Wealthery Review – Travis Stephenson Scam?

Wealthery Review - Travis Stephenson Scam?

Today we will be reviewing an online course known as The Simple Profit System of the Wealthery company. Is it legit? Find out in this review.

Amazon Influencer Program is a program designed by Amazon to allow social media influencers to earn money by promoting products on Amazon.

The key here is to upload a product review videos on Amazon that will appear on product pages. When a customer who saw your video purchased that product, that’s when you will get paid.

With that said, Travis Stephenson of Wealthery, had used this to his advantage by an online training course called The Simple Profit System where he reveals how you yourself can become an Amazon Influencer and make thousands of dollars as a passive income every month.

If you’re curious on how this all works, continue reading below.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Wealthery in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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Wealthery Reviews: Quick Details

  • Company: Wealthery
  • Founder: Travis Stephenson
  • Website Portal: https://www.wealthery.com/simple
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Online Training Program
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Recommendation: If you’re looking for a passive income, then this program is not for you. Also, I would not recommend doing business with Travis due to the several complaints about him.

Travis Stephenson

Wealthery Review - Travis Stephenson Scam?

Travis Scott Stephenson is an affiliate marketer who had been in the business for 14 years and the CEO of Wealthery.

He has built and sold six multi-million dollar ventures. Starting as a personnel manager in 2006, he later launched Magic Media for online courses and entered the tech world in 2018 with Chatmatic. Travis has received four awards for his expertise in affiliate and messenger marketing, helping 35,000 people build their digital marketing empires.

Apparently, not only that he created The Simple Profit System, he had also created other programs that claims to help make people passive online income. However, we do have mix reactions on both of his online courses and his very reputation. You can read more about him on a separate review here.


Wealthery Review - Travis Stephenson Scam?

When you search the company Wealthery, to be honest there isn’t that much of information about them. There is even no known website about them that are available to the public. If you click the link on the quick details part, it will route you to their portal where you have to log in first. Lucky for you, I took the liberty.

Wealthery was founded in 2017 and consists of a group of entrepreneur who all has a one goal in mind: to build growth in business, financials and relationships. They define wealth as an accumulation of these three areas which you will have to work on in order to actually “gain wealth”. In a nutshell, you can say that they are a networking, training and coaching platforms for entrepreneurs.


You have two options to choose from upon joining their program – yearly or monthly subscription.

Wealthery Review - Travis Stephenson Scam?

Based on my computation, when you opt for the yearly subscription, you would actually have less $500 in comparison to the monthly subscription which would go over $3500. Although both of them includes access to the following:

  • Creating content
  • Comment and reply on posts
  • Premium Content
  • Premium Events
  • Grant Status
  • Access to Wealthery Skills Training Portal
  • Access To Exclusive Group For Mastermind Members Only
  • Fly In Friday Access
  • Access To One Wealthery Live (After 3 Months)
  • Access To Insiders Practice Days Where You Watch Us Create New Income Streams
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls With Travis Every Wednesday At 3pm EST
  • Access To Wealthery Search Affiliate Course And Bonuses
  • Direct message other users

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My Favorite Program

The Simple Profit System

The Simple Profit System is one of Wealthery’s training courses that uses the Amazon Influencer Program to generate a sustainable passive income. With only 15-20 minutes a day, a mobile phone and purchasing a product on Amazon, Travis claims that you will have the opportunity to profit $20-$40K a month, for now. They are continuously developing this system to help people get 6 figures per month.

In this approach, there is no requirement for a website, prior experience, or being on camera. There is no need to handle calls, create an e-commerce store, or manage email communications. Notably, the strategy does not involve the use of paid ads, setting clear expectations in this regard.

How does it work?

If someone purchases a product after watching your review video, Amazon will pay you a commission. According to them, making these videos is easy, and uploading them to Amazon’s product listings is simple too. This is also where the Simple Profit System enters.

Main Training

In the main training, Travis shows you how this business stuff works. You’ll pick up tips on making killer video reviews, like figuring out the right length, nailing the title, and choosing eye-catching thumbnails to get people watching and buying.

Influencer Training

This training section is divided into two training videos:

  • Grow Your Page SIMPLY – in this video, you will be guided on creating a fan page, starting from zero followers and quickly reaching over 4,000 followers/likes in just a few days. This is achieved through the use of Facebook ads and by tapping into the potential of Facebook groups.
  • While, Going Viral For More Sales – gives you a blueprint for how to get more sales by creating viral Reels on Instagram, Facebook, and with YouTube Shorts.

Affiliate Basics

In this part, Travis walks you through how to jump on board as an affiliate for the Simplest Profits System. He spills the beans on the “Covert Influencer Method,” where you dish out useful content to your Facebook pals for free.

Travis suggests using Jasper.ai to whip up content that makes you look like a pro in your niche. Keep sharing the good stuff, and you’ll start pulling in followers and friend requests. Plus, the training dives into smart moves for using email marketing and Facebook ads to get more eyeballs on your affiliate offers.

Wealthery Pursuit Podcast

You will gain access to Travis’ podcast.


In addition, it is also noteworthy that if you want to get in on the Amazon Influencer action, you got to have somewhere between 1,000 and 1 million followers on your social media game before the commission checks start rolling in. The cash you rake in as an influencer is pretty much the same as what you’d pocket in the regular Amazon affiliate program.

So, whether you’re rocking the influencer title or just doing the affiliate thing, the pay setup stays the same. Bottom line: It’s all about growing a solid and active following on your socials to bank on those Amazon Influencer perks. That’s where the real earning magic happens as influencers use their sway to push products and snag those sweet commissions, just like the affiliate crew.


The program costs $97 with a 30-day money back guarantee. Included here are the 3 sections of the training: Main, Influencer and Affiliate.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


This system provides a step-by-step guide that suits everyone – no matter your budget, follower count, or experience level. It’s perfect for folks wanting some extra cash without diving into the whole 9-to-5 grind. The training module shows potential as well. Travis breaks it down in a way that’s easy to grasp, catering to users with different skill levels. It’s like getting expert advice without the confusing jargon.

Additionally, in order to have access to this system, you would still have to be a member of Wealthery where the cost is quite expensive.


Apparently, there is a deal: If you want this system to work, you gotta put in the time and effort to whip up digital products and drive traffic to your site. Real talk – Success ain’t a sure thing. It all comes down to how dedicated you are.

In reality, the Amazon influencer and affiliate game is a crowded space. To really shine, you really have to nail down effective targeting and bring your A-game with strategic marketing moves. It’s all about standing out in the midst of the competition.

Final Verdict –Wealthery Reviews

Both the Wealthery and The Simple Profit System does shows intriguing potential in the affiliate marketing world. However, even with the support you will be getting, being a part of Wealthery doesn’t seem to be for people who is on a tight budget.

Also, even though SPS is unlike other Travis’ program who can’t seem to be straightforward on how they can help you, taking advantage of Amazon Influencer Program cannot really provide a passive income. It is evident that you would still have to think of a one-of-a-kind content about a product that you will also have to purchase from Amazon, and have that video be seen and that product be bought because of your video to gain profit. Travis made it sound so simple when in reality, it is not.

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