WP Spin Magic Review: Can This Aid Your Marketing?

Today, let’s talk about WP Spin Magic, a WordPress plugin for digital marketing. But is this effective? Read this WP Spin Magic review to find out.

While email marketing is one of the older methods of digital marketing, it still remains viable.

In fact, despite the rise of social media and others, email marketing is still one of the most effective ones today. Sometimes, even more so than SEO.

And the reason for this is that email is still essential to our online lives today. In fact, it’s now even more essential than before thanks to the mobile technology that we have today.

The only problem is that some people are doing email marketing wrong.

And sometimes, one of those faults is that they haven’t built up their own email list.

WP Spin Magic is a WordPress plugin that claims it can help you with this purpose.

And it’s not just any kind of email. WP Spin Magic claims that it can ACTUALLY persuade visitors into listing down their real email when they do.

So that your email list is sure to convert, and fully organic.

It does sounds promising, but are the claims legitimate? Is WP Spin Magic a good addition to your affiliate marketing tools?

Read through this WP Spin Magic review and see if it’s something that you can work on.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent WP Spin Magic review. I’m not affiliated with WP Spin Magic, or any other product, in any way.

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Gamification Marketing

Game Wheel

But before we proceed with the main review, let’s give a brief rundown on what gamification marketing is. And why is it effective.

Gamification marketing is, as the name says, the use of various games on your website as a marketing tool to your customers.

For example, you can include a spin-a-wheel mechanism on your website for customers to earn discount coupons or other freebies when they purchase a product from you.

Or you can include a simple puzzle game or a board game which, when played by visitors, will allow them to earn some “tokens” which can also be used as discounts for your products.

Gamification marketing is another strong addition to help you generate leads and convert them into sales, for several reasons:

  • It taps into some people’s need to be competitive.
  • Many people would like to be rewarded for something that’s also fun to do.
  • It’s also highly optimized for mobile use. As most people today use a smartphone in any form for just about anything they do, it also gives visitors to your site a form of recreation to give them more reasons to return to your website (aside from the rewards the game hands out).

What Is WP Spin Magic?

The main problem with building an email list is that not all website visitors are willing to subscribe. And that’s even when they’re going to buy your product.

Opt-in forms are sometimes ineffective, since other than getting updates from your site, there’s no real tangible benefit in subscribing.

It’s not surprising to think customers love to get a reward for something that they did.

WP Spin Magic promises to solve that, using gamified marketing.

WP Spin Magic is a WordPress plugin gives you the capability to install a spin game mechanism on your affiliate marketing website. You can also customize the look, the mechanics of your spin game, and more importantly, the prizes.

With this spin game mechanic, you’ll be able to persuade even more visitors into subscribing with their own emails for their own benefit. And you’ll be able to build your email list for your email marketing campaign easily.

Who Created WP Spin Magic?

WP Spin Magic is created by a team of three developers and digital marketers.

They are…

  • Sorin Constantin
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Ganesh Saha
WP Spin Magic Creators

WP Spin Magic Features

WP Spin Magic Mockup

According to the official sales page, WP Spin Magic has the following features:

  • Fully Customizable – Everything around the wheel is fully customizable. Users can add their own styling and select their preferred colour scheme as per your theme.
  • Unlimited Sections – Keep all accordions close and focus on “Add New” entry button with magnifying glass.
  • Drag & Drop – With a drag and drop interface, users can easily organize each section the way they want.
  • Easy To Manage – With WP Spin Magic, users can easily set things for each section. Users can even set the color for each segment of the wheel and have lots of other controls.
  • Probability – Have complete control over the frequency each prize is awarded to customers. Users can set the probability between 0 to 100.
  • Email Templates – To empower the users, WP Spin Magic provides customizable email templates in the back-end.
  • Customize Your Form – Users can select from different input types including text fields, select options, checkboxes, and others.
  • Unlimited Slices – WP Spin Magic allows users to create a number of slices as per your requirement.
  • Instant Preview –  Just from the backend, users can now view their saved wheels just with a single click to make sure they have done the right settings.
  • Advanced Analytics – Gives clear and detailed stats for everything users must be aware of while running your campaigns.
  • Shortcode Support – Want to display wheel within page content? Yes, it’s possible now with the help of a shortcode.
  • WordPress Support – You can share your own coupons and links as well with WP Spin Magic on subscriptions without WooCommerce.

