Video Agency Funnels Review: A Fraud Or Not?

Today, let’s look at this software system named Video Agency Funnels. Can this help you make money online? Let’s see in this Video Agency Funnels review.

In today’s digital age, it’s quite unheard of for a business to NOT have its own website. After all, having a website for their business is imperative at this point.

Because having a business website does at least three benefits for marketing.

  1. It increases brand visibility. Most people will immediately look for your business website when they’re going to inquire.
  2. All the information about the business, and how they’re going to contact them for support, can be placed on the website.
  3. It strengthens lead generation.

The only real barriers to these are, not all business owners are technically inclined to build their own website. Fortunately, there are services that can take that website building work off your workload.

And Video Agency Funnels claims to take advantage of that marketing. By letting YOU create your own marketing funnels and videos, and sell them to those businesses in need.

It does sound like a good deal, but is it really worth it? Or will there be any drawbacks to this when you use the system?

Stick around on this Video Agency Funnels review to find out, so you can make a proper and intelligent decision before purchasing this.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Video Agency Funnels review. I’m not affiliated with Video Agency Funnels, or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is A “Funnel”?

But before we proceed with this Video Agency Funnels review, let’s give a brief description of what a “funnel” is in affiliate marketing.

Because you’re going to encounter that word. A LOT.

A “marketing funnel”, or usually called a “sales funnel”,  is a visual representation of the steps a customer makes before they finally avail a product or service.

The analogy of a funnel is used because while many will be interested in the product or service you’re offering, only a few of them will ACTUALLY buy it in the end.

The steps contained in the funnel can vary depending on your business goals, but most of them follow this diagram.

Marketing Funnel - Sales Funnel

Thus, a good sales funnel website is something that can convince and guide their customers through each step. From building the customers’ interest to retaining them.

What Is Video Agency Funnels?

Video Agency Funnels is a software system specifically created for agencies, video marketers, and freelancers.

Its basic premise is that it’s a website builder that allows you to create marketing funnels and videos, then sell them to various businesses. It uses a variety of pre-made templates to build your funnels

Video Agency Funnels claims that it’s very easy to use, even newcomers can use this system.

Finally, Video Agency Funnels is a cloud-based software, so you can use it anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Who Founded Video Agency Funnels?

Mario Brown is the author of Video Agency Funnels.

Mario Brown

He is a renowned speaker and serial entrepreneur, and has been an author of a few books, including…

In addition, he was featured once on an issue of Foundr magazine.

Mario Brown - Foundr

If you want to know more about him, you can visit his official website.

Primary Features of Video Agency Funnels

Video Agency Funnels Product

To start off, this is what the dashboard of Video Agency Funnels looks like.

Video Agency Funnels Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a brief rundown of several statistics related to your usage of the app. Included are the total number of funnels you created, total pages, total website views, and the revenue that you have gained so far.

  • Page Templates For Every Niche – Video Agency Funnels includes a couple of templates for your funnel pages, from every needed niche. With just a few clicks, you can get squeeze pages, sales pages, landing pages, bonus pages, thank you pages, affiliate pages, and the list goes on.
  • Fully Editable Video Templates In Different Niches – Video Agency Funnels also has several templates that you can use in building your marketing videos. There are also templates available for different niches.
  • Hands-Free Quick Funnel Building – The funnel builder and marketing video builder are both easy to use. You don’t even need to have a piece of extensive coding knowledge in order to use Video Agency Funnels. All you need are a few clicks.
  • Drag-And-Drop Editor – If you don’t like any of the templates shown for your funnel and video builders, you have a choice of creating your own. And the process is also very easy. You just drag any of the elements you need, and you’re all set.
  • Sales Tracking Feature – Our built-in sales trackers also give you deep analytics and data. Without any extra effort, you can capture the email addresses of your customers, find out the funnel they used, the products they purchased, and how much money they are putting in your wallet.
  • Free Hosting – All the sales funnels and marketing videos created via Video Agency Funnels are hosted on the app’s own servers. Thus letting you save plenty of money on hosting alone.

Popular App Integrations

Video Agency Funnels can also integrate with several marketing applications.

