Is Viral Pay A Scam Or Legit?[Review] 100% Fake

You are looking to make money online and looking for Viral pay Review?So,we are going to cover every aspect of viral pay and going to figure out the fact.

First I want to take time and appreciate you for the time to read this review.

This is because there are lots of online scams out there and the main aim of beastpreneur is to reveal them all.

Looks no different case with viral pay.

I am going to prove that it is a total scam and no money for you in viral pay.Yes it is a total scam and no money here.

You may be thinking that than what’s the catch because the entry is free.So,let me talk about this.

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What Is Viral Pay?

Viral pay is an online money making platform.

They say that they will give you chance to make big dollars after enrolling into it.

No one knows who owns viral pay.What you will get money for and what you have to do.

If you want a straight forward answer if it is legit or a scam.My answer will be that yes it is a scam and there is no money for you here.

They said that they made logos for big companies like Mcdonalds and OTHERS.There is not any proof of that.We don’t even know the owner of the company.

So,you may be thinking that what you have to do in return of money.

According to their site it is said that you have to market for big companies.

For marketing ,I means run ads for companies.Nothing more than that.You have to control their social media accounts and other things.

First impression is that if that is the case how can such big companies can give their campaign to someone unknown like you and me.

Other thing is that they do not tell us that how much they are getting and our profit in it.

Third ,if they have to find partners for their campaigns why they do not go for the freelancing websites like fiver and upwork.You can easily hire experienced marketer from there.

So much questions about that.If you do not know that the companies they take name of are already running social media campaigns.

As far as I noticed that big companies start their social media campaigns when they were small.In fact social media marketing plays a very important role in that.

Viral Pay Red Flags

So,we are going to talk about the red flags of viral pay.There are lots of red flags which I noticed before but I want to talk about the main ones.

Unknown Owner

No one knows the name of the owner of the company.The one who claims that he made the logos for big companies.

He says on his website that you can easily make $500 per day with this.But this is totally scam and not legit.

I know that how much effort it took me to make $500 online.It works as any other offline job.

There is not easy money for anyone online.I am affiliate marketer for more than three years.

During this time shiny object syndrome slapped me many times.

Not like viral pay ,obviously an experienced marketer can straight away can say it a scam.

I Lost a lot of money on courses and got nothing in return.If you think that you can make $500 a day with viral pay.FORGET IT.

Sorry for sounding strict but these are the facts.If you do not know the owner of the company how can you enroll with them?

I remember I also fell for these scams four years ago.It was amazon cash websites.At that time I knew nothing how online thing works.

They said that you can easily make thousands online by paying for subscription.I paid but in vain.

Fake Testimonial

They are using fake testimonials on their website.You know what?They hired them from fiver.If you do not know what fiver is let me clear it.

Fiver is an online platform where you can hire freelancers in any industry.

The case studies of people making thousands of dollars with viral pay are not legit.

They are the actors on fiver.You can also hire them for your project for just $5.It is the best marketing practice in a scammy way.

It is observed that 90% people of America read reviews before sticking with the product.So,this is the best way to win the interest of people.

I also wondered that a big name in also used this strategy in affiliate marketing champ to get more sales.

It is not ethical and complete mind blowing for me.


These kind of strategies works perfectly for scammers.They said that the company is from 2018.But it is not truth.

They are lying.If you search their site on it is clear that this website is of 2019.So,this is another lie of viral pay.


There are so much complaints about viral pay on trustpilot and BBB.

A lot of people fell for these kind of scams.Yeah ,you can also read them from their.

Is Viral Pay A Scam Or Legit?

Yeah it is total scam.There is no way that you can earn $500 with them.Such unrealistic.

Yeah that’s true ,it is so unrealistic that you can not earn even a penny with these scammers.

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After you earn that it seems to be very easy from there.

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