VREIC Review: DC Fawcett Real Estate Investing Club Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a platform known as VREIC. Is VREIC legit? Find out in this VREIC review.

The world has quite chaotic in recent years. New forms of the virus continued to come to light, signaling that mankind will eventually have to learn to live with it for quite a long period of time.

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This is why many people decide to start side hustles to supplement their income.

What brought you to this VREIC review is the prospect of making some money on the side. Luckily for you, I did my research, so I’ll be able to tell you whether this program can help you find your way to financial freedom.

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this VREIC review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with VREIC in any shape or form whatsoever.

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VREIC Review: Quick Details

  • Name: VREIC (Virtual Real Estate Investing Club)
  • Website: www.vreic.com
  • Type: Online Class/Masterclass
  • Niche: Real Estate Investing (Virtual)
  • Owner: DC Fawcett
  • Price: $1,659 (one-time payment)
  • Recommended?: No, because the platform does not guarantee that you can be a successful virtual real estate investor.

What is VREIC?

VREIC Review - VREIC logo

VREIC stands for Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. It is a platform designed to teach you how to invest in real estate in a remote way using only a phone and a laptop.

DC Fawcett was the one who founded the group. He currently invests in various markets in the country, with a goal to make as much money from investments as possible.

This virtual real estate investing group aims to assist beginners, as well as already experienced investors in terms of giving them good strategies so that they can make more money from their investments.

Basically, you are required to participate in the discussions. Those who are not active enough will actually be asked to leave. You also have to introduce yourself, as well as state the reasons why you decided to join the group.

In VREIC, you will be learning how to remotely invest in real estate, how you can get leads with the use of social media, how to automate every real estate investing process, and how to fund your business deals. Basically, the same as what other programs and courses teach.

Who is DC Fawcett?

VREIC Review - VREIC owner

DC Fawcett is the one who founded VREIC. It is a platform which is designed to help you learn about real estate investing through the use of real life examples.

Fawcett specializes in what is called virtual real estate investing. Like I said previously, he invests in different virtual markets. This means that he has a lot of experience in terms of virtual wholesaling and cash flow investing.

He specializes on assisting people with growing their very own real estate investing business, which is why he decided to create VREIC.

His proprietary system is used to help entrepreneurs with building and scaling their businesses, as well as with producing various income streams.

Fawcett’s main goal is to help his students become investors who can earn money passively. He wants them to spend as much time with their families as possibly, as well as let them pursue their hobbies without holding back.

He has been selling programs which are about making money with real estate for more than 12 years now. Even if that’s the case, his websites do not look updated at all, as if he has retired for a while now.

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My Favorite Program

VREIC Overview

For this section of this VREIC review, you will know what the mentorship program can teach you.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to find what joining the platform entails. The website was also not that helpful, as all it had are articles written by Fawcett and his staff regarding real estate investing.

Sure, those articles could be classified as good reference material, but they do not really pertain to VREIC whatsoever. What’s more, the website looks like an early 2010 site, with a lot of fonts and royalty-free images.

In my opinion, if you first show me for the first time without providing any sort of context, I would immediately think it is a scam. To be honest, it is quite old-fashioned, which does not give a good first impression to people.

Well, if you are looking for a site with good quality articles regarding real estate investing, then Fawcett’s site can work for you. However, if you are looking for information regarding VREIC on it, then I wish you the best of luck.

To be honest, it defeats the purpose of having a website at the first place. Imagine making a website for a product which doesn’t serve its purpose of providing information regarding it, but instead turning it into a personal blog of sorts. Yeah, that’s exactly what Fawcett did.

I guess we could only assume that VREIC is the same as other mentorship programs that teach real estate investing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s actually correct, as in my opinion, they are all the same anyway.


VREIC is available in both digital and physical form. The digital version costs $297, and you can also pay using four installments of $99 if you cannot it straight away.

On the other hand, the physical version will cost you $3,997. You cannot pay for this via installments though. I am not sure what the difference between these versions is, but I could only assume that the physical ones includes face-to-face sessions and whatnot.

Is VREIC a Scam?

In this part of the VREIC review, you will learn whether the program is legit or not.