  • Payment Integration -Video Funnels Agency can also integrate with the most popular payment platforms (PayPal, Stripe) that let you collect payments from your subscribers without redirecting them to any other page. So you never lose a customer in translation. Instantly convince them and collect money without a moment’s delay or any second thoughts.
  • Email Autoresponder Integration – Video Funnels Agency is also compatible with several email autoresponders out there and integrates with them well. Choose from several popular ones like Sendiio, Aweber, GetResponse, MarketHero, Active Campaign, SendLane, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and countless others…
  • Analytics Integration – Video Agency Funnels also integrates well with your Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to better track your analytics and scale according to your marketing needs.

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How To Use Video Agency Funnels?

To see a more visual representation of how Video Agency Funnels is used, watch the official demo video below:

Video Agency Funnels One-Time Offers

Aside from the main Video Agency Funnels app itself, there are also upgrades that you can purchase to enhance your overall experience with the software. Each of the upgrades present is fully optional to avail.

  • Front End: Video Agency Funnels ($57) – The front-end. You need to purchase this first before availing of any of the upgrades.
  • Upgrade 1: Video Agency Funnels Unlimited ($67) – Allows you to create an unlimited number of funnels, marketing videos, and other projects. Also removes the brand logo from every funnel and video that you create with this software.
  • Upgrade 2: Video Agency Funnels Pro ($67) – Unlocks more premium features of this app. Also gives you access to additional templates (both website and video), detailed analytics, and more autoresponder integrations.
  • Upgrade 3: Video Agency Funnels White Label ($147/$297) – Gives you full reseller right for the entire software system, and removes the branding on this. So you can sell this as your own product, with your own brand label, and get 100% of the profits from this.This upgrade has several options as well. $147 is for the white label license for up to 50 accounts. $297 is for the license for as many accounts as you prefer. You can also avail of the unlimited white label license for 4x payments of $97.
  • Upgrade 4: Video Agency Funnels Marketing Kit ($47) – The Done-For-You upgrade. All the funnels, marketing videos, all marketing campaigns, everything is already pre-made for you. Without any additional work from yourself.

Pros And Cons Of Video Agency Funnels

While Video Agency Funnels seems like a great online money-making software, it still has a few pros and cons.

You should take note of these pros and cons first, and weigh them before you decide to buy this software.

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The software itself is still quite nice. It’s true that you can easily create your own funnel page and marketing videos using this software.

And most of the templates included with this software are good enough for use.

Video Funnels Agency Funnel Templates Video Funnels Agency Video Templates

The overall system is good enough for use if you already have a good amount of experience in any kind of marketing.

But having said this…


Contrary to what the sales page states, the system isn’t beginner-friendly at all.

There ARE tutorial videos here on how to use the software itself. But there’s no proper marketing training here and training on how to properly use this system to make money online.

If you’re a beginner in marketing, this software system isn’t going to do any good for you.

Also, the software itself is full of errors. Errors that may interfere with your work here.

For example, the server is quite slow and not optimized.

Even if you have a fast internet connection, it could still take several seconds, and sometimes even several minutes, for a page to load in this software.

Additionally, some sections of the software either behave strangely or simply don’t work at all.

This frequently happens when you’re trying to create your own marketing video or funnel design.

Thus, you’re only limited to using the templates provided in this software, and there’s no full customization.

Finally, the “free hosting” feature is also a drawback in itself. This means that the funnel pages and videos that you created with this system are also reliant on the server’s stability and reliability.

If the system fails and shuts down, you’ll lose all your funnel pages, videos, and even your traffic.

And if you think that this won’t happen anyway, think again.

One of the drawbacks of one-time payment software systems is their reliability.

The reason why most well-known online services offer a per-month subscription service cost is to keep the system stable and maintained.

With one-time payment systems, if the authors are losing money with them, they can shut it down anytime.

If you want to know more about this, watch this video:

Video Agency Funnels Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Video Agency Funnels review…

It’s quite clear that Video Agency Funnels isn’t a scam system. Because at the very least, the software still works as expected.

However, if you’re a beginner at marketing, don’t expect to make money using this software system at all.

Similar to other systems like Super Funnels and FunnelZPro, the concept behind Video Agency Funnels is a good one.

It’s just that the system doesn’t teach you the means on how to earn using this.

It’s like you’re given a very effective tool of some sort, but doesn’t even teach you how to efficiently use it.

Keep in mind that no matter how effective a money-making system is, it won’t do you any good if you’re not given enough training to use it to the fullest.

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