Workshopper Master Review – AJ&Smart Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Workshopper Master. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I have seen a lot of different training programs out here on the internet. Most of the time, those training programs supposedly lean to a career that earns a decent amount of money. E-commerce, real estate, you name it. There’s bound to be a training program related to that.

There are a decent amount of people who love to learn new things. Sometimes they just want to try out a new hobby. But often that hobby involves a bit of more technical knowledge. Some people read resources first before putting that knowledge into use. While others learn as they do a trial and error.

I was surprised to learn that were people who learn how to become a facilitator for a workshop. That was somehow a thing that exist. There are places where you go to learn how to become one. One of those places was AJ&Smart’s Workshopper Master program. It was the first time I had heard of that training program. But the company that created it is well known among different brands.

Still, why would somebody want to learn how to facilitate a workshop? But then I remember that there are companies who do a lot of workshops between different departments. There was an audience for that sort of thing. But is it something that ordinary people could take?

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Workshopper Master Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Workshopper Master
  • Founder: Jonathan Courley
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Workshops
  • Recommendation: This training program isn’t really targeted towards people who aren’t involved in any relevant departments for a decent-sized company. The free training video that they provide on the website gives a good overview of what the rest of the program will be. But the lack of transparency regarding its price may turn off a lot of interested individuals.

Who Is Jonathan Courtney?

A screenshot featuring Workshopper Master founder Jonathan Courtney

The existence of AJ&Smart, and subsequently the Workshopper Master program, involved a guy named Jonathan Courtney.

Jonathan started his career after graduating with a degree in digital media production. He moved to Berlin, Germany because he wanted to become a filmmaker. It makes sense that he would choose to pursue a career related to the course that he took up. That production course involved a lot of other mediums, but filmmaking was the one that he liked the best.

His first few months in Berlin had him working different jobs during production for a bunch of different projects. He ran the gamut of every single production job that there is available to do. Since he was a jack of all trades, he also did a little bit of design work as a side hustle.

Eventually, he decided to take up a full-time job that pays enough for his rent. He would still pursue filmmaking. But it was mostly after work. His job was at a tech company. And one of his jobs entailed UX design. That wasn’t something that he learned in his course. But he still managed to do his work at the company. That was when he slowly got interested in product design.

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The Start of AJ&Smart

During his time at the company, he met Michael Smart. Michael was a freelance designer at the company. He mentioned that he had a client who wanted to do a project with him. Jonathan was on board and suggested that they make a pitch for it. Jonathan and Michael decided to call up Alex, who was a bass player in Jonathan’s band. He was apparently learning how to code.

Somehow, they managed to get the project after the pitch. That lead to Jonathan and Michael quitting their jobs to work on this project. It was sort of a good idea because that project took a lot out of them. But the high that they were feeling from doing the work just made them enjoy it even more. That was basically the start of AJ&Smart.

Jonathan mentions that the real reason that they started a company was that their client didn’t want to pay them three separate invoices. So that’s why they decided to form a company of sorts. But once it was established, there wasn’t any reason for them to disband quickly. Maybe they could find more projects as AJ&Smart.

AJ&Smart pretty much became a traditional design firm. They took on a lot of different clients. The process would always be the same. They would start of getting ideas from the client on what they might want to see on the project. The team at AJ&Smart would do it. They’d show them their work. But the client doesn’t like. They reiterate. The same thing happens.

They kind of grew tired of having to do revision after revision after revision. The start was the best part of the process for them, unsurprisingly.

AJ&Smart Makes a Shift

Jonathan and Michael decided to attend a conference in Portugal. The conference, according to Jonathan, was poorly organized. But there was this specific talk that sort of got their attention. It was a talk about planning a development cycle. After the conference, Jonathan and Michael grabbed a drink and talked about how they could apply what they learned for how to begin their projects. That was when “applied user story mapping” was born.

They decided to try with one of their clients. The client seemed to have enjoyed the work that they did. Jonathan and Michael decided to learn more about design thinking. They went to workshops. You know, the usual learning process.

They tried out selling design thinking workshops to one of their clients. And that was when AJ&Smart became the company that it is now.

The Start of Workshopper Master

It took a few years before the team at AJ&Smart launched the Workshopper Master program. They mostly stuck with working on clients first, refining the strategy that they used to conduct the workshops with them. You sort of find the best bits and stick with it. There’s always an evolution that happens when you create something. What it is at the beginning is not what it is at the end.

The name pretty much explains what it is. It’s a training program that helps people become a greater workshop facilitator. That’s pretty much what the program is. I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s a program that is targeted more towards people who are in positions at a company that requires them to handle workshops. It doesn’t matter what departments you’re in. There’s a chance where your department conducts a meeting on a certain. And those meetings are often disorganized. Nobody gets to the point of the meeting quickly.

Considering that AJ&Smart has worked with companies like Netflix, Google, Twitter (before you-know-who bought it), Uber and Slack, you sort of get the idea on who might be the main audience for the program. I mean, anybody can join the program. There’s something great about having the new skills to master. Even if there’s no use for it yet.

The program doesn’t just stop at learning how to start your own workshop. They also teach you how to sell those workshops to clients like how AJ&Smart does it. You’re also learning a bit of marketing on the side.

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Final Verdict – Workshopper Master Review

I definitely recommend that you watch the free one-hour training video that they link to on their website. You sort of get the idea of why something like facilitation skills is a great skill to have if you work at a corporate job. It’s also good in a lot of other instances.

The main problem that I have with this program isn’t related to the content of it. It’s that they don’t tell you how much it costs up-front. There’s an FAQ section at the bottom of the page. But there’s no mention of the price. Does no one ask them frequently how much the training program costs? That seems doubtful. You will need to schedule a call with them to learn how much it costs. But considering that some of the testimonials mention five-digit amounts, you’re probably bound to earn it back fairly quickly.

There’s definitely a use case for the skills that you’ll learn through the program. But it still depends on you if you want to learn it. There’s a few resources on the Workshopper website that could be a good place to start.

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That’s it for my review of Workshopper Master. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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