Wealth With God Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Wealth With God? Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It is always interesting to see what kinds of online training programs exist out there on the internet. You never really know what you might come across. As somebody has written hundreds of reviews, I still find excitement in learning about a bunch of different courses that people can get into.

For the most part, a lot of the online training programs that I have reviewed are fairly straight forward. Usually, it’s just that somebody found success at a certain thing, like ecommerce or virtual assistance. Then they made an entire course that’s meant to help people know exactly how that creator was able to be successful in that thing. Regardless of whatever niche that that course exists in, the premise of why they started that course boils down to that.

When you’ve written so many of these reviews, you immediately see the patterns. Like, a lot of them have fairly similar stories in how they start. And it almost always ends with the creating their own program because of it. Some have more dramatic stories, often ones with struggle early on in their life. But it’s still going to lead into that online course.

So when I heard of Wealth of God, I was immediately curious to know more. It made me question a lot of stuff. Like, why would somebody make something like this and call it that? Involving religion into all of this feels kind of icky to me. There are probably other ways that people could go about it. But why would you involve God into this? But then I remembered, that a lot of people use religion as a way to earn money for themselves. So it made me want to the bottom of it. And that’s exactly what this review is for.

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Wealth With God Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Wealth With God
  • Founder/Creator: Jim Baker
  • Website: https://www.wealthwithgod.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Wealth building
  • Recommendation: There’s nothing particular compelling about this course. It is interesting to see how Jim Baker managed to intersect faith with building wealth. The cost for the entire course is not something a lot of people could afford.

Who Is Jim Baker?

Wealth With God founder and pastor Jim Baker

This is one of those times when having a relatively familiar name can be a bad thing. Whenever I write some of these reviews, I would often struggle a bit with search for certain personalities. And the reason for that is that certain personalities have the same name as a bunch of other people. It’s increasingly common whenever I write about men. There are only so many Jimmy’s or John’s or Michael’s that I could search for. Pair that with an increasingly common last name. And you will take a lot time before you could even find the one search result that you were looking for.

That was the case when I was searching for Jim Baker, the founder of Wealth With God. A name like Jim Baker is really common. So I was obviously getting a lot of other results for people also named Jim Baker. When I made the keyword a bit more specific, that often lead me to getting search results about televangelist Jim Bakker. (Yep, there’s two K’s in his last name.) If you were born in the U.S., you might have an idea on who Jim Bakker is. I honestly wasn’t familiar with him all that much. The one thing that I know of him was that he sold these big buckets of dried food that was meant to last a long time, like an apocalypse or whatever.

Turns out, it was a different Jim Baker altogether. But there isn’t really a lot of information that you could find about Jim Baker online. Like I said, you are bound get more results for the ones with two K’s in his last name.

Based on what I could, the beginnings for the seed that is Wealth With God started in 2011. Jim mentions that there was an “assault on healing.” Apparently, God talked to him and said that he should approach finances as he does with healing. So Jim went with that and started to prepare for a series of sermons that he was going to give. Initially, he planned it be a six-part series. He didn’t expect it to actually reach 18 parts. And somehow that series of sermons proved to be effective. And that was what lead Jim to create Wealth With God.

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What Is Wealth With God?

Wealth With God is a brand that Jim Baker made as a way to help people align themselves and their finances with God. The main thing that Jim Baker offers through Wealth With God is the “Kingdom Wealth Builders” course. This particular course is meant to help you “create the provision for your vision in 10 years or less.” Based on the headline when you go the funnel page for this course, this is meant to be a long-term commitment. A decade is a lot and I’m really curious how exactly you might go about it.

There are three levels to the Kingdom Wealth Builders course. The first level is called “Partner With God.” This level is meant to help you be able to “break fear off of your money and align finances with God.” I’m using a lot of quotations because that is verbatim what’s on the funnel page. And it’s just the first item on the checklist. This particular is pretty much just about creating a mindset with regards to how you approach your finances using your faith. They’re using some variation of the “law of attraction” for this level of the course.

The second level of the course is called “Increase Your Cash Flow.” It’s definitely one of the more straightforward-sounding part of the course. In this level, you learn how to “run your personal finances like Kingdom business.” (Yes, the K is capitalized.) Immediately, it doesn’t really sound all that straightforward. But I am also lacking some amount of context here. The more that I go through the checklist, the more that it seems that it’s really just about creating that mindset. What does “un-budget budget” even mean?

Wealth With God founder and pastor Jim Baker

The last level of the course is called “Invest to Multiply.” So, I guess you’re going to learn how to invest in something with the hopes that you get a return on it. Pretty much just regular investing. Based on the flowchart, it definitely seems that this part will probably involve you to create your own business or invest in real estate. As well as learn how manage your risks so that you don’t go back to square one.

The terminology is really what’s throwing me off with regards to the entire course. It just seems that the investing part is really how you build wealth for your kingdom. But you couldn’t really do that without having the mindset for it first. Without that mindset, it’s likely that you will just fall back in your usual routine.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of the course. There are two payment options that are available. You can either pay for the course in six easy payments of $394 or a one-time payment worth $1,994. This course is definitely on the more expensive side. Obviously, you will be paying more if you choose the installment option. Those six payments total to $2,364. It’s a difference of $370.

There are also a few bonuses that come with the course. One of them is a workbook for the “Find $1,000 in a Week Challenge.” Apparently, those that have tried this challenge managed to save an average of $1,330 without having to selling anything.

Then there are two bonus videos that are focused on mortgage payments and how to get paying customers without having a product. And if I had to guess, it has to do with setting up an funnel page and utilizing affiliate marketing. The other bonus is wealth plan templates. There’s one other bonus that doesn’t seem to be known for some reason.

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Final Verdict – Wealth With God Review

There nothing’s particularly noteworthy about Wealth With God and their Kingdom Wealth Builders course. It’s just a mesh between your usual motivational course and a sort of investment strategy course. I didn’t really expect that was what the course was going to be like. That being said, I can’t really say that I would recommend it to everyone.

The cost for the course is definitely that sticking point for me. $1,997 for a course as short as that doesn’t really make any sense. If it had been half of that, maybe it would’ve been a bit better? Though it’s still a lot of money for what you’re going to get. But it’s more par for the course with the cost of some of the other online trainings that I have seen. Still, I don’t really see that much potential from it.

It is interesting to note how one of the bonuses for the course is a video on how to generate income without having to build your own product. That could go either way, it’s either you’re providing your own skills to people that require it. Or that you’re going to to the affiliate marketing route and market the heck out of Kingdom Wealth Builders course because you earn a commission for every time somebody buys the course from your affiliate link.

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