Vertex Review: How Is This Going To Make Profits?

Today, we’re going to look at a moneymaking software called Vertex. How is this going to help you get passive income? Let’s see in this Vertex review.

The Medium Is The Message 2

Marshall McLuhan‘s The medium is the message has carried a profound impact on the marketing methods most businesses use today.

Because the quote clearly states, that the message one is trying to deliver can be magnified by the medium one uses.

Thus, it’s no surprise that video marketing has become a key element in any marketing campaign nowadays. In fact, the statistics clearly show its effectiveness.

However, the only drawback about video marketing is that creating video content requires a bit of technical knowledge. Fortunately, there are online tools available right now that can assist in that aspect.

And Vertex claims to be one of those tools that you can use. Aside from solving your video content problems, it also promises that it can drive “free buyer traffic” to your affiliate links.

In theory, this will then net you with a huge sum of commissions.

So, will Vertex work for your needs? Will this traffic system be the thing that you’ll need to start making money online? Or is it just another shiny object that only gives a false claim?

Keep on reading this Vertex review before you buy this, to give you a better judgement.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Vertex review. I’m not affiliated with Vertex, or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is Vertex?

To put this simply…

Vertex is software that lets you create pre-made videos with just a few clicks. Using a variety of templates suitable for any purpose, Vertex lets you create related video content without you having to take your own videos.

Each video template included comes in a variety of formats suitable for any social network. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc.

In addition, Vertex claims that it can drive “free buyer traffic” to your video content. Using their several built-in traffic sources.

Vertex is also a cloud-based app, so you can access it anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Who Created Vertex?

The man behind Vertex is Mosh Bari.

Mosh Bari

He’s a rather prominent figure on the WarriorPlus marketplace and has released a couple of products in the past few years.

These products include ReZolved. and ParaMountZ.

Features Of Vertex In Detail


According to the sales page, here are the full details of the features that Vertex offers.

Wide Variety Of Video Templates

Vertex contains a wide variety of video templates that you can use. You can just choose from one to get started.

Each video template is suited to a type of social media network that you’re going to send to. For example, you can have a template that is suitable for a Facebook post, a template perfect for Tiktok videos, for YouTube, and many others.

Alternatively, you also have the option of uploading your own videos and edit them using this software.

Choose From Any Niche

Vertex Niche

Additionally, there are also video templates that are tailored for any niche you prefer.

You can choose from health, medicine, lifestyle, travel, making money online, etc. Just about any niche that you prefer, it’s all available.

And once again, if you’re not satisfied with the templates, you can also upload a video of your own and start editing from there.

Share It to Various Social Sites

Vertex Social Media Sharinge

Finally, once you’re done with your videos, you can then share it on various social media sites. This is where you can get your “free buyer traffic” that this product is mentioning.

You can share your links to several different social media platforms of your choice. Like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

How To Use Vertex?

If you just want to see how Vertex works, and how it’s used, you can watch the official demo video here.

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Vertex Sales Funnel

Upon purchasing the Vertex software, the system will also give you the option of purchasing some upgrades to the system. You can choose to avail of them, or just skip them through.

Keep in mind that not much is revealed about the contents of the upsells, aside from their names. So all of these descriptions are just based on assumptions.

