Your Selling Guide Review – 5 Reasons You Should Avoid!

Today, we are going to talk about Your Selling Guide. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I have written quite a lot about all of the different training programs that revolves around Amazon. There is an abundance of programs that focus on a certain facet of the Amazon ecosystem. Take K Money Mastery, for example. It’s a training program that teaches you how can earn money from publishing your own e-books through Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform. This certain niche doesn’t have a lot competition compared to Amazon’s seller platform.

It feels as if you will never run out of training programs that are focused on Amazon’s fulfillment service. But starting your own Amazon seller account can be a daunting process. Unsurprisingly, there are also a handful of companies that help you start your own Amazon seller profile. (From experience, there are a lot of paperwork needed since you’re running an actual business within Amazon’s website. You’re subject to actual registering your business.)

A handful of the Amazon FBA-related training programs that I’ve reviewed have not been great. They just seem to exist just so somebody doesn’t go to their competitors. There have been some that are a bit more legitimate. But it seems that the less legitimate ones just fill up a lot more space within this niche.

So when I heard about Your Selling Guide from Nikki Kirk, I was curious to learn more. I did have some kind of expectations going into this review. But that’s because there have been a lot of other examples to contrast it to.

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Your Selling Guide Review – Quick Details

  • Name: Your Selling Guide
  • Founder: Nikki Kirk
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: While you will learn a lot from this training program, it’s not guaranteed that you will find immediate success in being an Amazon seller that utilizes the Fulfilled By Amazon service. It will take you a bit of time before you start earning the same amount of money as other sellers. But if you are interested in learning how to become a seller on Amazon, this training program provides enough information and resources.

Who Is Nikki Kirk?

Your Selling Guide creator Nikki Kirk

If you’ve reviewed enough training products as I have, you would sometimes notice patterns every now and then. There are often a lot of similarities to some of the things that I review. It might be the content of those programs. Sometimes it could be moments in the lives of the people who created those programs.

Take Nikki Kirk, for example. Nikki was working a normal desk job somewhere in California. You know how desk jobs can be. They can be soul crushing but they pay well enough. Several other people like Esther Inman also worked a desk job early in their careers. At some point, Nikki just decided to quit her job to pursue a life on the road.

There is a level of freedom that you get when you’re living in something like an RV. Though, it’s not always that easy. You still need to have money to pursue a lifestyle like that. Even though you have no permanent address, you still need money to buy food or pay for gas.

That was when Nikki heard about people who were earning money by selling through Amazon. I mean, Amazon is a website that a lot of people shop at. It makes sense that there would be other that were selling their own products through their platform. Nikki decided to dive head first into the world of e-commerce. And the rest, as they say, was history.

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What Is Your Selling Guide?

At some point, Nikki Kirk had discovered something called retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage refers to a method where you buy products from a brick-and-mortar store and resell it on an online platform like Amazon. Usually the products you buy from the brick-and-mortar store are at a discount. But when you sell it on an online platform, you basically get at a say to how much you want to sell it for. So, if you purchased a certain item for $24.99 from a regular retail store and then sell it for $32.99 on Amazon, you’re basically getting $8.00 worth of profits.

Nikki decided to try her hand at doing retail arbitrage in 2017. She had invested $700 into it, just to see if it works. Within a few months, she’d managed to earn it back through profits. She’s pretty much been doing it ever since. Your Selling Guide is the culmination of that.

Basically, Your Selling Guide offers a training program that will guide you through the basics of creating your Amazon seller account as well as the basics of different fulfillment types. There are two that Your Selling Guide focuses on, Fulfillment By Amazon and Fulfillment By Merchant.

It’s Being Fulfilled

Fulfillment By Amazon is a fulfillment service that Amazon offers. In case you didn’t know what fulfillment is, it’s basically shipping and handling of the products that you’re going to sell on your seller profile. Usually, in a normal e-commerce business, the merchant is the one who handles inventory. The merchant are also the ones who pack every single order that gets made through their store. They partner with a deliver service to send those products to their customers.

Sometimes, the problem is really with regards to keeping inventory. Maybe you don’t have any space to store the products that you want to sell. But it’s too expensive to rent out a bigger storage space.

Here’s where Fulfillment By Amazon comes into play. You’re basically paying Amazon a fee to store and deliver your products for you. Since Amazon obviously has multiple warehouses all across the United States and other countries, they have capacity to hold your inventory for you as well handle the shipping for the products.

When you sign up for this fulfillment service, you will still need to buy the products that you’re selling but you will need to have someone from Amazon to pick up those products for you. Or you bring them the products that you’re going to sell.

What Are You Getting From The Course?

Your Selling Guide creator Nikki Kirk

For a one-time fee worth $349, you pretty much get access to the Your Selling Guide Beginner FBA course. As far as beginner courses go, this is one of the more expensive ones out there. Nikki doesn’t really included any outline for what you will get for each part of the course. But since it is a “beginner” course, you will learn about the basics of how to start your own selling business on Amazon that utilizes Amazon’s fulfillment service.

There aren’t a lot of inclusions to the course. You get access to a community of feller sellers and students. But that’s about it. I’m not really sure if $349 is the right price for a course with not much else to offer. It’s definitely a lot more expensive than the other similar training programs out there.

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5 Reasons You Should Avoid Your Selling Guide..

Now, here are the 5 reasons why you should completely avoid buying your selling guide review.

  • The first thing that comes to my mind after listening the word amazon Fba is competition.It’s too much saturated and competition is growing every single day.
  • Second is that barrier to entry is so low and easy that anybody can start this business like dropshipping with small money.That is the main reason why people living in third world countries like India and Pakistan are getting into this business.let’s not talk about India, but I know two big gurus from Pakistan and their groups have one million plus each people who are doing Amazon Fba. These groups are this and this.
  • Accounts getting banned is a common thing in amazon fba.Imagine ,you worked your a88 off and Amazon doesn’t care about you.You are building business on amazon and amazon instead of supporting you,torture with new laws/rules here and there.
  • You are probably going to fail, because to market your product ,you have to run ppc.Paid per click to amazon.And this is very expensive now a days because of the competition.
  • Let’s suppose you succeed in this business, you are not your own boss and this is not passive income by any way.You have to work to keep up with new trends and competition.Winning product in fba is hyper difficult now a days.Yup earl bird made money, but it’s too late now.Sadly.

There are hundreds if not thousands of amazon fba courses I have reviewed before which are as follows:

Final Verdict – Your Selling Guide Review

For the most part, it does seem that there are a lot of people who have used Your Selling Guide’s Amazon FBA course. But nothing about it really stands out for me. There are places that you can learn if you really want to become a seller on Amazon. Most, if not all, of the information in Your Selling Guide’s FBA course is probably on Amazon’s seller website.

One other thing that really surprised me was that the course that Nikki Kirk was selling costs $397. That’s a lot of money for a basic training program. For some reason, most of the things that Nikki sells, including guides on retail arbitrage, are a lot more expensive than you’d expect.

While it is possible to earn money from utilizing retail arbitrage to sell on Amazon, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be earning a lot of money right away. And since you’re also going to use Amazon’s fulfillment service, that’s an added cost. It’ll take a bit of time before you make a profit. Especially if everybody else is using the same tactics as you.

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