Viral Vamp Review – $20k For Diamond, All Risk Is Yours?

Today, we are going to talk about Viral Vamp. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

E-commerce is one of those industries that seem to get a lot of people’s attention. It makes a lot of sense, though. A lot of people buy their stuff online more than they do in stores. People have different reasons for why the choose to buy most of their stuff online. Most of the time, it’s because of convenience. Not everyone has the capacity to drive or commute to any kind of store only to find out the item they’re looking for is sold out.

Though that kind of thing also happens in most e-commerce platforms. At least it’s easier to find places that have the item that they’re looking for. And sometimes, certain items are only available online. Sure, you have to worry about shipping fees and the like. But it’s somehow worth the convenience that they provide.

A lot of creators who design and make their own merch usually use e-commerce as a way to reach a lot more people than they would if they leased a spot somewhere in town. I have seen a lot of creators design merch for a TV show or a movie that they love. And they use e-commerce platforms in order to sell their merchandise to their fellow fans.

But starting your own e-commerce store is a lot of work. And there’s often a lot of things you need to do that not a lot of people don’t know about. So the existence of training programs or done-for-you services related to e-commerce helps a lot of people. But not all of these programs and services are created equal.

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Viral Vamp Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Viral Vamp
  • Founder: Kade Robertson
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Done-for-you service, mentorship program, consultation program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: Running your own e-commerce business takes a lot of time, money and effort. While Viral Vamp’s services alleviates a lot of the things that you will need to do to run that business, it’s not guaranteed that you will have consistent earnings from it. It’s something I highly recommend for those that want easy money. Though, nothing comes easy when it comes to earning money.

Who Is Kade Robertson?

Viral Vamp co-founder Kade Robertson (middle) accepting an award from ClickFunnels

Kade Robertson is the founder of Viral Vamp, an e-commerce company that helps its clients manage their seller profiles on Amazon.

There’s very little information that I could find about Kade Robertson online. It doesn’t really seem that he’s done interviews with creators in the e-commerce niche. Which is kind of surprising, to say the least.

But based on the vide on the Viral Vamp website, Kade started his career in e-commerce during college. He had seemingly found an online course about running your own e-commerce store and decided to sign up for it. Unsurprisingly, he managed to find some level of success in running his own e-commerce store.

His success garnered the interest of a lot of the people that Kade knows, like his friends and family members. This seems kind of common among the people that I have reviewed. Kade obliged their interest by telling them exactly what he knows about e-commerce.

Unfortunately, that affected Kade’s own business. Because he was busy teaching people how to start and run their own e-commerce store, he neglected his own. That sort of lead him to a realization that maybe he could help them in a way that earns him money. Because it seemed that while he was able to teach them how to start their own e-commerce business, it didn’t really seem to have made them actually do it. So that’s how he started Viral Vamp.

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What Is Viral Vamp?

Viral Vamp is a company that offers done-for-you Amazon seller profile management services. Done-for-you services aren’t really a new thing. Especially those that focus on Amazon’s seller program. If you really think about it, most people, especially in the United States, buy a lot of things they need through Amazon. Obviously, a lot of people would be interested in the platform that has the biggest amount of users.

There are so many different services that Amazon offers that people could earn money from. I have written quite a few about those that focus on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform for those that want to get into self-publishing. There are also ones that focus on Amazon’s fulfillment service. You would be surprised by how many companies are out there selling services that utilizes the Fulfillment by Amazon program. With so many ways that people can earn through Amazon, it’s no surprise that a lot of people have gained interest in learning more about it.

One of the more common ones are the done-for-you services. As the name suggests, they pretty much do a lot of the work of running your seller profile on Amazon. I have written quite a lot of different reviews for similar done-for-you services. And most of the time, the things that they offer are roughly the same.

Viral Vamp offers three difference services. They have a 1-on-1 consulting analysis wherein you pretty much ask Kade and his team what kind of things you could do in order to improve your seller profile. This service of theirs basically requires that you already have an Amazon seller profile that you already run on your own. The cost for this is $5,000.

There is also a 12-week mentorship program where they’ll teach you exactly what you need to know about running your own seller page on Amazon. Three months isn’t really a lot of time. But it seems to be the standard length for similar programs. The cost for this is $10,000.This is not the first amazon done for you service I have reviewed on beastpreneur, Infact I have reviewed hundreds of these kinds of services…some of them are as below:

What Exactly Happens With a Done-For-You Service?

A screenshot of the Viral Vamp website

In the context of an Amazon seller-related done-for-you service, you basically pay them to handle most of the things when it comes to running a seller profile on Amazon. With some of the done-for-you services that I have reviewed, you are investing your money in order for them to help you create a seller profile on Amazon. That’s the first thing that you need to do in order to sell on the platform. It’s relatively easy to sign up for a profile. But you will need some documentation to confirm that the business you’re running is tied to you. When you hire a company that has a done-for-you service, they will help you fulfill any of the requirements that you’d need to sign up for a seller account.

Once your seller profile has been made, a company like Viral Vamp will help you choose products to sell on your seller page as well as choose how exactly your shop is going to source it. Since you’re letting them handle most of the management side, you don’t really have much a choice when it comes to what your store is going to sell. It may seem counterintuitive. But that’s just how it is.

The cost for Viral Vamp’s done-for-you service is $20,000.

With every amazon automation review I have written on this site, I keep on saying this one thing that all risk is yours.Let’s say you invest $20K with them and buy their diamond services,here’s where you stand.If your store becomes profitable, they will get a profit share out of it too.Remmebering you again,that all risk is yours,but not all profit is yours.Let’s say ,you invested and your product launch failed,a ll your money is gone ..because they at first said that all risk is yours.

In diamond,20k usd investment, you’ll get 70% profit and 30% goes to them,Other then this they will not charge you anything recurring.while their other offers,like in gold and platinum,they will also charge recurring money from you other then 50% profit split.In gold,for renewal,you have to pay $750 and in platinum you have to pay $1000.

They keeps on tweaking and changing their offers, maybe just to check what sells more?

Interesting facts about these kinds of automation services is that people, more then searching for their reviews,searche for their lawsuits.For example, I talked about reviewing many automation programs, one of them is Nick Mocuta’s walmart automation alliance.Many people lost their money and filling lawsuits against it right now.So,let’s say ,300 people searches for walmart automation alliance, 400 searches for it’s lawsuit.For example,”walmart automation alliance lawsuit”.There is also a facebook group getting scammed by this automation service.

Just like this, hundreds are searching for rivx automation lawsuit, because they got scammed, obviously.

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Final Verdict – Viral Vamp Review

I don’t highly recommend any of the services that Viral Vamp offers, especially the mentorship program and the done-for-you service. While it’s understandable that you’re paying the team at Viral Vamp to handle most of the management that comes with running a seller page on Amazon, the pricing for it is not something most people could afford. There’s nothing wrong with how it’s priced. I’m just saying that running a seller page on any kind of e-commerce platform takes so much time and money. It’s possible to settle on how you’re going to pay them. But it’s still a lot of money that a lot of people don’t really have.

While it’s possible to earn money from selling on Amazon in the long run, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be earning high amounts early on. Having somebody manage a lot of the business side of things helps alleviate some of the burden. But hiring a company to do so wouldn’t really teach you a lot about actually running the business on your own. The mentorship program that Viral Vamp makes sense for that. But $10,000 for a three-month program is definitely a lot.

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