WorldVentures Review – Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam Mlm?[Review]

worldventures review

Hello and welcome to my worldventures review.

The name itself is very exciting..

But can you make money by selling worldventures or not?Or worldventures a pyramid scheme or not?

We will talk about all of that in detail.

This review is going to be 3000+ words with videos and links proofs.

First thing first,I am not associated with worldventures by any means and will not try to sell you worldventures in this article.

In Fact,this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

Let’s talk about it..

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WorldVentures Review

Worldventures is a multi level marketing company which focuses on giving people an opportunity to travel by buying their membership and earn points towards their trips.

This mlm company was founded back in 2005 and expanded to over 34 markets worldwide.More than half a million people are involved in this multi level marketing company.

This tells very clearly the progress of worldventures.

I have reviewed multi level marketing companies like world ventures which were inteletravel and evolution travel.

There is not such a big difference among them.

The main difference is that inteletravel focuses less on recruiting then worldventures.

Now,worldventures provides everyday people an opportunity to make money by selling its membership to others.

At the same time they also offer people packaged trips and vacations.

Here is a 2 second video for you,which will explain worldventures.

Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme

This is really a big warning for anybody who wants to join worldventures.Worldventures has features of pyramid schemes.

What this means is that people are making money by selling its membership to others.

pyramid schemes

This is why this mlm is banned from most of the countries in Asia,they think that worldventures is a pyramid scheme.Countries like Norway.

Now,you may be thinking what the hack is in this pyramid scheme/Ok,let me explain this..

I have reviewed almost 300 multi level marketing companies and the most common question is this,and here is the answer.

In pyramid schemes,the only way to make money from the company is by selling its membership to others.

People joins mlms and they only focus on selling it’s membership and heavily recruiting others into it.And people at the top make most money.

On the other hand,multi level marketing companies are completely different.

In mlms,you are making money and also selling them physical products.This is a win,win for you and the person that bought the’s that simple.

So,the key from this explanation is that in mlm you are making money by recruiting+selling physical products.And in pyramid schemes,the only way to make money is by recruiting.

Also worldventures do not have any kind of physical products.

It is very important to know whether worldventures is a pyramid scheme or not.Because pyramid scheme are illegal in most of the countries including the USA.

Most of the times they are headed by scammers who have no intentions other then to make money themselves.

Just today,a pyramid scheme got exposed in Chine,Onebitcoin.

they made $2 billions in record time…Success

Both of the owners of this pyramid schemes are headed to the jail.FAILURE!

Now here are my two pennies..why not ask the person who is trying to recruit you?

These are the two question you can ask them..

First one is that how much they are making from retail sales.If they are making less then 50% from retail sales then worldventures can be a pyramid scheme.

Second question to ask is ‘how many people they have recruited under them?’

If they have recruited more then 5 people in their donwline then it can be a pyramid scheme.

Because FTC only allows maximum of 5 people to recruit.

Success Rate In Worldventures

Now,when you join mlm companies,the most money makers are the top 1%.All other 99% are just wasting their time and money too.

I reviewed mlms that are pyramid schemes and people do not know this,worldventures can be one of them.

I have a question for you.Do you know that 73% to 99% that join MLM companies end up losing their hard earned money?

And these numbers are not different in worldventures too.

Worldventures income disclosure is no different to my research.According to them,almost 86% of people that join worldventures do not earn a single penny or bonuses.

And the amazing fact about those who are making money with worldventures,93% of them earned less than $3000/year.

What this means is that they are making $270/month.Looks exciting?

I think this amount of money can not give you financial freedom either.

In simple words,success is very rare at worldventures.

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How Worldventures Works

How does it work?

Now worldventures offer everyday people with 2 opportunities when you buy their membership.

First one is to win points and bonuses to get rewards and packaged trips or vacations designed by worldventures.

Also you have to manage your flights yourself and deal with these kinds of things.

Also you can sell their membership to others and can make commissions on it.

While writing this,I think it is becoming more of a pyramid scheme.

WorldVentures Trips And Services

Here are the services that you are selling to others if you are willing to join worldventures.


Worldventures gives huge numbers of dreamtrips like the one below.

Now,one thing that is worth noticing is that they are not including flights booking in this.Also they are not giving you accommodation.

So,I have reviewed many multi level marketing companies which provide you with these facilities unlike world ventures.These were Ibummerang and Inteletravel.

WorldVentures Dream Trips Memberships

There are two kinds of memberships which worldventures provide..

worldventures reviews
  1. Gold Dreamtrips($200 one time and 50 bucks a month)
  2. Silver Dreamtrips($300 one time plus 100 bucks a month)

Some of the benefits that worldventures are giving people are?

  • Access to all dream trips and voluntour managed by worldventures
  • Extra facilities in dream trips such as hosts,excursion and activities
  • Airfare discounts
  • Dreamtrips Rewards
  • Rateshrinker
  • Travel deals
  • Dreamtrips mall
  • Dining and entertainment discounts
  • Flight accident Insurance

What the *** Is this?Sorry for that,but it looks like garbage to me.What they are giving?

