Tresa Todd Lugten Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Tresa Todd Lugten. Is she legit? You can find out more in this review.

This is not my first time hearing about Tresa Todd Lugten. She has been doing a lot of work in the real estate investment community for a few years now. But there haven’t really been a lot of writing that I could find about her and her work.

The world of real estate investment is hard to get to, especially for women. A huge chunk of the demographic for this particular field are often men. There are a ton of women, Tresa Todd Lugten included, that have been creating paths for themselves in the industry.

But sometimes it’s great to take a step back and see how exactly a person like Tresa became who they are professionally. If you’re hearing about her from friends of colleagues of yours, you might be a bit skeptical of what she does. You probably saw this pop up when you’re searching for reviews of her. I think it’s good that we try to be a bit more skeptical of everything that we see on the internet. But hopefully not to a point where you doubt everything you see.

It took a bit of digging myself because there isn’t really a lot that you could find about her online. But I have managed to find enough information that lead me to write this piece. And I hope that this will enlighten you a bit about her and what she does.

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Tresa Todd Lugten Review: Quick Details

  • Full name: Tresa Todd Lugten
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Occupation: Motivational speaker, author, real estate investor, founder of the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass and the Women’s Real Estate Investor Network
  • Niche: Real estate investment
  • Is she legit?: Well, she definitely is great at inspiring people, especially women,  to start their own journey into real estate investment. But none of the technical know-how that she teaches is different from other investment gurus out there.

Who Is Tresa Todd Lugten?

A screenshot from a video featuring Tresa Todd Lugten

When you search for Tresa Todd Lugten online, you’d often get results where it gets mentioned that spent more than two decades in the medical field. It never really gets mentioned what exactly her job was in that particular field. I don’t think that there is any shame with mentioning what exactly she did prior to real estate investment. Even if she weren’t a doctor, it would be fine.

Tresa’s LinkedIn profile paints a slightly different picture from what often gets mentioned in her official biography. Based on the Experience section in her profile, a decade’s worth of experience was from her time as a Christian life coach. She started her career as an inspirational speaker in September 2005.

There’s nothing particularly wrong about it. She definitely managed to build up experience speaking in front of other people. It seems that her work as an inspirational speaker resonated with a lot of people. She decided to end her career as an inspirational speaker in April 2018.

There was a bit of overlap between her career as an inspirational speaker and as a marriage retreat organizing. She started that career during late 2013 with her husband Bret Lugten. That particular career lasted about three years.

Pretty much the end of her previous career lead to her to start her career in real estate investment. In one of the interviews she did, she mentions that she started on April 1st. She got her start when her sons decided to persuaded her.

Establishing the Foundations for WREIN

Tresa Todd Lugten pretty much tried her best to read as many resources as she can about real estate investment. She also had her sons to lean on for that kind of information. Her pursuit of building up rapport with out investors obviously lead her to go to conferences.

The one thing that she noticed is that there weren’t really a lot of women during those conferences. She mentions that, at the time 97% of real estate investors are men. So she decided to find ways to get more women into the world of real estate investing.

And that lead her to doing small get togethers with women in the Dallas area. Tresa didn’t really think that women would be interested in those events. Turns out she was wrong. That was when the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Investors Association came to be.

Like any organization, it kind of scaled upwards. Considering that she had experience as a motivational speaker, it was easy for her to get women interested in real estate investment. She was pretty much teaching other women the things that she has learned. It mostly started in Dallas and kind of expanded to other parts of Texas.

Then the pandemic happened. People weren’t able to do live events. So they all went on Zoom. It turns out that doing virtual events was the way to get more people to join. Not everybody was able to fly to Dallas to be part of an event. And this was the right call for Tresa Todd and WREIN.

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Without Fear Of Her Future

Tresa Todd Lugten and WREIN didn’t really have a lot events in its name aside from the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass and the WREIN conference. But for the most part, the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass was the one that could do regularly.

The Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass is a week-long event that happens almost every month. In the masterclass, you get access to a live virtual session with Tessa Todd. The masterclass goes over the basics of starting in real estate investment and that’s pretty much it. There’s nothing else that happens aside from that. You get access to a private Facebook group where you can talk to your fellow participants. And you can rewatch the live sessions if you missed it.

All Of The Strategies Under One Roof

One of the earliest things that Tresa Todd Lugten did as a real estate investor was flipping houses. House flipping is one of the ways where people could earn money in a relatively short span of time. But it’s not without its own risks.

House flipping involves buying a property for cheap. The property is often run-down and/or vacated. There are often a lot of other houses within that property’s area that have been recently renovated and have gotten a higher value in the market. So a lot of other investors are often in search for those kinds of properties.

Commercial real estate investing is considerably harder compared to its residential counterpart. A lot more people want to buy homes than commercial spaces. That’s just the nature of it. It’s hard to maintain an office space in the long run.

But the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass isn’t just about flipping houses. In a video that she did with another real estate investing firm, she mentions that they teach a lot of other strategies including rental properties and wholesale real estate. But flipping houses is a thing that a lot of real estate investors do.

Final Verdict – Tresa Todd Lugten Review

For the most part, real estate investing is a hard field to get into. Not just for women, but everyone in general. There are a lot of innate risks that are involved with buying properties.

It’s not to say that you can’t earn money through real estate. But you definitely need a lot of knowledge in order to make this work. You have to be able to make decisions based on multiple factors as quickly as possible. There’s very little and time room for you to retract any of your decisions.

Tresa Todd Lugten seems like an okay personality when it comes to real estate investing. I definitely hadn’t heard about her all that much prior to writing about her. But it doesn’t seem like anything that she does through WREIN or Without Fear Of Her Future is inherently bad. I mean, the intentions for why Tresa created WREIN or the masterclass seems understandable. You want to give some parity for women in the field. I don’t think that real estate investing is inherently male.

Still, getting into real estate investing takes a lot of time. And a lot of money. You can really only go so far with the knowledge that you have gained through learning. Applying it is a different beast altogether.

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