make money online by just playing.

Then you may want to try your hand at NFT games. They provide some level of gaming fun, all while you earn a decent income.

NFT games can also come in any gaming genre, so there’s always an NFT game that is suitable for your taste.

However, there are still some drawbacks when you’re going to want to play NFT games as a source of income online.

  • NFT games are still based on cryptocurrency, which is a rather volatile investment. This means that the payout from these games can rapidly go up, or even drop dramatically, all on short notice. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.
  • If the NFT game that you want to join is already an established game, the barrier for joining these games can be very high, cost-wise. In cases like this, “scholarship programs” for these NFT games are available, where they’ll let you play the game without investing in anything. The condition, of course, is that you will split your earnings to the one that took you under their wing.
  • NFT games are mostly competitive in nature, so prepare for a bit of legwork if you want to really earn from these games.

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Final Verdict – Tree for Money

Before I end this Tree for Money app review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Apps like these have no interest in giving you your money. Honestly, you shouldn’t give any of these kinds of apps a chance to infiltrate your device.

Everyone that installed these apps ended up regretting it. They wasted so much time and money on mobile data to keep the apps running, but they didn’t even get the payouts they were promised.

Remember that apps like these are designed to look legit, but they all follow the same scummy pattern as their predecessors.

Also, you are actually the ones paying the developers with ad revenue as you are forced to sit through a lot of them. Tragic, isn’t it?

If you are tired of apps like these that never give payouts, then I suggest that you check out the next section. I know of a better way to make money online which does not involve installing suspicious software on your device.

That’s it for my Tree for Money app review. Hopefully this review helps with your future endeavors.

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