VT Ad Agency Review – Vova Tess Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a company named VT Ad Agency. Is it legit? Find out in this VT Ad Agency review.

Running a business on complete autopilot sounds like the dream. A lot of gurus I encounter on social media has been selling this idea for a few years now, and since there are still a lot of them that are pretty active, then maybe their ads are actually working.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make some passive income from a business that is 100% yours, with other people doing 100% of the work for you?

It does sound pretty enticing. However, you should know that all enticing prospects like this one always come with a catch.

And the catch here is that you need to trust the people who will be running your business with huge amounts of money. This includes your credit cards as well.

The possibility of being defrauded through these methods are very high. Because you are urged to just keep funding the business without the need for learning about how to run it, this opens a lot of opportunities for these gurus to scam you.

This is why I recommend that you do your research first before trusting any guru or course you find online which is presenting you an opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this VT Ad Agency review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with VT Ad Agency in any shape or form whatsoever.

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VT Ad Agency Review: Quick Details

  • Name: VT Ad Agency
  • Founder: Vova Tess
  • Website: https://vtadsagency.com/home-vt
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: DFY agency
  • Niche: Business automation
  • Recommendation: You would need the assistance of the company if you are planning to run a one-man business. This is only for people who can afford to build a business they plan to scale in the future, meaning those who have the capital.

What is VT Ad Agency?

VT Ad Agency Review - Logo

VT Ad Agency is a company that promises you that you can definitely run a business on autopilot by making use of their services. They say that they can provide you with an entire team of experts to get your business running from the very first day of you signing up.

They claim that they have launched and scaled numerous eCommerce business. They offer a complete service suite which you can use to start growing your eCommerce business portfolio.

VT Ad Agency’s services include the following:

  • Product Research and Marketing
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment & Customer Service
  • Listing New Winning Products
  • Tracking Code Management
  • Refunds/Returns

The services provided by this company is the same with Wealth Assistants, Logan Shippy Walmart Automation, and RivX Automation.

Some FAQs

Can you just find this information on YouTube?

All the information is on YouTube, but you’ll still have to put it together. Opportunity cost equals the time you would spend doing anything else. It’s not a matter of whether or whether you can discover the data, but rather, who can do it more effectively.

How do you know that this will work?

After hundreds of satisfied customers, VT Ad Agency assures that this strategy is a surefire winner. You must be willing to let it work if you want it to be effective.

Will this work for beginners?

People who do not have the abilities or the time to understand all of the basic parts of putting up a successful online business are the target audience for this product. It is developed with beginners in mind.

The company says that they will give you a head start by providing a strong basis so that you can easily scale up and not lose any time establishing your store or looking for the suitable items and suppliers.

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My Favorite Program

How much time do you need to commit per week?

All that is needed from you is a few hours of your time every week, and VT Ad Agency promises that you’re on the path to financial independence and the life of your dreams.

How will you get access?

Once you place an order with them, you will be given access through the email address you provided.

How long until you see results?

They claim that several of their clients have made tens of thousands of dollars in as little as 60 days, but the typical client sees a return on investment (ROI) within the first 90 days.

VT Ad Agency Plans

VT Ad Agency Review - VT

Let us talk about pricing. There are two plans available for VT Ad Agency; one for Shopify, and one for Amazon.

The information for this section is pulled straight from the VT Ad Agency website. You are encouraged to book a 30-minute call they refer to as an ‘Ecom Strategy Session’.

If you ask me, I think this call is required of you so that they can get you to buy some upsells. After all, being in a call with them will be able to get you to get manipulated a lot easier.

Shopify Success Plan

Gold ($8,997)

  • Full Expert Ad Management
  • Your Own Ad Account Manager
  • Private Access To Ads Team
  • ​Full Professionally Designed Store
  • ​Access To Founder
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment
  • ​Customer Service Management
  • ​Access To Suppliers List
  • Tested Products Chosen For You
  • ​Professional Ad Development
  • ​Continuous Website Optimization
  • ​Social Media Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & YouTube)
  • ​Access To Insider Growth Strategies
  • ​Order Management

Core ($5,997)

  • Full Expert Ad Management
  • Full Professionally Designed Store
  • Tested Products Chosen For You
  • ​Order Fulfillment Done Automatically
  • ​You Own Ad Account Manager
  • ​Professional Ad Development
  • ​Access To Founder

Amazon Success Plan

Platinum ($19,997)

  • Amazon FBA account creation
  • ​LLC & EIN number creation
  • ​Reseller certificates
  • Private suppliers
  • ​Customer service
  • ​Brand un-gating
  • ​Full store management
  • ​Proven products
  • ​Inventory management
  • ​Product purchasing*
  • 70/30 Profit split, starts after 6 months

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My Favorite Program

Is VT Ad Agency Legit?

VT Ad Agency Review - VT 2

VT Ad Agency seems legit. However, I simply do not believe that eCommerce automation is the way to go when it comes to running an online business.

My main problem with this is that they are encouraging people to hand over control of their credit cards in order to fund the business. Sure, I get it, because the business owner is the one funding everything. However, I just cannot help but think that they have an ulterior motive to this, and might be charging you more than what is actually needed.

Another disappointing thing about VT Ad Agency is their website. I want to make this comment sound kinder, but there is no other way to put it: it’s garbage.

Usually, websites for companies like this are usually made to sell you their service, but their website simply didn’t do it for me. That is because there is no useful information in there.

All the website has is reviews, testimonials, and screenshots, which are way too many. I am 100% sure that people do not really read those, because they have to scroll way too much to get into information that actually makes sense.

Also, the information available regarding what their service can do for you is simply lacking. In order to learn this information, you would have to schedule a call with them.

Basically, they encourage that you go book that call as it is the only thing which can actually help you know what it is that you need to know about the service.

Final Verdict – VT Ad Agency Review

I think that VT Ad Agency is not a scam. However, I just cannot recommend eCommerce automation to anyone. The business itself is quite shady, and I would not want my readers to get into risky businesses when they have the option not to.

What makes eCommerce automation a bad idea is that these services discourage you from learning how you can run your business. What they tell you is that you shouldn’t worry about it, and that all you need to do is to pay money and trust them to run the entire operation for you.

That does sound fine and dandy if you have the money to spare, but not knowing how your business is running doesn’t sit right with me.

So, instead of hiring some strangers with shady-looking websites to run a business for you, why not try to run one yourself? There are various materials online which can teach you all about it.

However, I am not so confident that is possible if you have a full-time career to worry about. I guess this is what these automation services are taking advantage of; the business owners being too tired to learn about their own business.

Because of this, I suggest you check out my top recommendation instead. Unlike eCommerce automation, it is not so risky, and you can easily learn it.

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