Youtube Marketing Strategy – Do You Know Basis?


Hello guys welcome to my blog.In this blog article we are going to talk about youtube marketing strategy.

Youtube is the best way to make money online.Why,because everyone is on youtube.Almost all the world.You just have to.

Pick the camera and sell something.Know how youtube marketing works.This is the question I am going to answer for you.


how big youtubers are making millions online with th help of youtube.Youtube is the biggest platform for marketers.Marketing is a skill that made millions of people rich before you.

I know people personally who are making $1000 a day and are complete new marketers.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to market your product but I am going to talk about the basic ones.

By basic ones I mean the strategies that is must to do.You have to implement these

youtube marketing strategy in order to get results.

Youtube is all about results.Not just youtube any otheR website that is there at the moment,people want results.

But before results you have to learn the basics.Why I am saying that youtube is the best way to market anything online.

Ok,the first reason is that let’s assume you have a youtube channel.And at the same time you have a website too.

In which platform you are 

going to get results.

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Study shown that people like to watch videos.More than reading big articles like this online.

Ok,so you have both.Now,you want to promote a ten dollar product.Or promoting something else.

In order to make $1000 selling this product or to get 100 sales,let’s assume you selected to work on a blog.

Now,a good website gets 10,000 visitors/month.Only if you know SEO already.

If you know SEO than it will take one year to get these much visitors a month.And lot of hard work too.

I am not going to talk about hard work because it is must to do things for you. 

No matter what you are doing.Ok,after hard working of a year you are finally reached your 10,000

visitors/month mark.After a year you expect to get 100 sales of the product and make $1000 a month.

Now if you are a youtuber than you are expect to get these results in a month or two.Because it is lot easier to rank for keywords that are less competitive.

This means Also in youtube you are building a tribe.The tribe that is going to fed you in a long run.

It is very easy than to scale from 1000 dollar month to 10k/month.

Youtubers make 90% of their money by building a brand.Without this it is impossible to get results.

You have to develop trust with your audience in your youtube videos.

If you are just trying to be pushy and selling them all the time,than this is unethical youtube marketing strategy.

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Youtube Marketing Strategy

So,there are hundreds of strategies which you can apply in order to get success with it.

But the basic ones are the most important which a lot of youtubers neglect and seems to be struggling in this platform.

I read a lot of articles which are already ranking on google and do not have enough information according to me.

They are not covering the basics of youtube marketing strategy.

Now,talking about the youtube marketing strategy.

In this marketing you can start from anywhere.but first of all you have to build your youtube channel.

Give sometime to the process.After this look into other things.After selecting niche keep on pushing your content to the channel.

The more videos your channel have the more authority you are building in front of youtube.

If youtube see that your channel is growing day  by day and has something really value to share to the audience.

Than they are going to give you preference.

So,first thing first which is building an authority in front of google.After this you can think about other things.

The most important thing in youtube marketing is SEO.You have to learn youtube SEO.

It is a must to do thing.What are people liking and watching on youtube.

Is there any traffic already coming to

the video you are making.What your audience like.Where they are.What they are looking for on the youtube.

Who are your competitor.What things you need to beat your competitor.

There is nothing specific that is going to teach you these things.

You have to learn it on your own.Simple is that.

The most important thing in youtube marketing is SEO.

Learn it.There are millions of sources online from where you can learn it.

It is not going to happen in a day.

Invest some time in your learning phase.Take our time.There is nothing like overnight success in this world.

In fact overnight success is a myth.You are not going to get rich quick.Whether it is online or offline.

I am not a youtuber but I also use a tool called VIDLQ.

It is a must to have thing on your browser if you are a youtuber.

So,must install this software.It tells a lot of things about your competitors and their position on youtube at the moment.

It is free to use.Must install it.VidlQ will also show the percent of people liking people content.

There are lots of other things that this tool offers for totally free but we will leave it here.

The big thing is youtube algorithm.How youtube works.

How you are going to get your targeted audience in a specific amount of time.And there are lots of other thing that are very important in youtube algorithm.

I am going to talk about the most important one.

It is recommended thing on the left corner when you open a video.

There are a list of recommended videos on the left side of the bar.

These are things that is going to take your youtube channel to a whole new level.

Let me explain it in detail.Now,if your competitor who is already famous than you makes a video on “How youtube works”.

Let’s say he is getting 50k visitors on that keyword every monh.Now it must get you excited.

These can be your visitors if you did the recommended thing right.OK my competitor has a video which talks about how youtube works.

Now how I am going to get in the recommended list and get in front of the eyes of these 50k visitors.

Because whenever your targeted audience will open your competitor’s video,your video will be in that list too.

And you are going to get more views and subscribers without doing anything.

After this you got to be creative.Creative in a way that the more people will click through your link.

The more people means the more money you are going to make.

For getting more click you have to learn clickbate.How to create thumbnails.

You can outsource someone else if you do not have enough time for this thing.

You can hire VA from a freelancer site called upwork.

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Some More Tips

Ok,these are the basics of youtube marketing strategy.Now,I am going to tell you some more tips.

While you are building your brand do this thin also.Build you authority

on youtube.Build a system that will help you grow.

Make relationships with other fellow youtubers which can help you growing your youtube channel.Making relations in youtube is very important.

It is known as backlink.

This means that if someone mention your channel on their channel you are going to get a backlink.

If your fellow is a big youtuber than it will be a strong backlink and will help to get your videos more views.

Youtube is the easiest way to make money online.

You can see anything on youtube.It can be anything.You can make millions on youtube.

But it is not easy.It requires vision and hard work.Consistency is also an important factor here.

The person who is more consistent will win and get success in a long term.

You can start making money from youtube right now.

All you have to do is pick the camera and start selling something.

By selling I mean review something today and at the end recommend it to the audience who is watching it.

There is not a myth behind it.

But by reading blog post like mine or someone else will not help you to get you in-depth of youtube marketing strategy.

You will have to learn it somewhere.Yes,and I highly recommend you to go with my number one recommendation.

You can make money from it or you can just learn youtube.

A successful affiliate marketer who has more than 500k subscribers and many millions video on his channel will take you from a complete newbie to an expert in these videos.

The value you are going to get inside it is very vast.You are going to learn pretty much everything in it.You maybe thinking how much it is for.

So,it will not cost you banks.It is just for $30.

I highly recommend to go in the challenge and ge the footprints of the most successful people in this marketing field.

Once Warren Buffet said that it is not that I am smart than others but I watch myself inside the people who are already succeeded in the field that I am going to dive in.

So,get in the challenge and make a life hanging income.Or just learn youtube marketing out of it.

It is totally up to you.That is all for this post.

Thanks for reading it through.I hope it brought value to you.All the best for your future.

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