WREIN Review – Women Real Estate Investors Network Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about WREIN or the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of different names that pop up when you search for female real estate investors. Perhaps, one of those people is Tresa Todd Lugten. She is no stranger to this website at this point. I have written a bit about her Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass before.

But the world of real estate investing is still pretty much dominated by men. I’m not really sure who is at fault for that. But I guess people are just intimated to get into real estate. There’s definitely a lot of reasons for that. It’s definitely hard to get into real estate investing.

I guess that’s why Tresa Todd Lugten decided to start WREIN. There’s definitely a space for more women in the real estate world. But it takes time to build a network like that. You have to put in a lot of work and convince a lot of people. And I think Tresa has managed to do that?

While there is still a lot that can be done with regards to gender parity, WREIN seems like a step in the right direction. But compared to other networks, how exactly does this one stand up? There’s a lot that we can talk about. But where exactly should we start?

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WREIN Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Women’s Real Estate Investors Network (previously, the Women’s Real Estate Investors Association)
  • Founder: Tresa Todd Lugten
  • Website: https://womensrein.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Niche: Real estate investing

Who Is Tresa Todd Lugten?

Tresa Todd Lugten is the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network.

She had an interesting path towards real estate investing. Most of her experience back then was as a Christian motivational coach. Tresa uses a few different terms to refer to her. But it mostly boils down to her doing speaking jobs related to religion. She spent about twelve years as an motivational coach before she got into real estate.

A lot of her official biographies mention that she had about 25 years worth of experience in the medical industry. Her official LinkedIn profile only includes her time as motivational coach and as the founder of WREIN. If she had that kind of experience, it should be reflecting on her public profiles, right? Especially on LinkedIn.

That’s the major detail that seems hard to factcheck for some reason. And that particular detail gets mentioned a lot in the introductions of her during interviews. But there’s zero results that point to that. I guess she may have sold medicine during the time she was also a motivational speaker?

Pretty much after she retired from her Christian motivational coach job, she realized that every single she did to save money for her retirement wasn’t enough. Like, all of her savings were enough for seven years of her retirement. So it seems that her sons, who had just moved to Dallas, convinced her to get into real estate. I mean, Tresa isn’t that old by any means. But it was definitely a challenge to go into something new.

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The Start of WREIN

So Tresa Todd decided to get into the real estate investing world with the help of his sons. She decided to self-study so she didn’t have to rely too much on them. That meant that she would sometimes go to investors conferences to mingle and network with her peers. But there’s one thing that she noticed while she was there. There weren’t really a lot of women attending these kinds of events.

This was when the seeds of WREIN were planted. Because of the lack of women in the field, Tresa decided to put matters into her own hands. With the help of his sons, she started doing small gatherings to get women interested in real estate investing. She wasn’t hoping for a lot. Maybe there weren’t really anybody interested in investing. But to her surprise, a lot of them went to that gathering.

For the most part, WREIN was still pretty much a very small group in Dallas. At that point, it was still called the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Investors Association. But as more and more people went to those gatherings, the group started to grow. It expanded to nearby areas around the Dallas and Houston area. And it was only about few years into the start of network.

Everything Is Virtual

Then, the pandemic happened. Since people weren’t allowed to do in-person events, everybody had to do their events virtually. I’m not really sure how good the market was during the pandemic. But it probably wasn’t? So people weren’t really able to put the skills that they learned to good use.

But somehow, that was when WREIN started to blow up. Who would’ve thought that there were a lot of people interested in getting into real estate? I guess not having to fly to Dallas to attend an event was a major factor why a lot more people became interested. Sometimes travelling is the main reason why people don’t go to events.

Soon after, WREIN just started to grow. In an interview that she did for some podcast, she mentions that even people who aren’t even real estate investors yet can join WREIN. It’s definitely an interesting strategy. But people can be taught new things. And if they have an interest for, it will be easy for them to learn.

Without Fear Of Her Future

An extension to WREIN is the Without Fear Of Her Future masterclass. This masterclass is a week-long virtual event. Tresa Todd Lugten basically goes over the basics of starting out in real estate investing. Aside from those sessions, there’s also a private Facebook group where participants can talk to each other and the team at WREIN. Among the training programs that I have seen from a lot of different people, Without Fear Of Her Future has one of the cheapest ones. It costs $17 to join the masterclass.

They do this masterclass almost every month. I’m not really sure how many have joined the masterclass in the last couple of months. But I remember that the Facebook group has hundreds of members. It’s definitely hard to find new people for that sort of thing. One of the good things about that Facebook is that you can rewatch any of the sessions you may have missed. It’s worth mentioning that the masterclass is for women. I mean, it is from WREIN. And the pronoun “her” is in the title of the masterclass.

The masterclass, I think, is the only training program that Tresa Todd Lugten and WREIN advertise. There’s also a book of the same name where Tresa writes about her journey, I think. It managed to make it in the charts on Amazon. So there’s definitely a lot of people who patronized it.

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Final Verdict – WREIN Review

For the most part, it doesn’t really seem like joining WREIN is a bad idea. A lot of people need to be able to communicate with their peers in the industry. Everyone’s experience in the industry is different. But maybe there’s a lot that we can learn from other people’s experience. Everybody has something to share.

As for the masterclass, it really depends. $17 isn’t a lot of money to get access. Compared to other similar events, they have the cheapest price for a longer event. Even if the event is virtual. Some of the other similar training events cost $97 for a 90-minute session. That’s kind of insane.

Still, there are a lot of free resources that you can find on the internet. You don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to. There’s so many places where you can learn more about real estate investing. Like, the only thing that seems worth it is being able to talk to other people about it.

If you’re looking at real estate investing as a way to earn money fast, you’re probably not that serious in the field. You can earn money from investing in real estate. But it takes a while before you reach a certain figure income. You have to put in the work.

In general, I don’t really recommend real estate investing all that much. You will have to spend a lot of time and money to make it in the industry. But if you really want to start, just learning on your own is a great first step.

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That’s it for my review of WREIN. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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