I don’t think VREIC is a scam, no. Like I said earlier, Fawcett has been selling courses for more than 12 years now. The fact that he still continues to do so is because he is pretty legit, right? Well, I am not sure about the quality of his other programs though.

However, over the years, his reputation has been quite tainted with a few bumps. His company, Virtual Real Estate Investing Club LLC which is based in Florida, has a disappointing F rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

I have found reviews about him complaining that his courses are scams, and that right after they paid for the course they want to enroll in, they are immediately contacted about an upsell of a more expensive coaching program.

On the other hand, some other complaints said that the coaches do not give proper answers to important concerns regarding business deals. They often refer those who ask questions to a monthly conference call to get their answers there.

Basically, what VREIC is doing is that they are not doing their job properly, and want you to shell out thousands of dollars to upgrade your plan so that they will finally give you attention. Sounds pretty unfair, right?

Some More Shady Stuff

A lot of people are complaining about Fawcett’s business practices. There was also a complaint regarding how one of his virtual assistants told a paying customer that he needs to cough up another $5k so that he can get his concerns answered properly.

There is also the concern of how the refunds work. Another complaint was regarding how they stop answering emails and phone calls whenever someone decides to ask for a refund. Yikes. So much for customer service.

Another concerning complaint is that apparently, Fawcett takes 50% of the deals you get and have someone negotiate on your behalf. Well, that doesn’t sound right. Aren’t you supposed to be the one handling those matters, and their only purpose is to give you insights?

Well, there are more complaints I have found, but I don’t think I can fit them all in the review. I think Fawcett also got tired of them, which is why he is trying to hide them.

He has made sure to optimize his content under search terms like “VREIC scam” or “DC Fawcett reviews” so that instead of complaints, people will see things he has written instead. Yeah, in my opinion, he is abusing the system so that those negative reviews will be buried.

Does VREIC Work?

Remote real estate

For this part of the VREIC review, you will learn whether the program can help you with your business or not.

Well, I think VREIC can work. I mean, it is a mentorship program, after all. You are bound to learn something. However, I am just not so sure if the information you will be learning about can actually help you become successful.

Like I said before, VREIC is just another typical program with lots of hidden upsells in it. They want you to keep paying for these upsells so that they can make more money, that’s about it.

In my opinion, if you really want to start investing in real estate, then you should start with learning the basics. VREIC says they can assist beginners too, but are you really willing to pay that much money just to learn the basics?

To be honest, what VREIC can teach you is available on free resources you can easily find online. There is no need for you to have to pay that much money, considering how everything is available online these days.

There is also no guarantee that you will be successful in the business by enrolling on this program, so it is better to look elsewhere.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons of VREIC


  • VREIC is a mentorship program that can teach you how to invest in real estate. Beginners and experienced investors can easily pick up the program.
  • You can find good resources regarding real estate investing in the program’s website.


  • The mentorship program is overpriced. Other than that, there are numerous upsells hidden in it.
  • DC Fawcett’s reputation is not that good because of his questionable business practices. Instead of answering criticisms, he chooses to ignore them by hiding complaints and negative reviews.
  • The website does not really have details of what the mentorship program entails.

Alternatives to VREIC

VREIC is a typical mentorship program which charges top dollar. I don’t see it being unique nor different from mentorship programs already in the market.

Even if that’s the case, you can still learn some valuable knowledge from VREIC. However, I don’t think you should enroll in it if you don’t know the basics yet. That’s just my opinion though.

If you are interested in similar programs, then I suggest looking into The Real System, Renatus, and Ripehouse Advisory.

Final Verdict – VREIC

Before I end this VREIC review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

When it comes to real estate investing, you cannot really expect things to go right for you all the time. You can encounter sellers that are hard to deal with, as well as clients who just wouldn’t budge.

There are quite a lot of hurdles that you will be encountering, and if you are a newbie, you can feel overwhelmed. In fact, even if you are a remote investor, you still have a lot of work to do.

You need to spend a lot of time finding good deals that are worth your money, and there are also times when you have to compete with other investors over a property that caught your eye. It’s quite a time-consuming side hustle, if you ask me.

In my opinion, a good side hustle should be something you can do without having to spend so much time, money, and effort. I know of the best one for you, and the details about it can be found on the next section.

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