Valuetainment University Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program named Valuetainment University. Is it legit? Find out in this Valuetainment University review.

Education has always been expensive. By that, I meant quality education. You know, the ones that would give you access to a well-paying job, a great future, and a decent retirement plan. You have to be extra cautious when choosing which degree program you need to take, and even if you plan to take a 4-year program, you can get delayed because of external factors.

So, is there a way to circumvent that traditional system and still end up with a well-paying career?

Unfortunately, I’m afraid not. You see, there is very little chance for you to make it as a successful person if you have not finished college. This has been proven time and time again; the stable and well-paying careers are locked behind a degree.

Valuetainment University presents itself as an “alternative” to the traditional education system, but surely there is a trade-off here somewhere. That is what we will be discussing today.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Healthpreneur in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Valuetainment University Overview: Quick Details

What is Valuetainment University?

Valuetainment University Review - Logo

Valuetainment University is an education platform founded by Patrick Bet-David. I know that I have seen this guy somewhere before, and I was not mistaken. He has a podcast that I have seen around YouTube before yet never bothered watching. He seems like the typical internet guru, and his approach towards self-improvement and entrepreneurship are nothing special.

So, back to Valuetainment. Valuetainment University is just a subsidiary of the Valuetainment brand. The website shows me that it is all about “unapologetic content”, which can only mean one thing – this is Patrick Bet-David’s response to traditional journalism.


Anyway, diving deeper to the content, Valuetainment is all about value and entertainment. The articles published in the website are all about empowerment and utility, meaning that you can learn just by reading. Or at least, that is what they try to maintain. Honestly though, reading through their articles has not been an enjoyable experience for me. But hey, the platform seems to be doing good, so they probably have an audience.

Upon looking through their About Us section, I was greeted by claims like no other, like how Valuetainment is a “leading source of information”, and that “they are the voice”. Yeah, I am not quite sure what to say about that, except whoever wrote that section (maybe Patrick himself) seems like he is 100% confident of what this platform of his offers to thee public. I could see why people are swayed.

Valuetainment is composed of articles, the podcast proper, and some resources that are no special. I guess Valuetainment stands out as a source of news for those who have lost faith in the media, and it champions itself that way. No offense though, but if you are looking for facts and news, I wouldn’t trust backwater sources like this, where news is written much more like an opinion piece with little to no concern about hiding their bias. Sheesh.

Navigating the Valuetainment website seems like a breeze, but I guess the good things I found about it stops there.

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Core Beliefs

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I found these “core beliefs” at Valuetainment’s website. Let’s discuss them a bit.

  • Leadership plays a crucial role across various domains, ranging from large corporations and the military to small businesses, households, and educational settings. It’s a skill we can all develop and employ.
  • Entrepreneurs, in particular, deserve admiration and recognition for their bravery in taking risks, introducing new products, generating employment opportunities, and establishing businesses.
  • Capitalism stands out as a pivotal economic framework that has significantly propelled societal progress and contributed to the high standard of living we experience today.
  • Engaging in discussions and debates is not only encouraged but essential, as it can foster agreement, spark new insights, and uncover truths. When conflicting viewpoints, often fueled by strong emotions, transition into respectful discourse and impartial examination of issues, everyone benefits. Upholding the principle of free speech is fundamental for nurturing constructive debates and achieving productive outcomes.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this all sounds like it’s been written in a way that could get a reaction out of people. These points all point to one thing – that Patrick Bet-David’s beliefs are rock hard, and the only way to get through to this guy is by agreeing to him, no matter how ridiculous his points are.

Valuetainment University Overview

Currently, there are four courses being offered in Valuetainment University. These are the following:

  • Advanced Business Strategy
  • Sales Systems
  • Public Speaking
  • How to be a Boss in Business

The curriculum for any of these courses are not available in the website, so I am not sure if the topics included can give you the value for your money, or if the topics are even worth your time. It is unclear if what is being taught are only the basics, or actual specialized lessons. Either way, I am not going to trust this to be a specialized platform for professionals.

All the information I could find is that each course is at least 60 minutes long, and is broken down into lessons. Included are PDFs of course content, as well as educational videos and practical lessons. Doesn’t sound too promising for an “alternative to traditional education”.

Seriously though, what could you possibly learn in an hour worth of lessons? And to think that they advertise this as “actual education”? Yeah, I truly doubt that.

Signing up for Valuetainment University will get you full access to all courses. You will also be part of a network of a community of learners. All these will cost you is $99 per month.

Yeah, I don’t think so. $99 for four hours worth of content that may not even be useful? That doesn’t sound right to me.

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Is Valuetainment University Legit?

Valuetainment University Review - Patrick Bet-David

In terms of whether or not Valuetainment University will give you the content you pay for, then they are certainly not scammers.

However, on the sense that they proudly showcase lots of crimson red flags, then maybe you shouldn’t be jumping into signing up to them. $99 can get you better educational resources than this, and I am not even kidding. For $99, you can pay for actual good courses in sites like Udemy, or maybe get a certification for Harvard’s free courses.

Not gonna lie, but Valuetainment University sounds like a poor excuse for an educational platform, and is full of such blatantly pompous claims that I cannot show support for it. It should not be considered an alternative to traditional education, as it can barely scratch the surface of what certified educational institutions can teach you.

Not to mention that the brains behind this venture, Patrick Bet-David, says that he encourages “discourse” and “debate” regarding his content. Yeah, no thanks. I am not wasting my time here, and you shouldn’t too.

Final Verdict – Valuetainment University Review

After delving deep into the murky waters of Valuetainment University, it’s abundantly clear that this platform falls short of its promises and fails to provide any real value for aspiring learners. Despite its flashy marketing and grandiose claims, the reality is grim.

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: the exorbitant price tag of $99 per month. For what? A handful of hastily thrown together courses that lack substance and depth. Each course, supposedly spanning a mere 60 minutes, offers little more than a cursory glance at the subjects it purports to cover. To expect any meaningful education to stem from such paltry offerings is akin to hoping for a gourmet meal from a fast-food drive-thru.

Furthermore, the core beliefs touted by Valuetainment reek of arrogance and narrow-mindedness. Patrick Bet-David’s unwavering stance on leadership, entrepreneurship, and capitalism is not only unyielding but also dangerously dismissive of differing perspectives. True education encourages critical thinking and open dialogue, not indoctrination into a single ideology.

And let’s not forget the glaring absence of transparency regarding course content. With no detailed curriculum available, prospective students are left in the dark, forced to gamble their hard-earned money on the vague promise of “educational videos and practical lessons.” Such ambiguity is unacceptable, especially when considering the financial investment required.

Ultimately, while Valuetainment University may not be outright fraudulent, it certainly embodies the epitome of smoke and mirrors. Behind its slick facade lies a hollow shell, devoid of genuine educational merit. For those seeking a legitimate alternative to traditional education, look elsewhere. Your time, money, and intellectual curiosity deserve far better than what Valuetainment has to offer.

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