Nothing.Just all the stuff that is not associated with traveling.I have traveled a lot and these are the things which i need always’

  • Travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Food
  • Accomodation

Worldventures are giving none of these things in these memberships.So,in my opinion these memberships are just a waste of money and time.

Nonetheless,here is a two minute video which can help you understand it in a better way.

How To Make Money With Worldventures

Like any other mlm company out there,there are two ways to make money from worldventures..

First one is to earn money by selling its membership to others.

Second one is to recruit people under you and whenever they recruit you will make money again.

How Much It Costs To Join Worldventures?

You have to pay them $100 to become their distributor.

But for seeing their benefits and what this company is offering to people that you are referring to,you have to buy their $200 and $300 membership packages.

Now,here is one thing I want to clear before moving forward.

worldventures fee

They are charging you $100.For what?Nothing.They are just charging you money to enroll in this company.

I have reviewed hundreds of mlms,and they all charge money for becoming their distributor.But you know what is different with them?

They provide training and marketing programs in exchange.So,it’s a win win for both of you.

Not in worldventures.They are just charging money for becoming their distributor.In Fact this cost does not end here..

WorldVentures Monthly Cost

You know what’s funny with worldventures,you have to pay them $20 a month to remain their distributors.

Yes,just to remain their distributor.

worldventures monthly cost

Other then this you have to keep paying them $200,$300/month on the base of membership level you chose.

So,the overall cost to join worldventures is as below..

Let’s say you choose their platinum membership and join worldventures as a distributor then you have to pay them $520 one time fee.

Here is the total cost for the first one month to join worldventure,

  • $520
  • $120 multiply by 12

Total cost to join world ventures for the first year is = $1960

It’s nearly a $2k/year investment.Now,this investment is very low as compared to starting a brick and mortar business.

Brick and mortar will cost you $100k,but you know chances of you making profit in this business is almost 99%.Got my point?

Worldventure Support

Here is the support that you are going to get inside worldventures.

  • Guidance from sponsor – The person who recruits you into this company will guide you to recruit others.
  • Worldventure advantage – If you buy their platinum membership,they are going to guide you in everything.With video and audios help.
  • Quickcoach – You are going to help others and coach them to make money from worldventures.
  • Live Events – $30 to $300 for a live ticket training.Which in my opinion is very motivating.
  • Website – You will be given your own website,which you will show to your audience,or let me say to your potential customers while selling worldventures.
  • Worldventure Dreamtrips Apps – In this you are going to get an app where you can download or watch your training from mobiles.

Here is a video explaining advantage programs.

Here is another 2 minutes video explaining quickcoach.

But the real question is how much you can make with Worldventures?

Worldventures Compensation Plan

All mlms which I reviewed have complex compensation plan.Or maybe they do this thing intentionally?

Well,worldventures is not different from them too.

Worldventures has one of the most complex compensation plan among the mlms I reviewed.

worldventures compensation plan

I have spent quite a fair amount of time in reading and understanding their compensation plan,so here it is..

  1. Direct Commission – Commission you are going to make on your direct sales.It is totally based on which rank you are in.
  2. 3 Customer Bonus – If you managed to get 3 customers then you will be able to get this bonus.
  3. Lifestyle Bonus – You are able to get this bonus when you reach 3-5 active members and get $1600-$4000 in ales.Commission you will? make will be around $200-$1000.
  4. Weekly Bonus – Need 4 customers sponsored + 3 sales credit on your left and right leg = $100.Now,I have read many reviews on worldventures of people claiming that they do not pay on time and accurately.
  5. Monthly Residual Commissions – Same as above but extra $10-15 bonus in it.
  6. Dreamcar Bonus – $1000 to 1500 bucks when you reach a certain rank.And to achieve that rank you need to have 3000+ active members and they are consist making sales worth $35000.Forget about it.To me this mlm looks like iBummerang.This means that it is one of mlms which is asking more and more from their distributor instead of caring and giving them something back too.
  7. Dreamhome Bonus – Same as above but in this you will need an extra $3000+ sales.And with that you will get $3000 cash.
  8. TrainingDollars – Earn points to make it to future live events managed by the company itself.

Do not get yourself confused.All you need to know is two things.

First one is to recruit others into this mlm business model.

Recruit others into worldventures membership levels.

Here is a detailed video on their compensation plan.

Also here is a very detailed compensation plan of worldventures.Or you can read this 4 page compensation plan list.

Is WorldVentures A Scam?

Well,worldventures looks to be a scam.They are trapping people into this business model as a mlm company.But for me it is more likely a pyramid scheme.But at the end,I can not call it a scam.

This is because you can eventually make money from it.By selling this company to others.There are lots of plus points in worldventures.

They are also offering some valuable things to others.Worldventures also pay their representatives and have a good background.

But I do not like worldventures for many reasons.Here are some of the things which I like and things which I disliked in worldventures..

