YT Automatic Review – RankOne Ecommerce Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about YT Automatic from RankOne Ecommerce. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It is interesting to see how many people manage to make a living posting videos on YouTube without having to show themselves on camera. I’m fully aware that not everyone is comfy of showing their faces in front of camera so they often settle on just using their voice. Even then, there a people seemingly making a living of posting on YouTube without actually using their real voice.

Within the last couple of years, the term “YouTube automation” has been popping up whenever you want to learn about how to make a living on YouTube. A lot of different training programs have started to pop up teaching people exactly what exactly a process like that entails. One such program is YT Automatic from RankOne Ecommerce and Chris Zissis.

As somebody who has written a lot about some of the training programs focused on this niche, I have some idea on what to expect from a program like this. We’re going to find out where YT Automatic is a better alternative or just a waste of time and money.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Zan Shaikh, Chris Zissis and YT Automatic in any way. This is just an independent review. You are still free to do whatever you want. But I hope that this review shapes your opinion on whether or not you should try this training program out.

But before we get to the meat of the review…

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YT Automatic Review: Quick Details

  • Name: YT Automatic
  • Creators: Zan Shaikh and Chris Zissis
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Done-for-you service
  • Niche: Social media management, content creation
  • Recommendation: While it seems that there is a potential to earn a decent amount of money from “automating” the processes required for running a YouTube channel, I don’t highly recommend it.

Who are Zan Shaikh and Chris Zissis?

YT Automatic co-creator Zan Shaikh

Zan Shaikh is the founder of RankOne Ecommerce and the co-creator of YT Automatic. Chris Zissis, on the other hand, is entrepreneur and the co-creator of YT Automatic.

Let’s start first with Zan Shaikh. There is not really a lot of information that you could find about Zan’s early life. Despite having a handful of press releases made about his company, there is not a lot that you could find with regards to how his time growing up lead to his current career.

His story pretty much starts when he first started his own dropshipping business. Now, if you have read a lot of my reviews in the past, you probably know what dropshipping is. In case you don’t, it’s basically a way of outsourcing a lot of the process of running an ecommerce business, mostly storing, processing and delivering the products you sell with a third-party service.

Basically, Zan’s first foray into ecommerce wasn’t really much of a success. He didn’t really get a lot of sales from the products that he was selling. But it didn’t really seem to stop Zan from making it work. It pretty much lead Zan to actually get the proper training and knowledge he needed in order to make his ecommerce work. But he should’ve done that in the first place. Zan slowly managed to get his business back on track. Which lead him to expand and create the RankOne Ecommerce brand.

What About Chris Zissis?

Chris’s entrepreneurial streak started when he was younger. His parents had gotten a divorce when he was about 15 years old. And it seems that he was mostly in the custody of his father. His father was very tough on him during that time. So Chris kind of had to earn money for himself.

Some kids would often try to sell pictures they drew or even trading cards. But Chris was a little bit different. He chose to buy a 24-pack of soda that he would then sell per piece for a bit more than it costs one in that larger pack. At the same time, he was also an apprentice for some random repair shop. But it wasn’t really something that he wanted to be his career.

Chris pretty much decided to start a business selling personalized clothing. But similar to Zan during his first foray into running a business, it wasn’t really successful. So Chris went on a similar journey. But this time around, he focused on learning SEO or search engine optimization. Eventually, he started a business where he helps start automated YouTube channels for his clients.

Then in 2022, Zan Shaikh and Chris Zissis decided to start a collaboration. Thus, YT Automatic was born.

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What is YT Automatic?

YT Automatic co-creator Chris Zissis

YT Automatic is a done-for-you service wherein you pay them money to start and maintain a YouTube channel for you.

Basically, once you’ve scheduled a call with them and have paid whatever it is they’re asking for, they will pretty much create a YouTube channel for you. They will start to produce videos that seemingly guarantees that it will reach thousands of views. And that it would lead that channel to gain thousands of subscribers within weeks of starting this partnership.

The reason why you they mention that the videos that they make will reach thousands of views is mainly because of how YouTube’s monetization program works. In order to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, you have to reach a certain threshold in order to join the program. In this case, your channel will have to reach at least 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 public watch hours in order to be eligible to join the Partner Program.

Considering that it would take a bit of time for the videos that YT Automatic will be making for your channel to reach the public watch hours threshold, they are also trying to find other partnerships so that your channel can have multiple income streams. They are also going to use affiliate marketing as one of those income streams for the channel that they’re managing for you.

Unfortunately, there is no specifics when it comes to pricing. You will have to schedule a call with them by filling out a form on the YT Automatic website. But the funny thing about that is… there is also an online course that they offer.

What Is The Online Course That YT Automatic Offers?

A screenshot from the YT Automatic website

When you try to schedule a call with YT Automatic team about further details regarding the done-for-you service, they will ask you a fairly simple question: Do you make at least $150,000 per year in personal income or have at least have a $1,000,000 worth in assets?

You only have two answers for that: yes or no. If you choose yes, you will be redirected to choose a time where the team at YT Automatic can call you to talk about the done-for-you service. Fairly straightforward. The call will be about 15 minutes long.

But if you happen to choose no, you will be redirected to another page for something that YT Automation calls YouTube University. This is pretty much a course where you will learn everything that it takes to run your own YouTube channel without having to show your face on camera or use your voice. Somehow, you don’t even have to edit the videos on your own. That is part of the process of something called YouTube automation.

YouTube automation basically entails you paying other people to do the work of managing the channel for you. You’re mostly going to be hiring people, usually freelancers, to make record and edit the videos for you. As well as make thumbnails for those videos. But with the advent of generative AI tools, you could also choose to do some parts of that process on your own. But it isn’t “automated” in a sense since you’re still doing some work.

The cost of the YouTube University course is a one-time payment worth $297. There is not really much that you’re going to get from the course. You get access to the course and a few bonus stuff. But they didn’t really show exactly what the modules for the course is going to be.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – YT Automatic Review

There is nothing about the done-for-you service that YT Automatic offers that is worth trying. It doesn’t really make sense to invest money into something that will take months before it even becomes profitable. As I have mentioned in the previous section, it would take 4,000 hours worth of views before your channel becomes eligible to join YouTube’s monetization program. It’s going to take a bit of time before your channel reaches that number.

Even the online course that Zan and Chris offer through YT Automatic isn’t even really worth it all. A lot of the information that they use in that course are already out there in the world. There’s a good chance that Chris has probably made a video about it before. There’s no point paying hundreds of dollars for information that you get for free on the internet.

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