Wealth Factory Review – Garrett Gunderson Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Wealth Factory. Is it legit? Find out in this Wealth Factory review.

The provision of financial stability for one million different company owners is the primary objective of Wealth Factory.

With that in mind, is it worth it signing up for Wealth Factory? Can you really achieve financial stability with their help?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Wealth Factory review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Wealth Factory in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Wealth Factory Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Wealth Factory
  • Owner: Garrett Gunderson
  • Website: https://wealthfactory.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, InstagramTwitter
  • Type: Online course
  • Niche: Finance
  • Recommended?: Financial education is indeed important if you are a professional. However, if you would like to educate yourself, I believe you should start with free resources, not paid ones.

What is Wealth Factory?

Wealth Factory Review - Logo

People who operate their own businesses, medical professionals, and others who are self-employed can benefit from the comprehensive financial education and action plan offered by Wealth Factory.

Entrepreneurs and professionals typically focus on what they are good at doing best, which is typically managing a profitable business and providing outstanding care to their customers. In many cases, individuals fail to properly handle their own personal finances, which can result in substantial emotional and mental distress.

As their firm grows, they might face an increase in the complexity of their financial situation. As a consequence of this, the presentation of a proven and established solution that addresses everything is well received by these specialists.

Wealth Factory is able to meet this demand because it provides clients with access to a group of professionals such as accountants, cash flow specialists, investment advisers, insurance specialists, and estate planning attorneys. This comprehensive team strategy is one of the many services that Wealth Factory provides to its customers.

Similar integrated services are provided, however clients do not need to have a net worth of at least $50 million to qualify, unlike with a boutique family services business that caters to high net worth clientele. Because the implementation is done out in a methodical approach with the assistance of a “financial quarterback,” you will save a significant amount of valuable time.

They do not provide advise on investments, nor do they deal in securities, and they are not a business that deals in financial services.

The components of the flagship program are as follows:

Blueprint Implementation and Accountability

The finance team attends to each stage of the assembly and execution process with the utmost attention and professionalism.

Critical Components

  • Cash Flow
  • Taxes
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurances
  • Investments

To begin, this may involve unearthing previously undiscovered expenses related with your money and assets; changing the structure of your loan; identifying and getting rid of duplicate insurance policies; or determining that you are overpaying in regard to your tax requirements.

Although there are more aspects for more specific circumstances, these are the essentials that are covered in our classes for our pupils. Everything else is obtainable in a format that may be customized to meet the requirements that are unique to you.

This is because no two small firms are the same, just as no two professionals’ or entrepreneurs’ requirements are the same from one another.

This program is similar to Dealmaker Wealth Society, Hustlers University, and Savings Highway Global.

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My Favorite Program

Financial Clarity and Legacy through Investor DNA

Wealth Factory Review - Garrett Gunderson

You will be able to discover your Investor DNA with the aid of Wealth Factory’s diagnostic tools. Once you know your Investor DNA, you will be able to better cater your investing plan to your unique set of abilities and interests.

Because of this strategy, they are able to make all of their financial and business decisions more efficiently, which results in decisions that are more objective and in keeping with their overarching aims.

Having a clear understanding of one’s financial status not only enables one to achieve success in all parts of life, but it also provides one with the necessary foresight to leave a legacy that is significant.

They will demonstrate how your own business may supplement your existing assets and broaden the scope of your investment portfolio beyond stocks and bonds. This will allow you to build wealth more quickly and efficiently.

Because they have been in your shoes, they are familiar with the challenges that you, as the proprietor of a business or provider of professional services, are facing.

When it comes to financial planning, the strategy that is generally accepted gives primary consideration to the requirements that you will have during retirement. They are going to cross their fingers and wait for you to pay up your money for the next thirty years while they do this.

If you run a prosperous company, you are well aware of the need of employing effective methods of financial management. These “traditional” methods of handling one’s own finances are diametrically opposed to those.

Therefore, if the person who now serves as your financial planner is unaware of what you do for a livelihood, he has no business acting in the capacity of a financial counselor to you.

Wealth Factory Programs

Here are Wealth Factory’s programs, with descriptions pulled straight from their website.


BUILD Wealth. Build Cash Flow. Build a Family Legacy. A world class publication on finance and investing for entrepreneurs. Delivered weekly to your inbox. You might subscribe to a few publications, and there might be some you look forward to reading. This is the one you’ll have to read. That’s the standard we set when we began assembling the publication. And we don’t let a piece go out if it doesn’t still wow us. And we know this stuff already.

Wealth Acceleration Workshop

Come to Wealth Factory Headquarters and spend a couple of days with our team to map out your Wealth Architecture and get every financial question answered. We only invite a few people to each workshop.

Freedom Fasttrack

From ironclad strategy to execution. This is our flagship program. Our team, and the best credentialed professionals we know, become your wealth team. From a former-rocket-scientist-turned-cash-flow-engineer to tax experts, from estate planning attorneys to asset protection attorneys, we’ll help you put together your one-of-a-kind wealth architecture, tailored to your values, goals, business, income, desired lifestyle, and the family legacy you want to set up for your children and maybe even your children’s children. When you’re through with this program, you will have the kind of security that allows you to swing for the fences.

The Freedom Fasttrack program is by invitation only, because we have to already know that we can help you at this level, before engaging in it. There’s no sign-up page, as this is a personalized process.

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My Favorite Program

Why Wealth Factory is worth it, according to them

You will be provided with the tools necessary to discover straightforward ways that will enable you to recover your financial power by investing in your most precious asset.

It is not their desire to give the impression that anybody who invests in the stock market is doomed to suffer financial losses of some kind. They are giving the impression that you will be more successful if you concentrate on the activities at which you are particularly skilled. Their intention is to be of assistance to you in researching these possibilities so that you may make informed decisions on your financial situation. And if other people, such as your spouse or accountant, play a significant role in your financial situation, they will back you up since you will be able to make decisions as a well-informed team.

Because they have been in your position as a busy startup, they are aware of how difficult it can be to manage a business. As a direct consequence of this, the economic theory and financial jargon that are presented in their classes are kept to a minimum. On the other hand, they save you the jargon and explain everything in language that is uncomplicated, direct, and goes directly to the point.

Wealth Factory says that they are able to provide you with the tools, the support system, and the knowledge you require to build long-term wealth, increase the flow of your monthly income, and achieve economic independence without requiring you to make concessions in your way of life or to attract new customers.

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