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Things I Liked In WorldVentures

Low success rate does not mean that this company does not have good points.Here are those ones..

Proven Company

It is a proven company and had been in the scene for almost 16 years.It was also featured in top 700 mlm companies according to inc.

worldventures scam

People are actually making money from it.I have read that someone is making $5000/month with worldventures.

Instead I call it a claim,because they can be worldventures distributors?This means that their reviews are always biased.

Positive Review

I have spent a fair amount of time researching reviews for worldventures.

There are so many positive reviews of this travel mlm on trust pilot and customer affairs.

There were also negative reviews,but most of them were positive.Here is the screenshot of them.

worldventures complaints

Now,again I advise you not to fall for these reviews.Because I have reviewed many mlms which hired people just to give these reviews.

Best way to know the merits and demerits of a company is to enroll in it.


Worldventures give some of its revenue to charity.Not most of the mlms do this thing.Honestly it is very impressive to me.

Now,let’s talk about things which I hate in this mlm company.

Things I Disliked In Worldventures

There are many things which I disliked in worldventures,here are the main ones..

Low Income Potential

Whatever mlm you join,the main question is whether you can earn good money in it or not?

Whether after joining this network marketing company,you can pay your bills or not?

I have very bad news for you.If you want financial freedom and want to make good money,then worldventures is not for you.

But if you are someone who is a traveler and already earning $10k/month then it can be fun.

Let’s talk about worldventures income potential.

worldventures income potential

They have 58,000 representatives and the average person makes $354.Just Wow!

Now,if you compare it to the amount of money you are going to invest,it’s $1960 for the first year.That’s $180/month.There are many upsells too.

Which I can not exactly explain.Why?because I do not join this mlm.

These reviews are based on my research of hours and hours.

As you can see from the screenshot that an average person lost $1605 in 2019.

The stats are actually a warning for anyone trying to join this mlm company.

As you can see from the screenshot,it is very clear that only 15% distributors are actually making money from it.On top of it,1 in 1000 are making over $35000/year.

worldventures scams

What this means?This means that chances of you making $2800/month with worldventures is 1 in 1000.Forget it?

Monthly Cost

On their compensation plan,they say that you will get membership for free if you recruit 4 active members under you.

It is not true.This is the screenshot which I found.

Actually you have to keep paying them $199 for their membership.


Plus $20/month to remain active.Other then this,deal with upsells.

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

Worldventures is a pyramid scheme in disguise.It has many features that a pyramid scheme contains.

Well,I am not the only person who is saying this,many mlm companies claim that and Lottery Authority also found worldventures a pyramid scheme.

Why are so many people saying it is a pyramid scheme?

There are many reasons behind it..

Main reason is that this company is all about recruiting,recruiting and recruiting,

  • You need to recruit 4 members to get free membership.(This is what they claim)
  • 8 out of 9 ways to make money from worldventures is from recruiting others into it.
  • All the support inside the system will help you recruit more and more peeps.

You know that most people do not make money in pyramid schemes?Well,you have to recruit others after knowing that they are going to lose this money.Ahh?

Expensive Trips

There are many complaints about their trips.

They charge money for nothing.Yes,it’s true that they charge money from people who want to enjoy their life.

As I said earlier that it looks like one mlm company,which is here to grab your money from different ways.

That’s it.

Negative Review

There are many negative reviews on best company from the people who had been ripped by this mlm company.Here is a screenshot if this?

Google Trends

Final nail in the coffin found in google trends..

worldventures google

This company is getting down and down on google.It looks like that this company is at its end.Why?Pyramid Scheme features.

It’s definitely an alarm for many people who are looking to join worldventures.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

  • Almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money,According to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business? than joining these mlms.
  • Success Rate of online business,which will give you financial and time freedom,is 20% more than joining mlms for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from mlms.
  • According to the AARP foundation,47% distributors of all mlms lose their money,apart from this 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Remaining 26% that actually make money,53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% among those 53%,who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with mlm,because 50% of all mlms participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that join mlms say that they will never ever join any kind of mlm.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 mlms distributors and it was found that most of them makes 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale.60% of them makes less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their mlms involvements.



Final? Verdict Of WorldVentures

Worldventures is definitely not a scam,but I do not recommend it to someone who is looking to make money.Look,I have a question for you.

Why join mlms when there are other better business models which are scalable,sustainable and long term?

After reviewing 300+ mlm companies I came to a verdict,that it is the worst business model.

The only person who makes money in mlm companies are their owners.Whenever you lose money,the owner of the company makes money.

This means that you are company’s best customer.

Mlms are destined for failures,Mlms = Waste of time and money.

And to be really honest with you,I hate selling something to my relatives.They are the least people in this world who believes in me hah.

So,for many reasons I highly recommend you to start a lead generation business.

Long term,scalable and sustainable business model.Most of our students are making $100k/month and thousands are making $10k,$20k,$50/month.

Simple,proven,legit and repeatable business model.

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That’s it for today’sreview.

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