The Multifamily Mindset Review: Is Tyler Deveraux Legit?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Tyler Deveraux’s The Multifamily Mindset. Is it legit? Find out in this The Multifamily Mindset review.

First off, let me commend you for doing your due diligence first before you invest your money in this program.

As you may already know, there are several different opportunities out there claiming to help individuals earn a lot of money, especially online. And they all come in various forms.

Some of them come in the form of a program that requires you to promote and sell their products to earn commissions. Some of them come in the form of online courses that teaches you a new skill that serves as a business opportunity for you.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy claims of these opportunities can always vary.

Some of them are proven to be legit. A few of them are just scams in disguise. Still, others may very well be legitimate, but they don’t work well according to what you want to do.

That’s why, before you spend your hard-earned money to join any of these opportunities, it’s extremely important that you do plenty of research first. So that you can decide for yourself if the opportunity offered is something that you’d like to do, or not.

And this is what this The Multifamily Mindset review aims to do. Hopefully, this review can help you out with that important decision of yours.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased The Multifamily Mindset review, based solely on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links of this product here, as I’m not affiliated with The Multifamily Mindset and its creators at all.

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The Multifamily Mindset Review: Product Details

  • Name: The Multifamily Mindset
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Training Program
  • Founder: Tyler Deveraux
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Price: Approximately $35,000 to $40,000
  • Recommended?: Unless you’re really interested in the real estate industry, I don’t see any reason for most people to invest in this program. It’s just too expensive for most people, and the quality of the program is known to be poor.

What Is The Multifamily Mindset?

The Multifamily Mindset

The Multifamily Mindset is a training program that provides educational material to anyone who wishes to get into the real estate industry. Its goal is to provide the tools and knowledge needed for one to succeed in real estate.

Like other online courses of the real estate niche, the Multifamily Mindset also teaches individuals various ways on how they can earn from it. Such as real estate flipping, long-term holding, even wholesaling.

However, as its name suggests, the Multifamily Mindset puts a heavier emphasis on multifamily real estate. A multifamily property is any structure that has five or more dwelling units on a single lot.

Good examples of these multi-family units are apartments, condominiums, and even others. Any property that has five or more units that can be settled on, basically counts as a multifamily real estate.

Real estate is arguably one of the more popular industries today. As a testament to it, in the U.S. alone, there are already 2 million real estate agents around. And their numbers just keep on increasing.

But as interesting as it may seem, the hard truth is that working in real estate isn’t really for everyone. You not only have to put up a good amount of hard workload to succeed, but you also have to prepare a huge amount of capital to start.

And if you’re able to put with that expected workload, you might as well just start a system that actually lets you earn money directly.

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Who Created The Multifamily Mindset?

The Multifamily Mindset is founded by Tyler Deveraux.

The Multifamily Mindset - Tyler Deveraux

He is also the managing partner of MF Capital Partners, a privately held, multifamily investment company. In addition, he has been quite active in the real estate industry, having experience in investing that spans more than 14 years.

Tyler acquired his first student rental property at the age of 21. And not long afterward, he began to get involved more in real estate.

Today, Tyler claims he owns over 1,500 apartment units, throughout 5 different states, with values that are worth approximately $100 Million.

Currently, Tyler lives in Maui, HI with his wife Brittany & their two beautiful kids Paxton & Marley.

If you’ll notice, a lot of these financial gurus will tell you this. That the reason they made an online course like this, is that it’s now part of their passion to inspire, teach, and assist others to achieve the same success as theirs.

Tyler is also no exception to that rule. In my own opinion, it’s just part of their sales pitch to convince you guys that he’s legitimately passionate about teaching others their secrets to success.

I’m not saying everyone’s just using that as a marketing tactic, though. some of them could be legitimately passionate.

How Does The Multifamily Mindset Work?

The Introductory Seminar

To start joining in The Multifamily Mindset, you’re going to have to attend a live seminar first (not a webinar). The location and schedule of these seminars vary depending on certain conditions, and can be viewed on their website.

The Multifamily Mindset - Seminars 1

These seminars serve to introduce many people to the real estate industry, as well as how investing in multifamily properties can give you plenty of investment returns than single-family properties.

Which, in a sense, is quite true. Multifamily properties have the distinct advantage of housing more tenants than single-family ones (obviously). This can potentially translate to more income, should all of those units on the property are rented out.

As some people who attended these seminars have pointed out, the seminar consists of a coach, or even Tyler himself, explaining to the audience the advantages of investing in multifamily properties. Like, as I said earlier, increased income potential.

Some people even say that you can really feel their enthusiasm in explaining their business model. And that investing in these properties are the key to getting that dream of financial freedom everyone is talking about.

These seminars last three days. Which is definitely enough time for people to grasp the business model.

After the seminar now comes to the sales pitch. It’s during this time that they’ll tell you more about the product.

Coaching & Sponsorship Programs

The Multifamily Mindset - Seminars 2

The Multifamily Mindset program basically consists of both a coaching program, and a sort of a scholarship program. There’s also some educational material here that is made to further educate you on how to start and manage your real estate business.

On investing in a multifamily property, there are actually four roles one should take note of.

  1. Deal Specialist
  2. Sponsor
  3. Money Partner
  4. Property Manager

The deal specialist is basically you, the one who’s going to invest in the property. The sponsor is the one who’s going to apply and the loan that you need on your behalf. You can apply for it yourself, but most money partners prefer someone who is more experienced in this.

This is where the program acts as a sponsor on your behalf. Tyler himself (or one of his coaches) will act as your sponsor in order for you to secure that real estate loan.

