What is PLR? And Why Should You Use It?

Today, I’ll be discussing what is PLR. As well as how to use it, and why it’s essential for your next online marketing campaign.

In internet marketing, there a popular quote: Content is King. Most of the time, high-quality web content is the deciding factor on whether your internet marketing campaign is successful or not.

But not all have the capable talent of creating the suitable content that their brand deserves. And this is especially true for newcomers to the internet marketing world.

And this is where PLR content comes into play. In this guide, you’ll find out what is PLR, as well as what it does. And you’ll also find out the value of PLR content, and the impact that it can cause on your internet marketing campaign.

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What is PLR Content?

What is PLR - Office Desk

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. It’s also usually classified as “Done-For-You”, or sometimes, “White Label” content.

Content under PLR means that the author selling it gives the rights to use, distribute, or even modify the content to the seller, for a price. The license may differ from each and content distributor, so it’s important that the buyer understands and agrees to whatever terms and conditions may apply before buying Private Label Rights content.

Once the license to the content is sold, the buyer is free to edit and even rebrand it as they see fit. The original owners won’t even bother going after the credit for the content (since the rights were sold already). In fact, most Private Label Rights content sellers disallow the use of their brand to buyers who purchased said content.

The buyer is also free to re-sell the PLR content in question, without any restrictions. However, it’s more advisable to first make changes to said content before re-selling it.

PLR content can come in various forms, including…

  • Articles
  • E-Books
  • Reports
  • Videos

Other types of PLR content available could include: Audiobooks, WordPress Plugins & Themes, etc.

Private Label Rights content can also be applied to real-world businesses, but for the sake of this discussion, we’ll only focus on the digital side of it.

Why Should You Use PLR Content?

What is PLR And Why Should You Use It: Victory

It’s Affordable

Especially if you’re just starting your own online business, you’ll definitely want to keep your costs down. But hiring freelancers to produce your content can be expensive. In order to alleviate some of the costs while not sacrificing content quality, purchasing PLR content is the best option. You can save plenty of your budget with this, allowing you to allocate it to what’s more important.

It’s Efficient

Aside from money, your time and energy are important when handling your business. And it’s not just creating content that you should attend to. You also have to observe your market, as well as attending to your clients. In any case, handling any number of these tasks at hand can be overwhelming.

But with PLR content, you got at least one of your major tasks done for you. Instead of spending a good chunk of your time coming up with suitable content from scratch, you can simply purchase PLR content and edit them according to your needs. This not only saves a lot of your precious energy, but also your time.

It’s Extensible

A great thing about most PLR content is that it’s flexible. That is, the same type of content that you have can be used in different scenarios and topics, and only some slight editing is needed to fit your needs. This same kind of extensibility means that not only you can use your purchased content online, but also offline, thus saving even more of your energy in deciding what content to use outside of online marketing.

It Keeps Your Activity High

Let’s face it. There WILL be times that you’re going to run out of content ideas for your business. But to attract more leads and keep them, keeping your content fresh and up-to-date is another important task that you should consider.

Again, PLR content can be helpful in these circumstances. Instead of struggling for new ideas, you can simply use the PLR content that you have as a foundation for new publishing ideas. Again, this also helps in saving you even more time and effort for your business so you can do more things efficiently.

Most Are Of High Quality

If you know your sources well, PLR content is usually of higher quality. That’s because they’re made by experts whose sole job is to produce that type of content for others. Though there are some situations wherein the quality of certain PLR content doesn’t live up to even the basic standards set in content creation (more on that later), most of the time, high quality is guaranteed. This is pretty useful, especially if you don’t have the needed skills for content creation, and you can compensate for it by buying and using PLR content.

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Downsides Of PLR Content

What is PLR And Why Should You Use It: Disagreement

Despite the numerous benefits of PLR content, there are still some disadvantages when using it.

Plagiarism Risks

Some PLR content sellers don’t actually create their own content. Rather, they just outsource them to third parties, or even in some cases, THEY themselves purchase other PLR content from OTHER sites. Unfortunately, even with the best online plagiarism detection tools available, there’s still no guarantee that the content being sold is plagiarism-free.

This creates a risk to some businesses who bought the PLR content, should the content in question is indeed, breaking some plagiarism laws. If said content is plagiarized and appears on YOUR website, labeled with YOUR name on it, then the legal threats will of course be directed to your business.

Duplicate Content Issues

More than likely, the PLR content that you’ll have will have identical duplicates all over the internet. That’s because said PLR content is usually sold to multiple businesses with the same interest. If search engines recognize the content and find a number of duplicates of it around, it could impact your website SEO rankings negatively.

Fortunately, PLR content sellers are using methods to mitigate this problem, such as limiting the number of licenses that they can sell to multiple parties, thus liting the number of copies circulating. Besides, you can also easily avoid this problem by making extensive edits to your purchased PLR content.

Low-Quality Content

The nature of PLR content as a “Done-For-You” service means that there is still some content that isn’t on par with even the basic standards. These can contain grammatical and punctuation errors, and you’ll have to spend some time editing them to correct those mistakes. Sometimes, the quality of the content can be so poor, that there’s no choice but to just completely scrap it (which is a waste of time and money).

Furthermore, some PLR content sellers sell their content in “packs”, which can make the contents unseen, thus preventing some buyers from checking the quality of said content.

The Solution?

Fortunately, all of these drawbacks can easily be mitigated by purchasing your PLR content of choice from reputed sellers, which you can find out by watching this video right here.

PLR Content Types

What is PLR And Why Should You Use It - Content

PLR products can also come into several types, and being aware of them can help you in deciding what content and information that you should include on your website.


PLR articles are the most versatile type of content that you can use. You can borrow some excerpts from it and make a video or a podcast out of it. Combine several articles together and you can create a single e-book. Take out bits and pieces of the text and use them to create some posts for social media engagement. And of course, you can simply revise them a bit and post the revised article as-is. The only limitation to this is only the business owner’s imagination.


E-books are one of the most common types of PLR content you’ll find, and the ones that you’ll most likely get. The information contained in the relevant e-book can be used in a variety of user-generated content. You can also revise the text included, add some media (images or even videos) of your own, and now you got your own re-packaged e-book. Sometimes, these PLR e-books can also contain extras like sales pages and the like, basically providing all your business content needs.


The versatility of PLR videos may be somewhat limited for someone who has little technical knowledge, compared to text-based PLR content. But nevertheless, it’s one of the most powerful PLR content types there is. PLR video tutorials are usually one of the most attractive content that you can include on your website. Audiences can understand a certain process better in video form than in a text-based form. So including a PLR video tutorial on your webpage will certainly improve on generating leads for your business.


PLR reports carry the same kind of versatility as articles. You can create a sales page by adjusting the report as needed. Build your e-mail list by giving away your report. Or with some editing and tweaking, you can also re-sell the report.

All of these types of PLR content can be re-branded to suit your business needs, and here’s how you can do it:


Creating content is one of the most important tasks when you’re running an online business. And keeping it updated, while maintaining a regular schedule, is the key to keeping your leads and hopefully converting them into sales.

Therefore, there are really no ethical barriers to think of if you’re going to use PLR content instead of creating your own, as long as you’re using it within the terms of the license. While hiring freelancers to create original content for you is still effective to ensure that the content in question isn’t duplicated or plagiarized, it isn’t really practical for newer business owners, especially if they’re starting from scratch. Therefore, PLR is the best solution to this.

I hope that after discussing what is PLR, you’ll be able to formulate a good and effective content strategy for your online business. But if you want to further improve your skills as an online marketer, and earn more passive income, look no further.

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