Viral Income System Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about the Viral Income System created by Matthew Neer. Are they legit? Learn more in my review down below.

Viral contents are what most internet marketer leverage to make a lot of income. They can do video contents, blog posts, promotions, and most of all, affiliate marketing. A lot of people will be buying these viral products and services, and making it known to a broader public will get you in for more commissions.

Viral Income System is a complete system that leverages viral products and services to your advantage, fully automated. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Matthew Neer nor his Viral Income System. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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Viral Income System Review: Quick Details

Name: Viral Income System

Founder: Matthew Neer


Socials:  Facebook, Instagram

Type: Automation System

Niche: Cost-Per-Click Advertising

Recommendation: This system has a twist of the affiliate marketing business model, which for me is a bad taste to be part of. What more is that they shifted their focus on the affiliate side instead of improving the system itself.

Who is Matthew Neer?

Matthew Neer

There’s not much information on the web about Matthew Neer, but he’s the man behind Digital Bankroll, a platform where he offers high-ticket online marketing coaching for people in the online business realm. 

Has his own YouTube channel that’s been out and about for quite some time with 3.51K subscribers, made eight years ago where he posted videos on how to become an affiliate, and other commission operations that didn’t last long. His latest upload was 1 year ago, meaning that he already dropped the idea of making content on YouTube.

What is the Viral Income System And How Does It work?

Viral Income System

This Viral Income System does not have anything to do with:

  • Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency
  • Social Media advertisements
  • Paid surveys
  • Search Engine Optimization or Google
  • Anything ecommerce

It is a cloud-based system that secretly cuts even newbies into their massive $55 billion source of income for free. It allows you to plug in to a commission network and take a portion of the profit for yourself, straight into your bank account. You don’t need to install anything, you just need to have your personal account and you’re in with the system.

This system leverages other people’s efforts, the power of viral marketing and network effects that can make you earn passive income day by day. And the key term is “Viral”, something that spreads on itself. 

It doesn’t depend on organic traffic, joint venture partners or even affiliates. And you don’t need to do it on any social media platform, email will suffice. Viral traffic refers to a phenomenon where content spreads rapidly and widely across the internet, and with the of emails, other people will be the one spreading that “viral” content for you to earn money.

And if you ever wondered how CNN, Fox News and other broadcasting platforms generate a lot of money without selling any products or services and by just having your email on their list, it is because they make money when you click links, videos, articles that they send you. And that’s the exact same thing that the Viral Income System does.

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Who Is It NOT For?

This is not designed for people who:

  • Are looking for a one-hit wonder
  • Are looking for a guru promising millions overnight
  • Are impressed with high quality video productions and fake actors selling false promises and broken software
  • Are looking for a get-rich quick scheme

What Can You Get From VIS?

What You Get

Residual Income

Continuous earnings derived from past content creation efforts with CPC advertising yields to residual income. What you need to do is create an evergreen content – pieces that stand the test of time by offering enduring value to audiences. 

The more clicks these ads receive, the more residual income accrues over the long term. Sustaining this income requires a commitment to optimizing and updating content periodically to ensure its continued relevance and attractiveness.

Multiple Streams

Viral Income System has a list of trending/viral products services that offers affiliate links to people so that they can earn commissions from it. By aligning with various affiliate programs across different niches or industries, you can create a diversified portfolio of income streams.

This method not only helps you mitigate the risks associated with relying on a single source but also opens up opportunities to cater to diverse audience interests. The system will also help you track down diverse affiliations to optimize performance and be able to identify which avenues yield the highest results.


Complementing a portfolio of diverse affiliate offers, another effective strategy is to explore high-ticket products that offer substantial affiliate commissions. These high-ticket products typically come with higher price tags, translating into more significant commissions for affiliates.

Viral Income System also has a list of reputable companies that offers high-ticket products open for affiliates, partnering with them boosts earnings with fewer conversions needed. 

DFY Monetization

You’ll still be able to earn significant cash day by day even without having someone purchase a product or service, Fox News and CNN does. Having quality content will suffice, sending them to your email list and earning money for every click it receives.

Live Training

Live training sessions such as video conferencing, webinars, to enable instructors share information, demonstrate concepts and respond to queries in real-time. 

The benefits of live training have to offer include the ability to tailor content to participant’s needs, address specific concerns and adapt to the pace of the audience. It can also be a platform where networking and collaboration among participants come into place.

Viral Income System Cost

For as low as $19, you can have access to all of these and start earning significant passive income for yourself and reach the goals and dreams that you desire. And if the system isn’t converting like it was supposed to be, you have up to 60 days to use the product risk free, and get a refund afterwards.

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What Other People Say About the Viral Income System?

Ben M., one of the guys who tried the system says that he continually gets commissions even though he’s not doing anything. Just a few emails and money keeps on coming to his bank accounts. 

Paul D. says that he has never seen any machine like the Viral Income System, and you’ve been smoking something really strong if you’re still not on the viral commissions train.

Another guy just lived his life and dream of traveling around the world for almost 5 years straight, thanks to the commissions he’s getting from using the Viral Income System. 

And as with any other reviews/testimonials that can be seen on any program’s page, you can take each and every one of them with a grain of salt. 

Pros and Cons


The system offers a lot of income streams, from affiliate, to paid-per-click, and one of the most exciting parts is that it’s all on full-automation. You just need to have your own personal account, plug-in bank accounts so that when you’re generating money, all of it will go straight to your bank accounts, hassle free. 

Live training is a big part of any program as they can interact with their clients real-time, answering and giving current solutions to current problems and concerns, fostering a trustworthy environment.


It’s still on Beta Test, and you’ll be one of the guinea pigs to try this system (if you’ll be picked) if it actually works. Yes, $19 is comparably a small amount compared to others, but the time you’ll be wasting if this doesn’t go well cannot be brought back. And not everyone can be a beta tester, they have requirements that you need to fulfill before qualifying. 

While Matthew procrastinates with Viral Income System, where he tells you that you do not need to create ads, funnels, or own a website, he also created a program, Digital Bankroll that offers the exact same thing as mentioned above. This is his high ticket program with three levels of membership, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • The Silver Plan costs $997.
  • The Gold Plan costs $5,000.
  • The Diamond Mastermind costs $25,000.

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Viral Income System is definitely not a scam, but in the ever evolving landscape of online marketing, especially the CPC, having something like the Viral Income System will not suffice due to the fact that they’re not upgrading, even updating the system to be used on the current state of the internet. 

The system is still on beta test, and you’ll just be wasting time if it really doesn’t work as it is supposed to. And maybe he doesn’t preach what is being taught here anymore when he started Digital Bankroll, because there’s more money if you really do paid advertising and other online marketing strategies aside from CPC.

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