Two Page Sites Reviews – Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

Two Page Sites Reviews - Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Two Page Sites. Is it legit? Find out in this Two Page Sites review.

In this thorough investigation, we’re delving into the intricate aspects of the program to understand its essence. Additionally, we’ll verify the authenticity of James Bonadies’ YouTube ad. We’ll analyze its functionality and explore its pricing, assessing its unique features. Furthermore, we’ll offer an unbiased review, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Our goal is to provide a balanced viewpoint to help you make informed decisions.

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of business and marketing strategy, providing several benefits to companies aiming to grow their customer base and increase revenue. It is a strategic and multifaceted approach that provides numerous benefits for businesses, ranging from increased sales opportunities to improved brand awareness and long-term growth.

With a fine background in finance sales, James Bonadies, has created a coaching program to guide people in starting successful lead generation businesses using paid ads.

He is known to have one of the internet’s longest-running marketing course and claims that his success lies on the fact that he had been putting his students’ needs first. With over a dozen of his students making million of dollars by using his proven and tested business models, he continued out on his venture and had soon become an eight-figure earner.

In this thorough investigation, we’re delving into the intricate aspects of the program to understand its essence. We will be verifying the authenticity of James Bonadies’ Two Page Sites and its functionality and explore its pricing, assessing its unique features. Furthermore, we’ll offer an unbiased review, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Our goal is to provide a balanced viewpoint to help you make informed decisions.

If you want to learn more about him and his program, this review is definitely for you! Come check it out and see how this business model might be fitting.

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Two Page Sites Reviews: Quick Details

  • Name: Two Page Sites
  • Founder: James Bonadies
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Online Training Course
  • Niche: Lead Generation and Local Marketing
  • Recommendation: If you’re looking for a program that aims to provide strategies on how one can effectively earn using paid ads that also centers on their clients’ needs, then this program is for you.

Who is James Bonadies?

Two Page Sites Reviews - Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

James Bonadies, an entrepreneur with an eight-figure business, has been instrumental in guiding thousands of aspiring business owners towards launching their successful online ventures. With a track record of over a dozen clients achieving million-dollar milestones, his expertise speaks volumes.

His journey commenced at Rutgers University, where he pursued economics before stepping into the realm of education. Despite his passion for teaching, the financial prospects in a challenging New Jersey area were less than promising. Seeking additional income streams, he delved into the online world, trying out various methods and investing significantly in courses and coaching programs, yet success remained elusive for years.

However, a pivotal moment emerged when he encountered a compelling Facebook ad. The ad’s storytelling captivated him, portraying an individual dedicated to hard work. This revelation emphasized the significance of a relentless work ethic over inherent knowledge. The ad focused on acquiring leads and customers for businesses, offering a practical and logical approach without false promises or gimmicks.

In 2014, while still teaching, he committed deeply to this venture and saw substantial financial gains. By 2016, his online endeavor surpassed his teaching income threefold, prompting him to fully immerse himself in entrepreneurship. He established a local marketing agency that swiftly grew into a seven-figure enterprise.

Leveraging the effective strategies developed in their business, he collaborated with others, gradually sharing their insights. Their methodology gained traction, pivoting their primary focus to educating others on building successful marketing agencies catering to local businesses.

His coaching program is not just successful by chance. It’s the result of his genuine concern for students and anyone seeking guidance.

The program’s endurance is not merely due to its longevity online; it is rooted in his commitment to support and motivate every individual who joins his coaching. He does not just impart knowledge; he values each student’s aspirations, challenges, and growth.

According to him, the reason his coaching program has thrived for so long is his authentic care for his students’ progress. It is not just about teaching; it is about creating a nurturing space where budding entrepreneurs feel empowered and respected. This sincere care and personal investment in those he coaches have been the cornerstone of his coaching program’s enduring success.

What is Two Page Sites?

Two Page Sites Reviews - Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

Two Page Sites function as an online lead generation system custom-made for local businesses, pulling in potential customers and turning them into gold. It is all about unleashing the power of lead generation, giving businesses the tools to amp up their customer crew.

It works like a charm through a super user-friendly landing page, sweeping visitors’ interest and details to transform them into top-notch leads. These opportunities are highly valuable for local businesses looking to grow their clientele.

The great thing is that it’s a complete win for beginners entering the marketing arena. Two Page Sites provides an easy way to quickly start effective campaigns, and you don’t need a marketing degree. They share tips and tricks for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, making it simple for anyone to run successful campaigns.

No need for actual products or stock. The goal is to bring in online visitors and turn them into important leads. Local businesses are ready to spend money to gain these valuable leads.

