Wealth Builders Automation Reviews – Amazon FBA Scam?

Wealth Builders Automation Reviews - Amazon FBA Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Wealth Builders Automation. Is it legit? Find out in this review of Wealth Builders Automation.

In our exploration of Wealth Builders Automation, let us zoom in on what this opportunity is all about. Can you trust it as a solid way to make money online? We are going to peel back the layers and inspect the inner workings, figuring out if it is a practical avenue worth exploring. Our aim is to give you insights that can light the way for your decision-making process before you take the plunge.

Join me on this journey as we navigate through the details of this platform, trying to figure out if it is a worthwhile investment.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Wealth Builders Automation in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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Wealth Builders Automation Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Wealth Builders Automation 
  • Founder: NA
  • Website: https://wealthbuildersautomation.net/ 
  • Socials: InstagramFacebookYouTube
  • Type: eCommerce Automation
  • Niche: Automated Online Stores
  • Recommendation: There is a lack of transparency and information about the program, making it advisable to consider investing your money elsewhere for potentially better opportunities.

Who created Wealth Builders Automation?

Wealth Builders Automation Reviews - Amazon FBA Scam?

After doing my research, it is clear that there is a bit of a mystery surrounding who really is behind this program. Checking out their official website did not provide info on the people running the show, and that is setting off some alarms in my book. Legitimate businesses usually lay it all out when it comes to their founders. When I notice this air of secrecy, it prompts me to proceed with caution.

Transparency is a big deal in the business world, and it is pretty standard for companies to spill the beans about their founders. But here, it is like they have left us in the dark. Now, I do not know about you, but uncertainty is not my favorite companion, especially when I am trying to figure out if something is legit.

This whole mystery surrounding who kicked things off raises some important questions about how open and accountable this program really is. It is a bit odd that these aspects are playing hide and seek.

As savvy individuals, it is crucial for us to take these red flags seriously. When a program keeps its originators under wraps, it is like they are asking us to be extra careful. So, as we navigate through their claims, let us do it with a magnifying glass in hand.

What is Wealth Builders Automation?

Wealth Builders Automation Reviews - Amazon FBA Scam?

Based on their statements, Wealth Builders Automation presents itself as a guiding hand for those looking to establish and manage a successful Amazon eCommerce store hassle-free. Their commitment is that they will lead you through the entire journey, enabling you to own the business while they handle all the behind the scenes operations.

This includes pivotal tasks like carefully selecting and listing products, maintaining an organized product inventory, efficiently processing orders and ensuring fulfillment, closely monitoring shipping logistics and returns, and delivering dedicated customer service.

Essentially, their proposition is about allowing you to step into business ownership without being bogged down by daily difficulties. They emphasize a hands free approach, highlighting the opportunity to reap the benefits of a profitable venture without getting entangled in the specifics of day to day operations.

Adding to their appeal, Wealth Builders Automation boldly declares a track record of success, asserting that they have generated millions in profits for their clients through their managed eCommerce stores. This confident claim suggests a high level of assurance in their capability to deliver substantial returns on investment, providing a layer of credibility to the services they offer.

Still, it is super important for anyone thinking about getting into this to bring a skeptical eye to the table. You have got to roll up your sleeves and do some serious digging before committing to anything. Checking if the claims hold water, digging into what others who have been in your shoes have to say, and really getting the essential part on what this service is all about are key steps.

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My Favorite Program

How does it work?

  1. Wealth Builders Automation claims to guide you in the world of online business, offering a step by step process to help you grasp the opportunity and align it with your goals. If it is a good fit, they swiftly kickstart your journey using their “Built for You” profit system. What makes them stand out is their exclusive 200-point assessment tool, strategically designed to identify the best selling products for you. They said that these are the products that already have a presence in the market.
  2. Once they have nailed down the right products, Wealth Builders Automation takes the reins, setting up and managing your store. They practically stock the virtual shelves and orchestrate the grand launch of your Amazon eCommerce business, making the whole process a breeze for you.
  3. The system does its thing when someone decides to buy something from your store. Wealth Builders Automation, working hand in hand with Amazon, ensures a seamless shipping process to your customer, all while securing a small profit.

According to what they say, the bonus is that you will not have to deal with complicated platforms or intricate technology. There is no need for pricey labeling and advertising, and they vow to spare you the often frustrating trial and error phase.

Wealth Builders Automation boldly guarantees that your eCommerce store will turn a profit within 90 days, or they commit to working for you for free until you hit that profitability sweet spot. That is a pretty daring promise in the ever changing landscape of online business.

And just to put an extra layer of security around your venture, if your store falls short of generating results equal to your initial investment within the first 24 months, Wealth Builders Automation pledges to buy it back from you.

This not only reflects their strong belief in their system but also gives a sense of security to those stepping into the eCommerce realm with them, making sure you are not navigating the online business landscape solo.


Wealth Builders Automation opts not to reveal the prices for their automated stores on their website, urging users to reach out for specific details.

In the broader world of eCommerce website design and development, costs show significant variability, spanning from $10,000 to over $250,000. The ultimate cost hinges on factors like project complexity, desired features, and customization levels. With Wealth Builders Automation keeping their pricing under wraps, uncertainty looms regarding where their services fit within this cost spectrum.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  • I like that they offer a 90-day guarantee. If your store does not turn a profit within the first 90 days after launching, they said that they will keep helping you, and it will not cost you a dime. This gives an extra boost of confidence as you navigate those critical early stages of your eCommerce journey.
  • Aside from the 90-day guarantee they also said that if after 24 months, your store does not reach the expected level of profitability, they commit to buying your business back and reimbursing your initial investment.


  • Wealth Builders Automation is notably lacking vital information on its website, raising worrisome doubts about transparency. They deliberately leave out critical details about their packages and how their system operates.
  • The program seems to be lacking in solid proof and testimonials that genuinely showcase its success. There is a shortage of videos featuring satisfied clients, and this scarcity raises questions about how well the program actually works.
  • Getting into automated eCommerce is far from a breeze. The norm is to face hefty initial setup costs, creating a genuine ordeal for individuals and businesses dealing with tight budgets.
  • Wealth Builders Automation has accumulated negative reviews and comments, forming a rather open narrative. Dissatisfied clients have raised serious allegations, asserting that despite their investments, profits failed to materialize. The frustration deepens with reports of considerable difficulty in accessing customer service, intensifying the disillusionment among investors.

A particularly disheartening account surfaces from a Reddit review by user True-Championship641, recounting substantial financial losses totaling thousands of dollars incurred through their investment in this business.

Wealth Builders Automation Reviews - Amazon FBA Scam?

These firsthand experiences serve as sad illustrations of the harsh reality faced by disgruntled clients, painting the program as a potential trigger for significant financial setbacks and presenting challenges in obtaining satisfactory customer support.

Final Verdict – Tamara Lowe Review

Wealth Builders Automation makes alluring promises of a hassle free automated eCommerce store with generous guarantees spanning 90 days and 24 months. However, the lack of transparency raises doubts about the feasibility of these idealized claims.

Negative reviews further fuel skepticism, suggesting the program may not fulfill its promises. It is crucial for potential participants to exercise caution, explore alternative investment options, and carefully assess the program’s credibility to safeguard their financial interests. Relying on unverified assurances may result in disappointment and financial setbacks.

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