Ultron Review: Will This App Boost Your Online Sales?

Today, let’s take a look at an online app called Ultron. Is Ultron what you need to boost your online marketing? Find out in this Ultron review.

Every online marketer, whether it be engaged in direct selling or affiliate marketing, knows just how important it is to keep track of their web traffic. Because without any traffic, how can people even see what you have for sale? How can people buy any of the products that you’re offering if they don’t even know you existed?

There are a couple of methods for affiliate marketers to drive buyer traffic to their sales pages. But Ultron claims to eliminate the workload, by completely automating the process. It claims to drive buyer traffic from over 500 million customers to your affiliate links, letting you earn a huge amount of commissions. And all of these can be done with just a click of a switch.

So, is Ultron the tool that you’ll need for your affiliate marketing strategies? Will this be another good investment to add as an affiliate marketer? Read further along in this Ultron review, and judge for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with Ultron in any way.

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What Is Ultron?

Ultron Review - Ultron Logo

Ultron (not to be confused with the Marvel comics character of the same name) is an online-based app that you can use to drive buyer traffic directly to your affiliate links, all with just a push of a button.

Ultron claims to use artificial intelligence to find reliable sources of buyer traffic from the web, and drive them through your chosen affiliate links. And those traffic comes from over 500 million or more buyers who are ready to make the purchase from your links.

Ultron claims that it doesn’t use any loophole in the system that will just be closed up in a few weeks or months. And due to this, Ultron will keep on generating buyer traffic to your affiliate links, with little to no supervision at all.

Key Features of Ultron

  • Get REAL buyers with cash on hand, ready to buy
  • Access to 500 million visitors at your fingertips
  • No Monthly Fees! Pay once and keep using Ultron
  • Get all the traffic you’ll ever need with no effort
  • Total newbies are getting traffic & sales literally overnight
  • Works in any niche. Use Ultron for a surge of FREE traffic in any niche
  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Get results or get paid $100
  • No Experience Required. Ultron does all the heavy lifting for you

Ultron’s features can be done in three easy steps.

  1. Choose Your Niche: Enter any keyword to pick your niche. This could be anything, like “weight loss” or “make money online”.
  2. Enter Your Links: Input the link you want traffic sent into. This could be anything, such as an affiliate link, etc.
  3. Activate The Automation: Press on Ultron’s “Automation” button, and you’re done.

You can view more on Ultron, as well as its visual interface, in this video right here.

Who Developed Ultron?

Ultron was developed by Branson Tay, who is well known for his YouTube videos about how to make money online, and other information about online marketing.

Ultron Review - Branson Tay

His other products include: Morph, DeepLink, Skippers, and others.

You can see more of his videos by viewing his YouTube Channels here:

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Ultron One-Time Offers

As with other apps of a similar nature, Ultron also offers some OTOs (One-Time Offers), in addition to your frontend purchase.

  • Ultron – The Frontend App.
  • First OTO: Ultron Unlimited – Unlocks all features of Ultron. Removes all limits. Unlimited Traffic & Unlimited Commissions
  • Second OTO: Ultron Done For You – Have a professional create a DFY marketing campaign for your website.
  • Third OTO: Ultron Monetization – Generate high-paying sales funnels and high-converting offers for your campaigns.
  • Fourth OTO: Ultron Limitless Traffic – Learn how to generate an unlimited amount of buyer traffic, complete with video training.
  • Fifth OTO: Ultron Franchise – Gives you a license to sell Ultron, as well as their other past products.
  • Last OTO: Ultron Accidental Discovery – An “accidental discovery” made by an Ultron beta-tester allows them to earn even more additional income, on top of what Ultron has to offer. With this purchase, you’ll be able to learn that secret. Also contains video training on how to do it.

Should You Buy Ultron?

“Although I can’t promise to make you millions, the internet has HUGE possibilities for you…”
– Branson Tay –

At first, Ultron may seem like a good idea for affiliate marketers. But upon closer inspection, it’s easy to spot that Ultron may just be another scam, waiting to happen.

It isn’t the type of scam where they’ll just take your money and leave you hanging. But it’s the type of scam wherein they’ll present you that their product will give you high expectations in the long run, but in the end, they won’t even work in the way that you’ll expect.

For example, Ultron claims that it uses “artificial intelligence” to find and direct 100% sure-buyer web traffic to your affiliate links. That’s already a BIG red flag that you should pay attention to when buying this (and possibly other similar products). They claim it’s “AI”, but in reality, it may just be some form of “Blackhat SEO” tactics that may ruin your affiliate marketing strategies completely, in various ways.

In addition, the product seems to have a number of OTOs who, more or less, have the same feature as the main Ultron app itself. Which could be rather redundant, or suspicious.

Finally, most of the other reviews about this product, seem to be from sponsored SEO sources, and not from independent ones (like this Ultron review). It’s quite hard to determine the legitimacy of the product if it has sponsored reviews.

How To Generate Web Traffic

Keep in mind that those “instant website traffic generators” like this product, as well as this one, should be avoided. They simply don’t work, and can only serve more harm than good to your sales website (including worse SEO rankings, and even banning altogether).

There are only two routes that you can take if you like to increase your web traffic: The FREE one and the PAID one. None of them are better than the other, and most of the time, you’ll be needed a combination of both to boost your affiliate marketing methods.

Two Types of Web Traffic Methods

  • PAID: Paid web traffic is just at it says. You pay a certain entity to get them to place your ads on some relevant websites, in the hopes that you’ll get relevant leads. Usually, this is accomplished by Google Ads. You pay Google itself, to boost the search engine ranking of your website (usually your landing page). If a user types in a keyword related to your website, Google usually ranks websites based on relevance to the keyword first, THEN to those websites that placed a bid for that keyword. In this instance, websites that paid for Google Ads usually get higher rankings. And aside from Google, Facebook also offers this feature for business owners, in the form of “Sponsored Ads”. This makes your website appear more often in relevant Facebook News Feeds, increasing your online visibility.
  • FREE: Free traffic is, as it’s said, completely free. While it could take a little more work to get, the payoff is definitely worth it. There are several ways to achieve this, such as proper SEO, building backlinks from other relevant websites, be active and engaging on various social media, but it all boils down to one quote: “Content is King”. Making quality content for your website is necessary if you want people to get interested in what you’re promoting.

Traffic VS. Conversions

Keep in mind that “getting web traffic” is just one part of affiliate marketing. “Converting” into sales is one thing. It won’t be worth anything if your website gets a lot of visits per day, but NONE of them wanted to buy what you’re offering. Therefore, if your analytics show that you’re getting a lot of traffic, but you’re not getting any sales, you should re-think and improve your engagement.

Here’s a video explaining why in online marketing, content is king:


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Ultron: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by reading this Ultron review in full, you’ll be able to make a wise decision before you think about purchasing this product for your online marketing needs.

Because in the end, it’s still up to you, the reader, if you want to use this. My personal recommendation is that it’s not worth the price. It’s mostly better if you just take some educational materials about affiliate marketing instead.

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