In addition, there is this awesome free training course led by the one and only James. He spills all the secrets on how to rake in serious cash by creating a simple two-page website. He also dishes out the exclusive ‘Pin Method’ that works like magic in teaming up with businesses. With Google Ads and Facebook Ads in the mix, this method is your ticket to lead generation stardom.

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How it Works?

The Two Page Sites training program is centered around the local marketing business model, aiming to educate participants on effectively using paid advertising methods via platforms like Google and Facebook. The primary objective is to enable participants to entice local businesses into employing them as their exclusive marketing and lead generation agency.

This business model consists of two key elements:

  1. Developing a straightforward yet powerful two-step website funnel by utilizing the training and tools provided. This process involves the creation of a landing page, optimization for Google and Facebook ads, lead capture through an opt-in form, and subsequent sale of these leads to local businesses.
  2. Initiating proactive outreach and engaging in cold calling with potential clients. This phase requires showcasing your expertise in lead generation, illustrating how you obtain leads for their business, and convincing them to onboard you as their marketing agency. While this aspect demands determination and hands-on effort, overcoming potential rejection leads to securing clients and generating revenue.

The comprehensive nature of this training positions it as a high-value course, given its detailed instruction and potential for substantial returns on investment for those who effectively apply the strategies provided.

There are many courses I have reviewed which teaches the same business model , some of them are as below:

What the program includes:

  • The Coveted “Pin Method”: Unveil the groundbreaking “Pin Method” that compels clients to clamor for your collaboration. Witness how this method has transformed numerous businesses, leaving them eager to partner with professionals who possess this expertise.
  • Essential Advertising Strategies for Every Business: Explore the precise advertising methods that have become a necessity for businesses in the present day. Discover how these strategies are pivotal for establishing a strong marketing foothold in the competitive business landscape.
  • Revealing “The Article”: Access the illuminating “Article” that substantiates the surge in current business expenditures. Delve into this factual resource that demonstrates how businesses are investing at an unprecedented level, presenting a golden opportunity for savvy marketers.
  • The Impactful “2 Page Sites”: Witness the transformative power of the “2 Page Sites” that have propelled multitudes of students towards resounding success. Learn how these sites have been instrumental in countless student achievements, showcasing their effectiveness.
  • Exclusive Insights into the “Online Model”: Gain access to exclusive insights into the sophisticated “Online Model” typically utilized by discerning big businesses. Understand the dynamics of this model and learn how to carve your niche in the billion-dollar online market.
  • Capitalizing on the Online Gold Rush: Learn strategic methods to capitalize on the immense potential of the current billion-dollar online boom. Discover actionable steps to secure your share of this lucrative market opportunity.
  • Complete Training for Your First Thousand Online: Gain access to a comprehensive training program designed for the simplest campaign to earn your initial thousand dollars online. This training equips you with the tools and strategies necessary for a successful foray into online earnings.


The price for the Two Page Sites program is not on their website. If you are interested, you should contact them for details. It looks like the program might cost around $3000, but prices can change based on what is included. To get the most accurate pricing, it is best to reach out to them directly.

Two Page Sites serves as the methodology, while the comprehensive coaching program that imparts knowledge on launching this business is known as the Local Marketing Vault.

James’ Other Program

Local Marketing Vault

Two Page Sites Reviews - Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

The Local Marketing Vault is a comprehensive course that guides individuals on starting an advertising agency. It doesn’t just cover ad management but focuses on creating a thriving business using advertising methods. This program is tailored to assist local businesses in expanding their customer base beyond traditional marketing methods. Moreover, it offers pre-built landing pages to simplify the process for participants.

Covering areas like Facebook Ads, Google PPC, and crafting effective funnels, the course spans over a dozen lessons. It encompasses various aspects, ranging from client acquisition to expanding service offerings in later stages. The sales training is a crucial component, providing in-depth insights. Notably, it features a demonstration of closing a trial client successfully, which is particularly beneficial for individuals grappling with sales techniques. Access to such examples proves highly advantageous, offering practical guidance and easing concerns related to sales-related responsibilities.


The pricing specifics for the Local Marketing Vault program are not readily accessible or displayed on their website. However, following thorough research and deeper inquiry, it has come to light that the enrollment cost for this program typically stands at approximately $3000. This figure has been gleaned from various sources and reviews within the industry.

Moreover, assessments from multiple reviews indicate that the cost is considered justified and worth the investment. These reviews reflect positive sentiments regarding the value and comprehensive nature of the course in relation to its cost, indicating that participants find the program beneficial and rewarding in terms of the knowledge and expertise gained.

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Organic (Free) Traffic VS Paid Traffic

Two Page Sites Reviews - Is James Bonadies Youtube Ad True?

