VP Ecom Review – Amazon Automation Drama?

Today, we will look into the company called VP Ecom and about the amazon automation drama. Find it all out in my VP Ecom review.

A lot of companies are popping up like mushrooms, claiming that they are the best at utilizing the Amazon FBA feature.

You can really earn big sums of money if you can utilize it to its full potential, and you can also save a lot of time and trouble for your own firm.

But being able to earn the Amazon FBA badge is no easy task, and you need to have patience in order to reach that milestone.

There might be some amazon automation drama circulating around the industry but these can’t stop companies from formulating ideas and processes to be counter productive.

That’s why these companies are offering different kinds of models, claiming that they’ve found the right process in order for you to find success in the eCommerce industry, especially in Amazon.

Can you really trust VP Ecom who offers done-for-you services to handle everything for your eCommerce journey?

Be sure to read every last bit of this review to be certain whether it is the right choice for you or not to sign up for VP Ecom.

Just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is a fully independent review. I am in no particular way affiliated with the program whatsoever. All opinions are unbiased and other information came directly from their website.

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Name: VP Ecom

Owner: Daniel Vaught and Mark Porter

Website: https://vpecom.com/

Socials: Facebook, Instagram

Type: Done For You program

Niche: Amazon FBA

Recommended?: It takes time for you to be able to realize profit margins in the congested-enough market of eCommerce. If you don’t have the patience needed, or even just want to earn fast cash, then I don’t recommend Amazon FBA to you.



Amazon FBA is a model made by Amazon that allows anyone, no matter their eCommerce experience, to open an online store and list products to reach millions of customers worldwide.

It is a service that allows Amazon sellers to outsource shipping to Amazon. The term “Fulfillment by Amazon” is just what it really does for you.

They are the ones who will store, pick, pack, ship and deliver your products to the designated customer. Additionally, they’ll also be in-charge of the customer service, refund and return of orders.

That’s a great deal for Amazon sellers, taking a lot of work from them so they can focus on different things, like preparation in expanding their own store, or opening a new line of products to sell.

But as I said earlier, it is not easy to acquire the FBA model. You first need to establish your store and earn an A+ product selling rating before you can set up with Fulfillment by Amazon.


Amazon Automation Drama

Amazon is an ever growing company and is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider. 

They had rapidly opened warehouses all across the United States to deliver goods faster, which made them become a major employer.

We know for a fact that the growth of our technology is getting faster and potent as the days go by. There’s also a saying that someday, robots will come for our jobs.

That’s not that too far-fetched anymore, to be honest. The continuous inventions of machines can’t be stopped. 

And for a big company like Amazon, automation machines will have a huge impact on the amount of work that can be done in a day. Which is also a big factor for their income.

CartonWrap, the new machine that is rumored to be 5 to 6 times faster in doing work compared to it being manually prepared by employees.

The fact that the machine can do almost 24 roles at once can remove employees in a single warehouse of about 2,000 people. 

“We are piloting this new technology with the goal of increasing safety, speeding up delivery times and adding efficiency across our network”, says one of Amazon’s spokesperson. 

“We expect the efficiency savings will be re-invested in new services for customers, where new jobs will continue to be operated”, she continues.

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VP Ecom

Daniel Vaught and Mark Porter believed that they are #1 in the field of amazon automation services.

The automation company that actually delivers $5,000-10,000+ passive income every month is what’s written in their catch phrase.

“Opportunities don’t shout, they whisper,” they said. Opportunities never shout the possibility of a huge moment for any person, but if you listen carefully to your gut, maybe you can grab that opportunity.

If you have the mindset and commitment, go to that event, or dinner, go shake some hands. Start the business you have been thinking about.

Do the things you’ve wanted to do. Try new things without thinking that you might fail. Failure is not certain, but it is what will keep you moving forward.

They claim to have what it takes in terms of availability, delivery, an ever effective model that will be used, which is different from the others and a unique offer that only their company has to offer.


Having the best support team that can help you with your eCommerce journey, is what they can offer you.

A smooth application process, an easy to read, simple website is what they offer for the newcomers who will sign up for their services.

Educational representatives and trained Client Success Team will always be there for you to answer your queries if you have any.


They claim to have the fastest producing, highest ROI and safest automation service in the U.S.

One of the few automation companies that delivers consistent and meaningful monthly passive income to all of their clients.


The hybrid 2-step model consists of all of the benefits of dropshipping and a suspension-free model like FBA. 

Basically, rather than the traditional method where the product goes straight to the customer, the product goes to their warehouse first. 

They will repackage it and take away any packaging of an amazon competitor. That’s how they keep it completely suspension-free.


VP Ecom is the only Amazon Automation company that offers a complimentary $10,000 ForEx Copy Trader Service.

Included in your full investment, they will set aside $10,000 into your ForEx account. The ForEx copy trader service provides you with a 10-20% gain  every single month for the first 3 months.

This will help you get by during the first three months of them setting up your Amazon store. These first three months are going to be slow. They’re just heating things up and seasoning your amazon store for a brighter future.

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VP Ecom can’t possibly entertain every person that wants to join their program. They boast of not being able to accept a “bajillion” clients a month that’s why they made such qualifications.

Daniel is humble enough to say that it’s unnecessary to accept a big number of clients if they can’t really focus and give those clients the attention they need. 

Setting all these aside, one of their qualifications is that you need to have a capital of $40,000 for the upfront cost and $10,000-25,000 usable credit for your Amazon account.

Another qualification is having the mindset. They’re building partnerships for long-term investments.

At least they’re honest on the fact that Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick overnight. And their aim is to build a sustainable business online.


Being humble is a virtue, but you can’t let yourself be swayed by the words of some people.

Expectancy of bajillion clients only to find out that their Facebook group only has 12 members in it.

A website that’s full of calendars whenever you scroll just to force you to book for an appointment with them, auto pass.

It’s a disorganized website to begin with, so don’t expect anything much from these people.

If testimonials on their website are true, then they might have made a lot of cash. I would like to suggest that you use some of it for better advertisement. 

Thinking in a sane manner, your money can’t be trusted in the hands of these people. Just stay away.


Thank you for reading this VP Ecom Review.

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