WallStreetZen Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as WallStreetZen. Is it legit? Find out in this WallStreetZen review.

Being an active investor is difficult since it entails sorting through a great deal of information to find stocks that have solid growth potential. That is why there are stock screening tools available online, such as WallStreetZen.

WallStreetZen assembles the fundamental and technical analysis data on the world’s most popular companies and makes it easily accessible on a single platform with the goal of assisting investors in making well-informed decisions.

In addition, it provides access to a set of one-of-a-kind statistics as well as the suggestions of industry professionals, all of which are designed to assist you in making more educated choices regarding your finances.

This review of WallStreetZen will go into the platform’s inner workings, features, and distinctive traits in order to provide readers with more information about whether or not they should sign up.

WallStreetZen’s costs, features, benefits, and downsides will all be discussed in this review so that you may make an educated choice.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this WallStreetZen review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with WallStreetZen in any shape or form whatsoever.

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WallStreetZen Review: Quick Details

  • Name: WallStreetZen
  • Owner: Nate Tsang
  • Website: https://www.wallstreetzen.com/
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Online platform
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommended?: Stock trading is not something I would recommend, as it indeed quite difficult to have a grasp of. It requires months, and sometimes even years of education. Also, it requires you to have capital you are willing to lose, as the stock market is pretty volatile.

What is WallStreetZen?

WallStreetZen Review - Logo

WallStreetZen is an online platform for conducting market research that is headquartered in Hong Kong. Nate Tsang, the company’s founder, is an entrepreneur and investor who recognized a need in the marketplace to simplify access to market data for a wider audience.

Despite its relatively small size, the company has garnered praise for the simplicity of its stock measurement system as well as its innovative design.

WallStreetZen places a significant emphasis on making data access more straightforward for investors and includes a number of helpful features that are not readily available in other places.

WallStreetZen Overview

By becoming a member of WallStreetZen, you can have access to a multitude of tools that can assist you in making more informed choices regarding your trading activities.

In this section, we can take a look at the following for an overview of some of the most vital skills offered by the platform.

Zen Score

The Zen Score is an original piece of software developed by WallStreetZen with the intention of consolidating a variety of significant stock data into a single score.

Regarding the methodology that went into determining this grade, WallStreetZen is not forthcoming with any information whatsoever.

In order to determine a stock’s Zen Score, the company claims to carry out 385 checks on the value, financials, projection, performance, and dividend yield of the firm.

A higher Zen Score suggests that there is a greater likelihood that the stock’s value will improve in the future. It is essential to keep in mind that a stock’s Zen Score is nothing more than a prediction, and that the performance of a stock in the past is not necessarily an indication of how well it will do in the future.

This is true regardless of how high the score may be.

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Top Analysts

Users of WallStreetZen have access to market analysis and comments provided by famous financial specialists. The application automatically monitors the suggestions of over 3,000 analysts from the past by utilizing measures such as average return, victory rate, and rating count.

WallStreetZen subscribers have access to the stock advice that are supplied by these analysts.

Customers who pay for a premium subscription have access to more advanced filtering options, which enables them to rapidly locate analysts discussing stocks that are of interest to them.

Keep in mind that analyst ratings are only suggestions and not genuine financial advise for you to act upon. The objective of these documents is to serve as a source of ideas for your trades; nevertheless, prior to making any purchases or sales of securities, you should always perform your own due diligence.

The purpose of these documents is to serve as a source of ideas for your trades.

Advanced Stock Screener & Screener Export

WallStreetZen gives users access to both a straightforward and an advanced stock screening tool.

The organization gives users access to a stock screener that is completely free of charge and can be used to efficiently search the market for shares of stock that meet their individual criteria.

Filtering stocks using criteria such as Zen Score, market capitalization, price, performance, and price-to-earnings ratio are just some examples.

You have access to a greater number of possibilities with WallStreetZen’s improved stock screener, including the opportunity to directly compare different companies’ shares.

The data gathered by the screener can be exported into a spreadsheet and made available to premium subscribers.

Even while WallStreetZen’s stock screener is straightforward and simple to operate, it might not have the same level of sophistication as other products on the market.

It does not enable users to save their own criteria or generate price alerts without leaving the stock screener, both of which would be great improvements. As an example, it does not allow users to establish price alerts.

In point of fact, it is possible that some investors may be dissatisfied to realize that the platform does not have the possibility to build personalised notifications.

Stock Ideas

The Stock Ideas section of WallStreetZen is a useful resource for individuals who are interested in gaining novel insights into the stock market.

WallStreetZen’s “Stock Ideas” section is where the website creates lists of stocks that its users have stated should meet certain investment requirements (such as “undervalued growth” and “small-cap growth”). Please take into consideration that only paying clients have access to some of these recommendations.