To further understand, here’s some background information that would be beneficial especially for newbies.

For starters, Traffic is the number of individual users visiting your website. For online retailers, these visitors represent potential customers. Therefore, boosting your sales hinges on elevating the count of these website visitors. There are two types of traffic, mainly the Paid Traffic and the Organic, which sometimes referred to as “Free”.

Paid traffic means using external resources for quick results, often on someone else’s platform, like buying ad space on a website. It’s a more hands-off approach. On the flip side, free traffic involves getting visitors to your site without payment, like through search engines or forums. While free traffic is cost-free, it usually takes a lot of time.

Paid Traffic

Google Ads: The major player in online paid advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC), with Google Ad words taking the lead. You’ve likely observed these ads appearing alongside search results. In PPC, you compete for the placement of your ad by bidding on keywords. While it’s one of the quickest methods to drive targeted traffic to your site, it can become expensive if not managed properly.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are popular because they let you target specific groups based on details from your profile, like interests and activities. You can create ads on Facebook to reach your preferred audience. Just like with Google Ad words, it’s smart to start with a small budget and monitor your spending carefully.

Ad Network: Instead of searching for websites to buy ad space, many people use advertising networks as a middleman. These networks connect you with websites offering ad space, making the process more convenient. You avoid dealing directly with individual sites, and it allows you to reach a wider range of online platforms. Using these networks makes managing your ad placements more centralized and efficient.

Ad Space: A straightforward way to boost traffic is by buying ad space, where you get a text link or banner on another website. It’s important to pick a relevant site. Also, consider adding a clause to cancel within 72 hours if things don’t go well. Be cautious, as some website owners may exaggerate their stats, like traffic hits.

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Organic (Free) Traffic

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is about making your website show up near the top in search engine results. It’s a great choice for us because it’s cheaper than paid ads and usually gives a better return on investment. Though there’s a lot to cover in SEO, it’s worth considering because it provides long-term benefits and keeps your website visible on search engines. SEO includes different strategies like improving content, making the website better, and getting quality links, all to boost your website’s visibility and ranking.

Youtube: People are using YouTube more to get more visitors to their websites. YouTube is not only a place for tutorials and how-to videos; it’s also good because its videos often appear prominently in search results. This is helpful for reaching a bigger audience when people search for related topics. Using YouTube lets content creators connect with a large audience looking for visual and informative content. Overall, using YouTube and similar video platforms is a smart and effective way to generate online traffic, increasing visibility and attracting users searching for related information.

Social Media: These platforms allow users to create profiles, form groups, and set up pages for interactive online experiences aiming to build a strong presence to enhance online visibility. This presence becomes a valuable way to share website content, increasing both traffic and engagement. For instance, using social media effectively results in thousands of daily website visits. Using platforms like Facebook and Twitter strategically is essential for improving online engagement, connecting with a diverse audience, and fostering a community around our brand.

Blogs: The internet has blogs covering almost any topic, including specialized ones called niche blogs. Webmasters, who manage websites, like it when others contribute as guest bloggers. The perk for the guest blogger is that, in return for their contribution, they usually get to add a link back to their own website at the end of the guest post. This arrangement benefits both parties: the webmaster gets new content, and the guest blogger gains exposure by guiding readers to their own website through the link.

Forums: Forums allow businesses to conduct market research, understanding their audience for more targeted advertising. Engaging in forums builds trust and community, potentially leading to positive word-of-mouth marketing. Using forums for advertising involves genuine participation, focusing on building relationships, contributing valuable content, promoting products, nurturing a positive brand image, and establishing long-term connections with a targeted audience.

Online Groups: Platforms like Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Ning, email groups, and Yahoo Answers, although different in how they communicate, are like forums in their community focus. Actively taking part in these platforms gives you chances to bring traffic to your website. The important thing is to get involved, share useful insights, and be present in these community spaces. This not only leads to meaningful discussions but also helps bring traffic back to your website.

Pros and Cons


James has over eight years of experience in the industry since starting his career in 2014. In addition, you can easily reach him through his social handles for inquiries, where he also shares valuable knowledge, including methods used with his business partner Jason McKim. James offers free informative videos on his YouTube channel, and he suggests tools and software to help clients through different processes.



Final Verdict – Two Page Sites Reviews

The Two Page Sites system is like your go-to for local businesses that helps you do super personalized marketing to get more clients. It stays away from super crowded markets and shows you how to get leads using Google Ads and Facebook Ads that matches your niche.

Also, you can grow your client-getting business at your own pace, make some passive income. Their top-notch training videos and a lively Facebook group would be able to give you tips and support from other business-minded folks.

It’s all about making it easy for small business owners to pull in clients using paid traffic like a pro.

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