WiFi Wealth Review – Brycen & Jerrika Cox Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about WiFi Wealth. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I have seen a fair share of products and services that revolve around Amazon. You’re bound to find a service or training program dedicated to some facet of the Amazon ecosystem. Considering that Amazon earns a billions of dollars a year, it makes sense that a bunch of other people had the idea of helping budding entrepreneurs make sense of the platform.

There are a couple of ways that you could earn money through Amazon. The most common one is setting up a seller profile. A lot of people have their own products to sell. Considering that a ton of people buy products off Amazon, it makes sense for them to sell their products there. But there are challenges to that. One such thing is delivery fulfillment.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon offers their own fulfillment service, aptly named “Fulfillment By Amazon.” A handful of different companies such as WiFi Wealth offer their services related to it. But what exactly does their service entail? I sort of have an idea of what kind of benefits you get from availing a similar service. Though there’s still a lot that could differ among them. Maybe they have a specific benefit that other companies don’t.

Still, I hadn’t really heard of WiFi Wealth before this. So maybe there’s something to services that weren’t in the ones I have reviewed before.

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WiFi Wealth Review: Quick Details

  • Name: WiFi Wealth
  • Founders: Brycen Cox and Jerrika Cox
  • Website: https://wifiwealth.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Done-for-you management service; training program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: While the service that Brycen and Jerrika offer through WiFi Wealth may seem like a good investment, it’s difficult to guarantee that you will the same success as other people when it comes to running storefront inside the Amazon platform. It takes a bit of time to make any e-commerce business profitable. And I don’t think running a storefront inside Amazon is for everybody.

Who Are Brycen and Jerrika Cox?

A screenshot of a video featuring WiFi Wealth founders Brycen Cox and Jerrika Cox

There isn’t that much you can find about with regards to Brycen Cox. I did manage to find a press release about what WiFi Wealth does. Just know that Brycen was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. It seems that he managed to live a pretty okay life. And that’s pretty much it.

Jerrika Cox has a bit more of a backstory compared to Brycen. She also grew up in Seattle but, in her case, it was within the foster care system. Her upbringing didn’t really seem to have hindered her from trying to do what’s best for her. She was able to get a full-ride scholarship to a private university in Seattle. Eventually, she graduated and went on to work at a law firm. Though, she did work as accountant for that firm.

At some point throughout all of this, she had met Brycen. And pretty much after that, they became a couple. Jerrika was doing okay at her job. But she felt that she could be doing a lot more instead of just a desk job. She managed to save money for herself that she then went to invest in a business venture.

It wasn’t without hardships. A bunch of her ventures didn’t really work out as well as she had hoped. Though it didn’t really seem to stop her. Brycen seems to be involved with this business too. But Jerrika seems to be the mastermind of it all. She was able to discover Amazon’s fulfillment service and the rest was probably history.

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What Is WiFi Wealth?

I am actually kind of curious why Brycen and Jerrika decided to name their company WiFi Wealth. It sort of makes sense why they would name it that. You know, since Wi-Fi is a way of connecting wirelessly to the internet. And you can earn money through whatever means on the internet. I guess it also sounds good? Alliteration and all that.

There are two specific niches that Brycen and Jerrika focus on. Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service and social media management. For the most part, the money is really on the side of selling products through Amazon more than it is with social media platforms like Instagram.

WiFi Wealth basically offers a consultation and management service where they can help you run a storefront on Amazon that uses Amazon’s fulfillment service. Fulfillment is a big part of running any kind of e-commerce business. For the most part, business owners can handle the fulfillment of the orders for their shops by themselves. But it involves a lot of coordination with third-party delivery partners.

So when you choose to use WiFi Wealth’s management service, you’re basically paying them to establish a storefront for you within the Amazon seller platform. There are a lot of steps that you need to in order to sign up with their seller platform. I guess with Brycen and Jerrika’s experience, they know exactly what you need to set up an account and handle all of the logistics that surround it.

They don’t really mention the pricing for their services. You will need to schedule a call with them to know the price. Though, based on reviews of other similar services, you’re going to spend a few thousand dollars on it.

Let’s Talk About Fulfillment Services

A screenshot of a video featuring WiFi Wealth co-founder Brycen Cox

Like I said in the previous section, fulfillment services is something that you will need for your e-commerce business. There are so many steps involved in order fulfillment that it can be daunting to a lot of budding entrepreneurs. You really need to be on top of everything that happens in your business. Especially when it comes to actually sending your products to your customers.

There are different ways of doing order fulfillment. But it depends on the scale of your business. Most e-commerce sellers out there often use third-party fulfillment services or whatever the fulfillment service that the platform provides. In this case, Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service.

When you sign for Amazon’s fulfillment service, the main thing you have to do is to procure the items you’re going to sell and deliver it directly to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. By signing up to their fulfillment service, you’re basically letting them handle most of the logistics when it comes to sending the package to the customers. You basically don’t have to worry all that much about handling returns and exchanges. Amazon will do that for you. You’re mostly going to have to procure the products that your store sells.

Still, it’s a lot of work to maintain inventory for your products. Especially if a bunch other stores also offer the same products. Some choose to lower the price of those products a bit. Though that will leave competitors to also lower their prices. And it goes on and on. There’s no point of even selling something at such a steep discount.

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Final Verdict – WiFi Wealth Review

I do not recommend the services that WiFi Wealth provides. Considering that they don’t mention a baseline for how much their services cost, it’s hard to fully commit to their services. Although, if any of my previous Amazon FBA services reviews are to go by, they cost a few thousand dollars. It seems par for the course with other similar companies.

WiFi Wealth doesn’t really seem to offer anything different from the competitors. So you’re really fine with any of the other choices. I am always often curious about which shops on Amazon are the ones that they helped manage. Sure, there are testimonials on their website from satisfied clients. But I really want to see what exactly those shops look like. Just so people have the idea of what they are going to get into.

It’s definitely harder to get into e-commerce nowadays compared to previous years. Nothing about the process has changed all that much. But you’re facing a lot of competition with other stores inside the same platform. Sometimes you’re selling a product that they also sell. There’s likely to be a fight on who can sell the product the cheapest while also making money out of it.

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That’s it for my review of WiFi Wealth. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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