YT Automatic Reviews – Chris Zissis Scam?

YT Automatic Reviews - Chris Zissis Scam

Today we will be reviewing a program known as YT Automatic. Is it legit? Find out in this YT Automatic review.

Making money on YouTube has become a significant avenue for individuals to turn their passion and creativity into a viable source of income. As one of the largest video-sharing platforms globally, YouTube offers content creators a diverse range of opportunities to monetize their videos.

From ads and sponsorships to merchandise sales and exclusive memberships, the platform has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem where creators can connect with a global audience while earning revenue.

In this digital era, the journey to making money on YouTube involves navigating through various monetization features, understanding audience engagement, and creating content that resonates with viewers and advertisers alike. With these challenges, YT Automatic is there to save the day.

Read this review to learn more and find out if investing with them is really worth it.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with YT Automatic in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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YT Automatic Reviews: Quick Details

Who is Chris Zissis?

YT Automatic Reviews - Chris Zissis Scam?

Chris Zissis, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, showed a strong work ethic early on by trying different ventures like selling Coca-Cola and working in construction. His parents’ separation at 15 brought challenges, but he sees value in those experiences. At 18, he successfully started a custom apparel business, but subsequent ventures faced financial difficulties, including car repossession and loans.

Working long hours as an Uber driver, Chris’s fortunes changed when he entered digital marketing, combining it with his YouTube content creation. This led to the creation of Chris Zissis’s successful YouTube Automatic program.

Up to date, he has over 88K followers in his YouTube channels and is consistently earning seven figures in total ad revenue.

What is YT Automatic?

YT Automatic Reviews - Chris Zissis Scam?

YT Automatic was founded in Mar 2017. It is a channel creation service that will help you create manage and grow a YouTube channel on your behalf using the initial investment that you have funded.

This program generates income by establishing and expanding a YouTube channel that can generate $5,000 – $10,000 monthly. With Chris Zissis’ expertise, clients can have fully optimized YouTube channels in their chosen niches. These channels feature specially crafted videos to attract traffic and go viral. YT Automatic will be handling all aspects of channel growth and management, allowing clients to enjoy the benefits of YouTube success without actively participating in the operational tasks.

After creating the channel, the objective is to increase traffic and leverage various passive income streams (such as affiliate offers, sponsorships, ads, etc.) to generate profits. Once you’ve established a satisfactory income from one channel, the process can be replicated with additional channels to enhance your overall earnings.

How does it Work?

YT Automatic will be helping you with the following:

  • Fully Optimized YouTube Channel

Clients receive a carefully designed YouTube channel focused on growth and profit. The initial setup is vital, involving detailed planning to position the channel for maximum traffic and visibility. This strategic approach lays the foundation for ongoing success on YouTube, ensuring the channel can reach a wider audience and generate revenue.

  • Strategic Niche Selection

The team helps clients choose niches with growth potential and audience interest. By selecting niches aligned with their interests and target audience preferences, clients can create content more effectively. The early guidance from the team is vital for clients to connect with the right audience from the start, setting the stage for ongoing success and meaningful engagement on the platform.

  • Custom Created YouTube Video Content:

In this program, the focus centers on making professionally crafted videos that matches the clients’ chosen niche. By tailoring the content to match the interests of the target audience, the program helps clients build a meaningful connection with their viewers, creating a positive and enriching experience. This dedication to customized content improves the overall quality of the channel, increasing the chances of long-term success on YouTube.

  • Hands-Off Channel Growth and Management

YT Automatic is appealing because it takes care of everything for clients. YT Automatic handles all aspects of channel growth and management, freeing up clients to focus on other parts of their lives or businesses. This hands-off approach ensures a stress-free experience, letting clients enjoy the benefits of channel growth and success without dealing with day-to-day operational issues.

  • Multiple Passive Income Sources

Clients can earn through various channels such as affiliate offers, where they receive commissions for promoting products. Sponsorship deals provide another lucrative opportunity for collaboration with brands and financial support. Lastly, advertisements add to the revenue streams, allowing clients to capitalize on the platform’s monetization options.

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YT Automatic is perfect for folks who want an easy, hands-free way to make passive income. The catch though — You need at least $60,000 to get started.

YT Automatic Reviews - Chris Zissis Scam?

Pros and Cons


YT Automatic provides a hands-off method for generating passive income on YouTube, catering to those who want revenue without actively managing a channel. Using Chris’ expertise, clients receive professional guidance for channel optimization including custom-created content for their chosen niches.

The program aims to maximize profitability through diversified income streams like affiliate offers and sponsorships.

In addition, positive testimonials highlight the success stories of YT Automatic clients, emphasizing its potential for lucrative channels. Chris Zissis’ credibility as a YouTube expert adds legitimacy to the program.


Okay, so we can say that Chris’ program really works especially when followed accordingly. However, at the end of the day, you will still need to have $60,000 for your initial investment. This program might be only for people who actually have that kind of money. Unfortunately, those who are looking to start a passive income on the side doesn’t have that much. It’s basically the reason why they are looking for one, right?

Also, even with a fully managed model, clients don’t have much say in their YouTube channels, and that might not sit well with those who like to be hands-on. Moreover, the payoff could take 1-2 years or even more, so you need to carry a load of patience and think long-term.

Lastly, investing in a Done For You (DFY) business is riskier compared to acquiring a business already making profits. A DFY business is like buying a regular one, but it hasn’t started making money yet. Despite being on the road to profitability, a DFY business still comes with a high cost. On the other hand, you can invest more upfront to grab a business already turning a profit. This option allows you to avoid the early uncertainties of a DFY business and go for a safer bet, if you’re okay with a higher initial investment for quicker returns.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – YT Automatic Reviews

Deciding whether to jump into YT Automatic is all about your personal situation and cash flow. If you have the money to spare and don’t mind waiting for the big bucks in the long run, the program’s passive income gig might catch your eye. It’s perfect if you’re hands-off and cool with letting the YouTube experts run the show.

Although, let’s be real. This program is made for entrepreneurs with deep pockets who dig passive income but might not be the best fit for folks with limited funds or those who want more control over their YouTube game. You have to keep in mind that even with that kind of amount, results will remain unknown and hitting it big is not always a sure hit. Take a good look at your wallet, how much risk you’re comfy with, and where you see yourself in the YouTube game.

So, in a nutshell, Chris Zissis’ YT Automatic opens the door to some sweet passive income on YouTube without you getting your hands dirty. The results and happy clients back it up, showing it’s got serious potential for making bank.

Still, the big investment and not having full control over your YouTube turf might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Just like any investment, give YT Automatic some serious thought and make a smart call based on your own situation and goals.

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