VIPKid Review – Scam Or Legit?

vipkid review

Hello and welcome to my vipkid review.

Teaching is one of the best methods to make money online.

I tried it myself.Why not?

Who in the world does not want to make money while changing lives along the process?

You are giving your expertise and in return making money online.I like this concept of making money online while teaching others.

In The economic crisis in America and all the different countries around the world,I think that making money online while teaching is the best option to go for.

Now,for this sites like vipkid came into play.

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What Is VipKid?

Vipkid is an online ESL teaching platform which provides virtual classroom settings for students and teachers in china.

This is specifically for the children ages between 4 to 12 years old.It is similar business model as compared to other ESL companies like QKIDS,DADAABC and CAMBLY.

It looks like the owner of the company was inspired by these companies and started his own one.

The owner of this company is Cindy Mi, and it is founded in 2013.They claim to be awarded by lots of awards at the same time.

The awards are the US-CHINA award,Top 21 global innovation award and entrepreneurship award.

I tried really hard to find the links to their claim but did not find anything.I am not saying that their claim is a lie.

I am just saying that there is not a single proof of it online,that their claim is actually legit.

Or maybe there is some error in my research process.(I have reviewed almost 500 make money online programs).

The real question is that can you make money from this site.As they claim that teachers can make legit money from VIPKID,whether it’s legit or a scam?


Now,here is the misconsipirecy about this company.Lots of people in the USA are saying that it is a scam.

Not because you can not make money in it,but because they are saying it’s a trap by chinese people to enforce english language on them.It is not true.

The company is just based on the teaching purpose and lots of people still getting benefits from this company.

So,when I say that a company is a scam?When you can not make money on it and they claim you can make money online.

Due to these facts,VIPKID is not a scam.It is totally legit and yes you can make pretty decent money on it.We will go in detail on how much you can expect to make money in VIPKID.

How Does IT Work?

There are some criteria that you will have to meet before you start making money with VIPKID.

It’s not some other freelance site where you make a profile and just wait for the orders to come.

Getting approved in vipkid is hard which is a very good thing for teachers and students.It’s a good process for screening the best out of best.

First, you will have to show them a bachelor’s degree.

They make it very clear to all the people that do not make any expectation with vipkid before getting approved.

If you do not have a bachelors degree.Do not worry.

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If you meet these criteria then you have to go through an interview and give them a demo lesson.

is vipkid legit

In this you will have to answer them what is you are expecting from them and what they can expect from you.

Some of the basic questions about your teaching expertise.

They have a special process for evaluating people which is as follows..

Classroom Management

In it ,the teacher will have to manage the class by rewarding students.In it ,they will give you points on the base of your age.

I think if you are younger then they will give you more points.But again, I am not sure about this thing.

Lesson Planning

Teachers have to plan their lecture before going into the class.Teacher has to prepare him/herself before going into the class.

It increase the chances of working with VIPKID more.

The lessons must include funny things in it so that students do not get bored.

Pace AND Timing

Teachers have to display good pace and they have to be completely responsible for the things when they finish their course.

I think here they just want to be a bit pacy.Means finish the course on the timeline they give to you.


The teacher has to build a rapport.The rapport is like how you present yourself to your students.

What your students think of you and some other things will be involved in it.

Energy Level

As in every offline class,your energy level should be very high.

So, in VIPKID your energy level should be high and it should be appealing to students.

Just take it in some other offline class.

Nothing more than that.

Lesson Objective

Teachers’ content should be based on the topics that they gave to him/here(Math,Physics,Chemistry etc.)

I read one comment in which one person is saying that the approval rate of vipkid is approximately 10%.

This means hundred people reading this article,only 10 of you will get selected,but no offense you can still go with my number one recommendation to make money online.

Apart from VipKid you can still make decent money with marketing.

Marketing is the best way to make money online.

It is totally up to you whether to go with my number one proven marketing method that helped me to make $10k/month and build a solid online business or else make money after going to some survey sites like survey junkies and make some extra money.

But first thing first,must give vipkid a shot.

VipKID is not a single option to make money online,in fact there are thousands of ways to make money online.

Payment And Expenses

VIPKID is a great app for teachers trying to make money online,that is why I am reviewing this company.

They cover all the expenses of teachers like dashboards,flash cards,toys and magnets.Now there are some people who are saying that this is not the case.

If you are a reader and know a bit of this, kindly correct me in the comments.

The base ranges start from $7 to $9 for half an hour.That’s $14 to $18 per hour.

Well ,I am very impressed by their payment and base rate.The base rate will be determined on your performance and the demo lesson.

Incentives And Contest

vipkid review

There are two types of incentives in vipkid.The first one is participation incentive and the second one is finished class incentive.

Participation Incentive – UP TO ONE DOLLAR FOR HALF AN HOUR.

Finished class incentive – SAME..

If we collect all the incentives this is upto $14-$22/hour.

Some surveys claim that they are paying teachers upto $100 a day.In addition they have contests and prizes to make this contest even more interesting.

Home Saving

Ok,I have been working from home since 2018 and I know how cool that shit is.

Believe me this is the best thing one can ever experience in my opinion.Who will not like work from home and make big dollars.

No worries,no damn boss and of course financial freedom.The fact is that if you work hard in vipkid you can make upto $100/day.

This means that you are not going to be rich but when you listen that it’s a home job and you just have to work from home,it becomes very competitive.

Home savings is priceless if you are working from home.These are the benefits if you got hired in vipkid.