  • Front End: Vertex ($37-$27) – This is the front-end product. Before you can avail of any of the upgrades listed here, you should purchase this first.
  • 1st Upsell: Limitless Edition ($37-$27) – Removes all the limits of the front end software
  • 2nd Upsell: DFY Traffic ($197-$77) – Not much is known about this upsell. This could be the upsell that offers “unlimited traffic”.
  • 3rd Upsell: Effortless Edition ($39-$32) – Again, not much is known about this upsell. This could be the “Done-For-You” version that lets the authors do all the marketing campaign work for you.
  • 4th Upsell: Endless Leads ($197-$97)
  • 5th Upsell: 1000x Money Templates ($39-$29) – Judging from the name, it can be said that this upsell allows access to even more video templates for the software.
  • 6th Upsell: Machine ($197-$67)
  • 7th Upsell: Millionaire Edition ($47-$37) – As with the others, not much is known about this upsell.
  • 8th Upsell: Franchisee Edition ($497-$97) – Judging from the name and the price, this could be the reseller’s license for Vertex. Wherein you can sell Vertex like it’s your own product and keep 100% of the profits gained for yourself.
  • 9th Upsell: 1k In 60 Minutes ($37-$27) – This upsell sounds like an online course about affiliate marketing.
  • 10th Upsell: Endless Visitors ($197-$97) – Again, not much is known about this upsell.
  • 11th Upsell: The Vault ($97-$47) – This upsell seems to give you access to an exclusive affiliate marketing member’s club of sorts by the author.

Will You Recommend Vertex?

It’s a common assumption at this point that a majority of the moneymaking products or systems sold on the WarriorPlus are very low-quality. Almost to the point that they’re scams in their own right.

Unfortunately, Vertex is one of those products. That being said, here are some of the problems I’d like to point out as the reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Unreliable Traffic Source

As stated before, Vertex claims that it can generate “free buyer traffic” for your affiliate links. And it can be done by sharing your Vertex-created videos on social media.

This creates a big problem especially for those new to affiliate marketing (the intended customers of Vertex).

Unless they already have a huge amount of followers or subscribers on their social media networks who are WILLING to buy anything you offer to them, you won’t be able to earn any amount of commissions using this traffic method.

As previously said, this will only work if you already have an established number of followers or subscribers to your marketing social media networks. But if you’re already at that point, you won’t even need this system at all.

There Are Cheaper Alternatives

One of the claims of Vertex is that it uses technology that is “first of its kind”. For newcomers, don’t let this pitch fool you.

The idea of creating pre-made video content without having to record it isn’t even new at all. There are already several products out there that allow you to do just that.

And the best part of it is that most of them are free to use, with an option to pay for extended features.

One of the most recommended products for this kind of service (which I personally use) is Canva.

It Uses Bait-And-Switch Marketing Tactics

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Bait And Switch – A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.

In this case, Vertex advertises that they’re going to help you drive buyer traffic by using this system. This, in theory, will help you earn a huge number of commissions.

Furthermore, they’re selling it at a very low price.

However, once you purchased the software, what you’ll get is usually just a very plain product of some sort that doesn’t even come close to doing what was advertised. And in some cases, the front-end software is full of errors that make it almost unusable.

And then, the system upsells you with certain “one-time offers” that claim to ACTUALLY do the benefits provided on the sales page. Which, usually, is priced more than the frontend itself.

Adding together, the entire Vertex system with all its upsells can easily cost you over a thousand dollars. Which is far more expensive than the original price.

In fact, the entire Vertex sales funnel consists of a total of 11 upsells, which is A LOT.

Based on experience, it’s quite difficult to trust the words of a vendor who always engages in bait-and-switch tactics.

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Poor Training

But arguably, the biggest flaw of Vertex that makes it not worth buying…

…is that there’s absolutely no moneymaking training provided here.

The training here only covers how to use the features of the base software. But it doesn’t even tell you how you can make money from it.

It doesn’t even tell you where you can put your affiliate links anywhere. And for something that’s billing itself as a “moneymaking” product, this is a big red flag.

Vertex Review: Final Thoughts

To close this Vertex review…

It’s also worth noting that the author of this system, Mos Bari, is already labeled as a scammer on some websites.

And since this software is providing features that can be availed from free alternatives…

It’s safe to say that Vertex is just a scam software.

Scam Alert

Similar to other software like NEO Commissions and LoopholeLink, Vertex is just one of those shiny products that fail to meet the expectations of customers. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll even profit anything from this moneymaking system.

If you want a moneymaking method that is completely legal and ethical, yet effective, continue reading beyond this Vertex review…

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