Without Fear Of Her Future Masterclass Reviews

Today, we are going to talk about the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

The world of real estate investing often feels like it’s a male-dominated field. When you search for videos about it on YouTube, you often get a lot of videos about it from men. There are a few videos from women that pop up when you search for it. But it’s often after five or so videos from their male counterparts. Even the results that show up on Google are often from men.

I guess that’s why the name Tresa Todd didn’t really ring any bells for me. It took a bit of digging around to find more about her. Despite establishing the Women’s Real Estate Investor Network, her name doesn’t pop up immediately when you just search for “women real estate investors.” And those four words are in the name of the organization.

I wouldn’t really have know much about WREIN or the Without Fear of Her Future masterclass if people hadn’t told me. Something like this would have showed up within the first few results, right? But there are other similar organizations that already ahead of hers. They seem to have played the SEO game better than hers.

But what does Tresa Todd’s masterclass entail? How is it better than the ones that are higher up in the search results? If you were looking for an overview of it, you have come to the right place.

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Without Fear Of Her Future Masterclass Review: Quick Details

  • Founder: Tresa Todd Lugten
  • Website: https://withoutfearofherfuture.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: Despite the cheap cost and the short length of the program, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful after finishing the program.

Who Is Tresa Todd?A screenshot featuring Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass founder Tresa Todd

If we are only basing it on her biography on the Women’s Real Estate Investor Network website, Tresa Todd’s journey into real estate investing began when her two sons started their own journey. Usually, when a family becomes involved in a certain field, the parents are the ones who set up the business. It’s up to the children if they want to follow up in their parent’s footsteps. Somehow, it was the other way around.

Her biography mentions that she spent more than two decades in the medical field prior to becoming a real estate investor. But they never mention exactly what she did. I think this type of vagueness happens when a personality has reached a certain level of success. They could be tight-lipped about certain facets of their life prior to this part of their career.

Her LinkedIn profile tells a slightly different story. From 2005 up until early 2018, Tresa Todd—though in this case, she goes by Tresa Lugten—was a Christian motivational speaker. There’s nothing particularly wrong about sharing the word of God to other people. She had a lot of experience speaking to a lot of people. It makes sense that her skill would translate to other topics. Also during those years, she and her husband Bret Lugten hosted marriage retreats. But it only lasted three years.

None of her previous experience indicate that she worked in the medical field.

Getting Into Real Estate Investing

After spending years in Florida, Tresa Todd and her family moved back to Texas. At that point, Tresa was contemplating about her retirement. It seemed that her savings weren’t really enough to last for more than a few years. That was when her sons persuaded her to get into real estate investment.

Getting into any new industry or field is often a challenge. But considering that Tresa had her sons to lean on to, it didn’t prove to be too difficult. She tried to learn as much as she can on her own. And that involved her to go to different conferences to mingle and learn from her fellow real estate investors.

Like I mentioned previously, real estate investing is a male-dominated field. There are a handful of women who are real estate investors. But for the most part, you’ll see a lot more men in these kinds of events than women. There’s not really much of a barrier to entry for women. It’s just that men outnumber them.

That made her realize that there’s definitely some potential for her to introduce a lot more women to the field. So she and her sons pretty much started to organize talks around the Dallas area. There was no guarantee that there would be women who’d be interested in getting into real estate investing. Turns out, there were a lot of them.

The next couple of months was pretty much just scaling up those events. Considering that she had a few women putting what they learned to use, the number of attendees just grew larger. Then, the pandemic happened.

Establishing The Network

Since it was hard to do events with a large number of people, Tresa decided to conduct those events through Zoom. And it seems she had gotten a lot more participants through those virtual sessions than through in-person events. It makes sense, though. Not everyone has the money to travel to wherever the events are being held. Especially for a week-long training program.

Even then, the Women’s Real Estate Investor Network was already a few years old. The virtual masterclass was definitely a step in the right direction in scaling up. That’s how Tresa was able to create the Without Fear of Her Future masterclass.

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What Exactly is the Without Fear of Her Future Masterclass?

The Without Fear of Her Future masterclass is a week-long program that Tresa Todd and WREIN organize every month. It will go through the basics of starting a career in real estate investing. All of the classes will be conducted live. But recordings of those classes will still be available to view on a private Facebook group for participants.

The cost for the masterclass is surprisingly cheap. But considering that the masterclass is done virtually, you shouldn’t really expect it to be too expensive. Still, the masterclass costs $17. That’s the cheapest I have seen from any training program.

Based on the screenshots included on the landing page, the class seems to be about house flipping. It’s not a particularly new thing in the real estate investment market. A lot of people are into flipping houses. And I guess that’s the reason why it’s the perfect entryway into real estate investing.

House flipping refers to a strategy wherein you buy a property with the intention of selling it for a profit. The properties are often in bad shape. Hence, why a lot of them go for cheap. In order to sell them for a higher price, you have to renovate the property to adhere to the building codes. It takes a lot of time and money to do a successful flip.

Once you flipped a house, you’re going to need to sell the property. Some properties often get sold at asking price. While others get sold for higher. But it depends on how many bids you get for the property. The goal is to sell it for more than the asking price. That’s how you make a profit.

With the money you got from selling that property, you basically buy another property and start over.

The BRRRR Method

A similar strategy that Tresa Todd teaches in the masterclass is the BRRRR method. BRRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat.

The first two steps of that method is similar to regular house flipping. You buy a distressed property below the market value and then rehabilitate it. In regular house flipping, once you’ve sold the property, it’s sold.

That’s where the second R comes into play: Rent. It’s pretty straightforward. You just rent out the property that you just rehabilitated. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. You have to make sure that your would-be renter is financially sound. It may seem like a lot to ask. But without it, you can’t really go to the next step.

The next R is refinance. You’re basically going to refinance the equity of the property based on its current value. Considering that you’ve managed to renovate the property, its value would have gone up. You’re basically going to use that money you get from that equity to buy another property to rehabilitate. That’s where the last R comes into play. You do it all again.

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Final Verdict – Without Fear Of Her Future Masterclass Review

A screenshot featuring WREIN founder Tresa Todd

Despite the cheap cost of joining the masterclass and the length of the course, it’s definitely not a bad idea to join the masterclass. But applying the things that you will probably learn from it is a whole other thing.

It takes a bit of time before you start earning the kind of money that you’d purportedly earn from real estate. Nobody going into the industry has a high success rate at the start. The market changes a lot depending on multiple factors. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find immediate if you start now.

Real estate investing takes a lot of money and effort to do well. You’re purchasing a property financed through a mortgage you took from a bank. The cost will go up as you get into the renovation. Every single part of the renovation needs money. You can’t really expedite the process because you’re working under the laws of the state.

The process is never going to be easy. It really depends on how much you want to succeed in it. You’re bound to have failures a long the way. But it’s hard to recommend real estate investing as a way to make money consistently.

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