Bear in mind that these Stock Ideas are produced in an automated fashion by making use of fundamental and technical indicators. They are intended more as a source of ideas than as a recommendation to buy or sell a particular security.

Even if a stock is on one of these lists, you should still study as much as you can about it before investing in it.

This program is pretty similar to Behind the Markets, True Market Insiders, and iMarketsLive.

Due Diligence Checks

WallStreetZen’s summary pages for equities contain a wealth of information in their respective tables. All of this material contains notes that can be used for due diligence examinations.

These notes can include observations about the valuation, financials, projection, performance, and dividends of a corporation.

These tests of due diligence are designed to inform investors of substantial facts that may not be readily apparent from a casual analysis of a stock’s price history or financial statements.

These facts may include things such as: This category could include earnings estimates and other pieces of information that are relevant to the long-term success of the company.

These tests of due diligence may help save time and effort by pointing out potential problems that require more investigation before a transaction can be completed.

Stock Forecast Score

WallStreetZen provides a rating for each stock in its screeners that it refers to as a “Forecast Score.” This Forecast Score is calculated with the assistance of a set of top-secret formulas that were devised in order to distill the information surrounding analyst forecasts into a single figure.

These Prediction Scores are calculated using the results of nine different checks that were carried out with the assistance of suggestions from experts.

There is a score of one (1) assigned to stocks that are successful in passing their due diligence checks, and a score of zero (0) is assigned to companies that are unsuccessful.

If a stock is unable to pass the due diligence checks, the Forecast Score for that stock will be set to 66 (6/9 x 100).

If everything goes according to plan, a stock’s Forecast Score should increase in proportion to how well analysts anticipate it will do.

This should give a pretty decent picture of how analysts envision a firm performing over the next several months, even though there is no guarantee that the company will be profitable in the future.

Analyst Performance Pages

WallStreetZen takes into consideration the advice of more than 3,000 different analysts. There is a distinct website for each analyst, on which you may view information about how they have done in the past.

Users of WallStreetZen who are interested in the track record of a certain analyst can check out that analyst’s profile page on WallStreetZen.

Investors may find it helpful to learn more about the background and experience of an analyst before deciding how much credibility to accord that analyst’s projections.

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Bullish Insider Buys

These “Bullish Insider Buys” lists contain equities that are featured on the “Bullish Insider Buys” lists because they have been the subject of considerable purchasing or selling activity from corporate insiders.

To illustrate this point, WallStreetZen’s Bullish Insider Buys publishes (where it is possible to do so) information about an executive of a company buying their own stock and makes an effort to throw light on the motivations behind such a purchase.

Before investing in securities that have experienced insider purchases, you should still carry out your own research and investigate the company.

However, the purpose of this addition is to provide investors with insight into the performance of a stock in ways that cannot be captured by traditional technical or fundamental indicators. Specifically, the goal of this addition is to provide investors with insight into the performance of a stock.

Why Price Moved

There is nothing more frustrating for an investor than to watch the price of a company change without having a solid understanding of the fundamental forces at work.

WallStreetZen’s Why Price Moved section offers traders assistance in appreciating the reasons behind these price shifts.

This tool assists you in making sense of the market by providing you with succinct explanations for why a stock’s price may have changed.

Is WallStreetZen Legit?

WallStreetZen differentiates apart from other platforms because, in contrast to those that are geared toward novice or experienced traders, it is geared toward intermediate investors.

The user-friendliness of WallStreetZen’s platform, which is packed with content compiled by the business’s research team and more than 3,000 analysts and can all be swiftly and easily digested, is one of the factors that sets the company apart from its competitors.

WallStreetZen provides a multitude of resources that can assist you in making smart investment choices. However, the website does not advocate any particular stocks.

WallStreetZen is lacking crucial capabilities that more experienced traders may demand, such as the capability to build up specific stock screens and alerts as well as access to complex charting tools.

As a result, WallStreetZen is directed specifically toward intermediate investors who have a medium- to long-term time horizon and who seek simple access to a large amount of data without having to pay a hefty subscription fee.

These investors want to make informed investment decisions over the course of a medium- to long-term time frame.

Final Verdict – WallStreetZen Review

WallStreetZen is an interesting new breakthrough in the rapidly growing industry of websites dedicated to market research.

The low cost, user-friendly design, and comprehensive collection of proprietary data are some of the distinguishing characteristics of WallStreetZen.

Utilizing WallStreetZen does, however, come with a few potential pitfalls, particularly for more seasoned investors.

Particularly, the inability to customize charts and receive price alerts is indicative of a platform that is not sophisticated enough to accommodate expert traders.

But in the end, there are a lot of things to appreciate about WallStreetZen, particularly if you are an intermediate investor with a medium- to long-term investment perspective who is looking to save money.

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