  • No expenses for fuels and on cars.
  • Saving on insurance,parking and insurance
  • Reducing clothing budget.I mean that yes you have to wear good clothes in live class too but it is less competitive lol.
  • You do not have to pay for luch.No restaurants,hotels and outside food.You can make food at home if you know how to cook.
  • Tax benefits if you are working from home.

These are the benefits if you are working from home.

lt does not go with just vipkid,it goes with all making money online and working from home opportunities.

Now ,let’s talk about the complaints of vipkid.

VIPKID Complaints

We talked all about the good stuff,now let’s talk about their complaints.

I have taken lots of time to search for complaints of vipkid on different platforms like BBB and some other platforms.

Technical Issues

Technical issues can be a big deal if you are working from home.

It’s simple that if the company has technical issues you can not connect with them.

If you can not connect with them,you can not teach.If you can not teach,you can not make money.

While reading it may look very small or a little mistake but let’s talk about some of the people who are reading this article.

If you want to make money with VIPKID and want to go all in, then it can be risky.

It will be a very big risk if you quit your job and then these technical problems start to happen.

Sometimes, when these technical problems start to increase,VIPKID often fires teachers without telling them the reason.

This is a big shocker for everyone who is trying to make money from VIPKID.

Not just VIPKID ,I have worked for many make money online schemes before and when it’s time to connect with them,some sort of technical problems starts to happen.

I hope that they will remove this error as soon as possible.Because it have my concerns and probably most of you reading this post.

Inconsistency In The Hiring Practices

Although there are hundreds and thousands of complaints about it on google, people are not taking it seriously.

They have been very inconsistent on how they are going to select people.

There is a reason why people are not taking this seriously is that they think that they will get selected because they have experience of more than 3 years or more.

But in this case they are very strict and do not select people who have experience of even 10 years.

I know that it hurts people’s ego because they think who the *** I am not going to select them.

While writing this I remember an audition in America got talent.

A singer with an awesome voice was so confident that he would be selected but when he got rejected in AGT he was abusing the judges and saying that they are not qualified enough to take my audition.

I know that it hurts people’s ego and this is the reason that there are very many complaints about their selection process.

There can be another reason for it.

As I earlier said that the selection ratio is 10%.

If you do not get selected by vipkid,do not get upset.You can still go with my make money online recommendation.

Connecting To Students

Well,I am not a teacher but I get this point.Some times people find it difficult to connect with students online.

This is because they were not in front of the camera before vipkid.

Unethical Parents Complaints

Sometimes people find it really hard to get positive feedback from parents of students.

Its because they are your customers and they are always right.

Even if they are wrong.

The reason why I am saying that is if you are putting your efforts in their children and still they are complaining about it,it is very unethical.

So,in vipkid you have to deal with students and their parents.NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT CONS AND PROS OF VIPKID.

What I Like About VIPKID

First of all we are going to talk about the things that I liked in vipkid.

After this we are going to discuss the things I do not liked about it.

So,these are the things that I liked about vipkid.

  • They pay on time and they are very positive and supportive to the teacher that they hired.
  • Making money along the way changing peoples lives.

Who in the world will not like this idea?I like that teachers are making money and changing student’s lives.

  • Curriculum provided by vipkid is very good.It saves lots of time for teachers and also the parents’ opinion has almost zero value.

This is the reason why most people survive in vipkid.

  • You can choose your timings yourself.We all know that there is a time difference along the countries,but not in these conditions.

They let teachers decide when to work and when not.Some people say that they ask for this in the interview and demo lessons.

  • Ok,as compared to other money making sites,competition in vipkid is as low as none.

This is because they are very strict to who they hire.This is the reason that they have quality over quantity.

What I Don’t LIKE in VIPKID

These are the things that I do not like in vipkid.

  • You are dependent on vipkid.They will sometimes fire you without telling you the reason.This is a security alert for all people who are trying to make money with vipkid.This means that you can not risk your 9 to 5 for this teaching service.
  • VIPKID has also a referral program.As a teacher you still do not get financial freeedom.You still have to work on hourly wages.They have a referral program which means that you can make money promoting them.Know I can make money from vipkid by recommending it to you.Its called affiliate marketing.
  • They only focus on ESL.
  • They only pay for hourly wages.They are not responsible for how much time you are spending preparing those lectures.It is fairly fair as well.But I was personally a teacher and I know that sometimes how much consuming it can be for someone to prepare for the lectures.
  • It can be easy for some of you to get hired.It really depends on what side of fence you are in.

Final Verdict of VIPKID

Ok,I spent two days searching for VIPKID to write this review for you guys.And it took me 9 hours to write this article.

I am not complaining about how much time I spent but I am saying that pay attention to my final verdict of VIPKID.

You probably searched for ‘can you make money with vipkid’.

My answer is yes.Yes,you can make money with vipkid.

It’s a good way to make money online while you are changing other people’s life.But the fact is that you are not getting financial freedom.

You still have to grind for long hours and are dependent on this platform.

For example,if you decided to go all in vipkid.

It can be very risky and is not the way I like to make money.

More than money,what matters to me is financial freedom.

I too have a teaching experience because I just know something better then vipkid that generates me money.

The fact is that even if you get accepted in vipkid,there will be so much stress and lots of things will be running through your mind.

Anyhow ,it is worth a shot and I advise you to give it a shot and try it yourself.

I am not providing you the link to vipkid because that will make my review biased.

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That’s it for today’s review.

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