YT Velocity Review: Will This Solve Your Profit Woes?

Today, we’ll be reviewing another money-making product called YT Velocity. Is YT Velocity the app that you’ll need? Let’s see in this YT Velocity review.

Let’s admit it. Our day on the internet won’t be complete without watching any single video on YouTube. Whether it’s for professional reasons or just for entertainment, you’ll browse and use YouTube in one way or the other.

With over two billion active users worldwide (and still counting), with each user spending almost ten hours or more watching videos, it’s no surprise YouTube is a great platform for affiliate marketers. The amount of reach and brand presence that you can achieve by using YouTube is not to be underestimated, even if you think your audience is NOT on YouTube (which is highly unlikely). After all, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine right now on Alexa rankings, only coming up short behind Google.

The YouTube platform, while effective, can also be a daunting platform for affiliate marketing for one doesn’t have the proper education for it. And YT Velocity aims to teach potential prospects about that.

YT Velocity is an online course that claims to teach affiliate marketers how to maximize their YouTube Marketing. Included within the course are some videos teaching students some secrets to take your YouTube Marketing to greater heights.

So, is YT Velocity a good online course to invest in? Will it teach you how to successfully run your YouTube marketing campaign? Give this YT Velocity review a read first, then make up your decision.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent YT Velocity review. I’m not affiliated with YT Velocity, or any other product, in any way.

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YT Velocity: Course Overview

YT Velocity Review - Box

YT Velocity is a comprehensive online course for anyone who wants to learn more about using YouTube for online marketing. It teaches you guides, and even some so-called “hacks”, to help your YouTube videos achieve and maintain high ranks, not only on YouTube itself, but on Google as well.

Like most online courses, it’s also module-based. The earlier modules teach the basics of YouTube marketing, and how to get started. Further module progression will then teach some advanced guides, as well as some of their so-called “shortcuts”.

The People Behind YT Velocity

The people behind YT Velocity consists of the following:

John W. Newman

YT Velocity Review - John Newman

Cynthia Benitez

YT Velocity Review - Cynthia Benitez

To know more about them, you can visit their websites and YouTube channels:

John W. Newman

Cynthia’s Marketing Secrets (Cynthia Benitez)

What’s Inside YT Velocity

YT Velocity Review - Bundle

YT Velocity comprises four modules, and each module also comprises several sub-modules. Each module contains one or more videos that will teach you what you need about YouTube marketing.

MODULE 1 – Start Here

This comprises two sub-modules.

  • Welcome – Watch First
  • Orientation

As stated by their names, this is simply the introduction module. In here, you’ll get to know what is YT Velocity, who are the people behind it, why was this made, and what can you expect from the course itself.

MODULE 2 – Main Training

This is the main event of YT Velocity. As the name says, this is where all the training materials needed to teach you all about YouTube marketing are located.

As this is the central part of YT Velocity, this has the most amount of sub-modules included, with 13 overall.

Sub-Module 1 – Overview

Again, there’s not really much to say here. As the name says, this is simply an overview of the whole course.

Sub-Module 3 – Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Of course, to get started on YouTube marketing, you HAVE to have a YouTube account. This sub-module will teach you exactly how to do it. It may seem redundant give that we’re already living in the digital age now and almost every person uses a computer. But there ARE still some people who are not fully technically inclined and may still have trouble with this. In this case, this sub-module may still be needed.

Sub-Module 3 – Do I Need To Put My Face On Camera?

This sub-module may help you answer the age-old question about making YouTube videos. Do you really need to show your face on camera to be effective in YouTube marketing?

In my personal opinion on this question, though. My answer would be, it’s definitely up to you. Yes, showing your face in the YouTube video may increase your legitimacy and viewer’s trust in you. But some people aren’t really comfortable with showing their face in front of the camera. And that’s understandable.

So my personal advice is…

If you don’t want to show your face, it’s also. Do what you wish. What matters is the quality of your content, anyway, so make sure you excel in that area. If you already established yourself through your content and have built up a good audience number, then it’s highly advisable that you do a face reveal for your next content.

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Sub-Module 4 – Required Tools

Now this is where it gets suspicious.

This sub-module will show you the tools that can aid your YouTube marketing campaign. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, some of the tools that are being promoted by this online course use blackhat SEO tactics to achieve results. This can literally put your YouTube channel up on YouTube’s target list, and if their suspicion is proven, they WILL de-monetize your account or even worse, ban your account altogether.

Sub-Module 5 – How to Come Up With Content Ideas… FAST!

This sub-module will tackle some ideas for your YouTube marketing content. The sub-module will help you on coming up with a suitable and high-quality content plan for your YouTube channel. The ideas taught here can also be applied to any niche, so in theory, you’ll almost never run out of content ideas.

Sub-Module 6 – DFY Content Ideas and Keywords

But sometimes, entrepreneurs may lack the time needed to brainstorm ideas for new content, even if they already know how to. For cases like this, this sub-module also has some DFY (done-for-you) content ideas and keywords, which you can just grab easily to save more time. There are content ideas and keywords available for any available niche out there, so you’ll be able to more easily come up with the content that you needed for your YouTube marketing.

Sub-Module 7 – Ranking Factors

As it’s also a search engine itself, YouTube also has various factors to consider when ranking videos. This sub-module will explain each of those factors in detail, to give users a better idea of how to optimize their content to rank high.

Some of those factors include: Keywords, Tags, Video Quality, View Counts, and others.