Other WP Spin Magic Features

  • Time Delay – Users can also set the specific time after which they would like to trigger the spin magic to appear in front of visitors.
  • Clickable Tab – Users can also place clickable tabs at the bottom which, when clicked, visitors can get the spin magic and get engaged.
  • Desktop & Mobile Exit Intent: With WP Spin Magic, users can even trigger the spin magic when it seems like the visitor is about to leave your website. The trigger works for both desktop and mobile visitors.
  • Redirect Visitor – Options to redirect visitors to external sites, affiliate offers, and much more.
  • Full Documentation: Comes complete with videos and a “How To Use” guide.

How To Use WP Spin Magic

If you want to see how WP Spin Magic works, as well as what it looks like inside, here’s the official demo video:

WP Spin Magic Sales Funnel

Aside from the main WP Spin Magic plugin itself, there are also upgrades that you can purchase to enhance your overall experience with the software. Each of the upgrades present is fully optional to avail.

WP Spin Magic Sales Funnel
  • Front End: WP Spin Magic ($17) – The front-end. You need to purchase this first before availing of any of the upgrades.
  • OTO#1: Spin Magic Reseller $37 – Customers get full reseller rights for the main product. Sell WP Spin Magic as your own product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
  • OTO#2: WP Ultimate Pro ($47) – Upgrades WP Spin Magic to the “Ultimate Pro” version and possibly removes all limits.
  • OTO#3: WP Makeover ($47) – Create branded WordPress-based dashboards with your own branding and color schemes and charge premium prices to clients.

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My Thoughts About WP Spin Magic

There’s no question that gamification marketing is an effective method on getting more engagement and leads to your website visitors.

However, if you’re going to purchase WP Spin Magic, hoping that this plugin will aid you in your affiliate marketing…

…then you might need to step back and re-evaluate a bit.

Because there are some big problems that you may encounter about this software system, and you need to know what are those.

The Main Site Doesn’t Work

As of the time of this writing, the main page for the app, wpspinmagic.com, doesn’t work.

Even the affiliate links leading to this app doesn’t work at all anymore.

WP Spin Magic Domain For Sale

Trying to access the domain will only take you to some sort of a “Domain For Sale” page.

It’s not surprising that this can happen for these types of MMO (making money online) software, though.

You see, some of the products sold on Warriorplus lose their support and become EOL (End-Of-Life) on a rather short span of time. That’s because these authors and vendors of these softwares are known to release 2-3 products every month.

So what happens to the older products? They eventually cut off all support from it and eventually let it fade into obscurity.

And if that happens, all the pages you made with this system (including the game pages), and all the email list that you built up, will just disappear.

It’s also worth noting that most of the products released by these vendors are usually rehashes of their old products. This could mean that there’s most like an exact copy of WP Spin Magic around, but under a different branding.

There Are Better Alternatives

WP Spin Magic isn’t really a “brand-new” system that you can use to make money.

There are far better alternatives out there. And some of them are even free for use.

Furthermore, while some of the alternatives for this are priced higher, the tradeoff is stability and reliability.

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WP Spin Magic Review: Final Verdict

To close off this WP Spin Magic review…

I personally believe that if this product is still being sold around, it would already be a scam at this point.

Scam Alert

The lack of support for this system, coupled with its gimmicky nature, makes this product not worth buying. At all.

Similar to other “money-making” WordPress plugins like SiteZio,  this product won’t aid you in your affiliate marketing campaign at all.

And similar to other MMO scam systems like ScrapeIt, You’re only going to lose more of your money if you avail of this.

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