The money partners are those whom you can approach to secure the loan you needed. For this purpose, this program can assist as well. As they claim to have access to Tyler’s own network of money partners that you can also apply for your much-needed loan.

‘Finally, the property manager is, basically, the one that will manage your property so you don’t have to. That means taking care of all the maintenance work, etc.

How Much Can You Earn From The Multifamily Mindset?

The Multifamily Mindset - Apartmet

The beauty about this business model is that, as they say, the Multifamily Mindset allows you to invest in real estate, without almost spending a single penny (which I honestly doubt).

Because there’s a catch for all of this: You don’t fully own the properties you’re investing in. This also basically means, the revenue that you’re going to gain from the rent that, say, your apartment will gain is basically split up between various individuals.

For example, out of the 100% revenue that you’ll acquire…

70% will go to the money partners (after all, they technically own the money).

5% will go to your sponsor.

The remaining 25% will be yours to keep.

While this may sound a bit disheartening, Tyler promises that the revenue you’ll be getting from this business model is still significant. With some averaging around thousands of dollars per month, or even several thousand per year.

But, as you all know, investing in real estate isn’t as easy as this program suggests.

Is Real Estate For Everyone?

Real Estate

In this section of The Multifamily Mindset review, I’ll be telling here to you why I think real estate, and by extension, this program, may not work for everyone.

Buying and selling real estate isn’t really a piece of cake. You can’t just decide to pursue a career in real estate on the spur of the moment. Making judgments about a real estate-related business is a serious matter.

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need capital. If you do not have capital, then I suggest looking for another business to get into. Properties are not cheap at all.

Even if this program claims that you can invest in real estate while not spending a single penny, it still remains a fact that it still needs a huge amount of capital for someone to get started in real estate.

It only gets a bit worse right now since we’re currently in a pandemic situation. Most people right now aren’t able to think about buying a new home or a new location to settle in for whatever purpose. Obviously, the first thing they’re going to think about right now is buying their necessities.

Real estate may experience a boost in sales once the pandemic is truly over, yes. But it’ll be only in very specific areas.

In short, if you want to make plenty of money in real estate, you’re going to have to do a lot of hard work, especially today.

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Is The Multifamily Mindset Worth The Try? Or Is It A Scam?

To be fair, there are still some people who find some value in The Multifamily Mindset, especially with regards to their seminars.

Some of them are even stated on the reviews on their Facebook page right here.

The Multifamily Mindset Facebook Page Reviews

Even some of the comments from about this program, all seem to say positive things.

The Multifamily Mindset Bigger Pockets Reviews

However, one thing I noticed from most of these reviews, is that they’re only reviewing the seminar itself. Only a few people there are talking about the actual program.

On the other hand, there’s also this review, which is far longer than most of the reviews seen here. But paints a rather negative view on this.

So to summarize, The Multifamily Mindset has an equal weight of both the positives and negatives. Which would indicate that this is a legitimate program, and is not a scam.

However, I would still not recommend this program for most people. That’s because the program itself is just too expensive, and they’re also guilty of overhyping this program.

While it is possible to make money from this business model, it’s nowhere near the claims they mentioned. That’s because there’s no guarantee that you’re going to even have any tenants willing to rent your property unless you do some marketing for it.

And as we all know, marketing also costs some money. Sometimes, even way more than what you need for it.

Pros And Cons Of The Multifamily Mindset


  • Tyler seems to be a legitimate guy, and he knows quite a lot about investing in real estate.
  • The training they provide is of high quality, and you’ll be sure to know everything you need about multifamily real estate, or even real estate in general.


  • It’s far too expensive. For me, you’re better off investing in a single-family property than investing in this course. Since they also have the same monetary value.
  • Unrealistic income claims.
  • There are claims that they’re not even able to deliver what was promised on the program. Most especially for the loan sponsorship. As a result, some students need to pay the full cost of their real estate, instead of being able to secure a loan.

Alternatives To The Multifamily Mindset?

Real Estate

As you can expect, this is a mentorship program that costs a lot of money. Furthermore, in my perspective, most of the existing mentoring programs do not appear to be unique or different from one another.

Even if this is the case, The Multifamily Mindset may still give you valuable information on real estate investing. That is, if this is what you choose as a way to earn money.

A few of the courses I can suggest you can try for this purpose, are Thach Nguyen’s Springboard To Wealth, the course of the YouTuber Meet Kevin, and Jemal King’s Make Real Estate Real (especially if you’re working on the military, police force, etc.).

But to be fairly honest, digital real estate is so much better today. So if I were you, I would consider this.

Because it’s much less of a hassle to set up a related business like lead generation if you wish.

The Multifamily Mindset Review: Final Thoughts

Here are some more final thoughts from me before I finish this The Multifamily Mindset review.

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

The fact is that, as I’ve discussed countless times, real estate investing is not as straightforward as you may believe. It will take a lot of time, effort, money, and talent to complete. Buying a property does not imply that you can just move in and do anything you want with it.

You’re basically interested in making a profit. To put it another way, what you’re doing should be enticing to both you and your prospective buyers.

Also, you won’t be able to do everything on your own. You’ll need a team to help you with various elements of your company.

If you want to succeed in this competitive industry, you must be committed. You must devote both time and money to learning the ropes since being a rookie will cost you a lot of money.

If you know you can’t afford it, I recommend looking for some other forms of side business. Fortunately, I’m also here to offer you something that has worked for me quite well.

If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this The Multifamily Mindset review.

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