Sub-Module 8 – Uploading and Ranking Videos

Now that you have your video content prepared, it’s time to use it for its actual purpose. This sub-module teaches you everything that you need to know about uploading and posting your video content on YouTube. In addition, this sub-module teaches you some general ideas on how to make your videos rank up high on not only YouTube’s search engine, but on others as well.

Sub-Module 9 – Optimise Your Video For Maximum Rankings

Now that you have an idea of how YouTube ranks its videos, it’s time to put them to good use. This sub-module teaches users how to fully optimize their video content for consistent high rankings. This not only helps your YouTube video go on high rankings on YouTube’s SERP, but makes it so it STAYS there for a long time.

Sub-Module 10 – Secret Ranking Hacks

Again, this is where the course gets another red flag.

This sub-module teaches YouTube marketers some “secret ranking hacks” to help your content rank up higher on YouTube’s SERP. Unfortunately, some of them may be downright “blackhat” in nature as well. This means they can also trigger some alarms on YouTube’s algorithm.

Sub-Module 11 – Authority Commenting

This sub-module explains all about the comments on your (or other’s) YouTube videos, and how can it be vital to your rankings overall. Basically, not only are the comments posted on your YouTube videos important, but also the comments that you leave on other’s YouTube videos within your niche, those are important to your rankings as well.

Sub-Module 10 – The Importance of Thumbnails

This sub-module will teach you all about YouTube’s thumbnail system, and why it’s also important to have a good one. It also includes some references to tools and tips on how you can create attractive thumbnails, as well as the importance of the relevancy of the thumbnails to your own niche.

Sub-Module 12 – IFTTT

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”. Basically, IFTTT is a service that lets your YouTube connect to a variety of apps that you may need for marketing, including your social media networks such as Facebook, your e-mails such as G-Mail, among other things. This sub-module teaches you how to take advantage of that connectivity for your overall marketing campaign.

You can learn more about IFTTT itself by visiting its official website. IFTTT

Sub-Module 13 – Turning Rankings Into Money!

The final sub-module of the main training. This sub-module teaches marketers how to fully monetize their YouTube content, and the requirements needed to achieve it. As most content creators know, YouTube has specific requirements on how can you enable monetization on your channel, so this sub-module shows what numbers you should reach for that.

This sub-module also teaches YouTube marketers how to convert those views into leads and eventually, sales for your brand.

MODULE 3 – Case Studies

This section of the app just shows some case studies related to using the system being taught in this course. This is more like proof that the system really works (to some extent).

MODULE 4 – Conclusion and Next Steps

A self-explanatory module. It just gives a video congratulating the viewer for taking the course. But it also gives a link so as you can how to “upgrade” to its so-called “Pro” subscription, as well as another link to join ANOTHER course.

Other Modules

Modules 5 to 8 are basically just offers for other money-making software, and to avail any of the upsells included with the course.

YT Velocity One-Time Offers

As with other similar money-making software and online courses, YT Velocity also offers some add-ons to “improve” your experience with it.

  • FRONTEND: YT Velocity ($12.95) – The frontend application itself. You’ll need this to avail of the other upsells included.
  • 1ST UPGRADE: YT Velocity Pro ($37-$27) – Advanced strategies to earn even more money without extra effort.
  • 2ND UPGRADE: YT Velocity DFY – DFY campaigns so you don’t have to do any of the work. Just copy-paste and earn money. INCLUDES: DFY Bonus Pages every week for 365 days + Unique Funnel + Mail Electronic Swipes. ADDITIONAL APP REQUIREMENTS: Gorilla commissions for the bonus pages, ClickFunnels for funnel.
  • 3RD UPGRADE: Steal Your Traffic ($197-97) – This is not well-defined in the description, but it seems to let you get more traffic to your affiliate website by “stealing” from the sales pages of John’s previous and future products.
  • 4TH UPGRADE: YT Velocity Quadruple Reseller Right ($47-$37) – Sell YT Velocity as your own product and keep 100% commissions on the entire funnel, as well as previous John “The Collector” products, “10X Commissions Machine” “Buyers List Bonanza”. Also gives reseller rights to three of John Newman’s other products: 10x Commissions Machine & Buyers’ List Bonanza.
  • 5TH UPGRADE: Launch Accelerator ($997-$797) – Strictly limited to just 5 people. Basically, have John Newman, and a few others, as your partners, and you can launch and promote your own products together. They’ll assist you with all the marketing for your product, and you’ll get 100% of the leads they acquire and 10% of the profits.

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YT Velocity: Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this course that I found while making this YT Velocity review.


  • If you’re a beginner in YouTube marketing, or you just want to learn more on how to use YouTube as a marketing platform, the guides shown here are enough to get you started. It’s full of information and even some basic tips that you’ll need to run your own YouTube marketing campaign.


  • Most of the tools and techniques pointed out here are blackhat in nature. While this could bring you more leads and hopefully sales instantly (if they even do), you will run the risk of getting your YouTube channel suspended, or even banned.
  • Most of the training provided here can already be found on some other online tutorials, and MOST of them are free of charge.
  • It gives out a lot of false claims. You can’t “get sales within 15 minutes” using this system.
  • While the frontend course itself looks affordable, all the upsells for this course are too expensive, and are not really worth the price.

YT Velocity Review: Final Verdict

Concluding this YT Velocity review, I would have to say, I don’t recommend buying this online course.

If you bought this course thinking that you can learn how to make money online using YouTube, then I have bad news for you.

You can’t make money with this online course. It’s quite the opposite. You’ll only lose more than what you need to earn. Blackhat SEO tactics will only harm your affiliate marketing efforts, and you’ll have to work twice to recuperate from your losses.

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