YTA Investing Review – Caleb Maddix Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Caleb Maddix’s course called YTA Investing. Is the course legit? Find out in this YTA Investing review.

Before you pay $997 for this course, make sure you read this entire review because I’ll try my best to answer this crucial question:

Is The YTA Method a scam or a legitimate online money-making program worth investing in?

Not only will I be providing an answer to this question, but I will also be giving you the necessary information you need to know regarding this program. Will it really be doing what it has promised – assisting you and helping you become financially successful?

Caleb seems to be an internet guru who is trying to advise people on what to do with their lives. I am not saying that you shouldn’t believe a word he says, but this review will tell you why you should question his methods.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this YTA Investing review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Caleb Maddix in any shape or form whatsoever.

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YTA Investing Review: Quick Details

  • Name: YTA Investing
  • Owner: Caleb Maddix
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Outsourced content creation (YouTube)
  • Recommended?: It is definitely not guaranteed that your YouTube channels will be successful. This is why I advised against spending much time in this type of side gig, and looking for a better opportunity instead.

What is YTA Investing?

Caleb Maddix’s YTA Investing  (YouTube Automation) is an eight-week masterclass that began in April 2020.

YTA Investing Review - Caleb Maddix

Caleb, who is 18 years old, isn’t shy about puffing up his product; in his sales pitch, he claims that the YTA Investing  is “the finest online instruction you’ll ever see,” that it will show you “the biggest chance of our era,” and that you’ll be blown away once you see what it is.

He goes on to suggest that he can teach you a fresh new and innovative method to benefit from YouTube without being a YouTuber, without using video editing software, and without ever having to reveal your face.

He claims it’s practically impossible to fail if you follow his step-by-step procedure and learn his “OPC Hack.”

Right there, we’ve got some fairly outrageous statements already. You should worry, as it will only get worse from here on.

After the hard sell, he encourages you to click a button to reserve your space for his 90-minute “Live Event”, and warns you that you’d best check availability quickly since he won’t be able to accommodate everyone.

You’d be correct if you thought this was all a little too wonderful to be true. I, too, had my doubts. While there are legitimate training programs available, as we all know, there are also a plethora of scammers touting the secret to making millions online.

I am not saying that this is one of them, but judging by how he advertises it, it makes me quite suspicious.

Moving on, let us discuss how the program works, and how it is supposed to help you out.

YTA Investing Overview

The entire training is divided up into eight different portions. After going through everything, the first thing I’d want to point out is that there is a lot of wonderful training included within that would be very useful to anyone who is interested in beginning a YouTube channel.

You can improve the click-through rate of your videos by optimizing the headings and thumbnails, as well as learn how to outsource a significant portion of your work by constructing and instructing a team of video editors and image creators through platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Caleb gives you some good advice on how to do both of these things.

The segment entitled “Maximum Wage Mentality,” in which it is discussed that one must first make mental adjustments before becoming affluent, was also a pretty good section to read through.

There is also the YTA Community, which is a Facebook community where you can obtain assistance and support if you require it. This is something that is always helpful, but it is especially useful when you are learning something new.

In the end, the training came as a really nice and pleasant surprise to me. The approaches he teaches are well-organized and simple to comprehend, despite the fact that I strongly disagree with the way he approaches things.

It is a pretty okay program, but the high price tag is something that is simply not acceptable for me.

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How Does YTA Investing Work?

Step 1: Locate an anonymous YouTube channel with millions of views and millions of dollars in revenue.

Caleb’s OPC Hack (Other People’s Material) comes into play here; the idea is to look for previously-successful YouTube channels to see what sorts of content have already gone viral. Basically, you will be looking for content that has done well without the owners showing their face in the videos. This could be channels which use only voice overs and animated characters in their videos.

Step 2: Make a channel in the same niche.

You are advised to replicate the channel. You are encouraged to start a channel in the same niche and make the same type of content as them. Since their channel has become successful, maybe your channel can also be successful.

Step 3: Collaborate with a virtual team based in another country.

If you have a full time job, then maybe it would not be possible for you to upload videos in a scheduled basis. This is why you are encouraged to outsource the services of freelancers. You will be paying them depending on their rate, while they will automate the entire process for you.

Of course, you will be the one enjoying majority of the profits.

Step 4: Earn a passive income without ever having to appear in front of a camera or speaking into a microphone.

The videos that you will be having in your channel are all faceless videos. These are created by using content that already exists, and through the use of methods such as text-to-voice software. There are other options available which do not really require a person speaking into the camera.

Step 5: Create more YouTube channels to expand your business.

Caleb claims that once you have one channel up and going, you can simply rinse and repeat the process until you have a full network of channels generating a lot of views and earning you money through YouTube ads.

Well, this step is basically something you can do once you find success in your first channel already.

How Much is YTA Investing?

The masterclass does not come cheap. It costs at $997, but you have the option to pay in two installments of $597.

We just have his word that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you test it out and decide it’s not for you, but if what I’ve seen so far is any indication, his word doesn’t mean very much at all. This means that your refund request might get denied.

They will also attempt to get you to purchase the YTA Mastermind upsell, which will cost you back an enormous $10,000. After all, this is how they can get as much money from you as possible.

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Is YTA Investing a Scam?

YTA Investing Review - How-to

As much as I wanted to give Caleb Maddix credit, I can’t help but admit that the gurus he’s learnt from are some of the most dubious of all time in online marketing.

While some may see this as a planned ruse on the part of a fictitious guru or a fraud, others may see it as nothing more than good old-fashioned marketing.

To me, whether or not the YTA Method genuinely delivers on its claims is what determines if it is a fraud.

Is it able to accomplish what it claims to be able to accomplish?

Honestly, I don’t see how it’s possible.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online training courses, and I can confidently tell that The YTA Method isn’t the best, and it’s certainly not worth the exorbitant $997 price tag.

I’m not going to endorse YTA Method since it doesn’t provide you a practical technique to earn an internet income stream as they promised.

It’s not what it claims to be, and the ways they teach to generate money are so antiquated that there’s no way to make any money with it.

Final Verdict – YTA Investing

Before I end this YTA Investing review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

It is not easy starting a career on YouTube. It is also not guaranteed that your videos would gain any traction, despite of how professionally made they are. After all, it is still up to the viewers. They are the ones to judge whether your content is worth watching or not.

A lot of people who have gotten into YouTube were unsuccessful in making a full-time career by just making videos. This is because it is not a guaranteed source of income. It takes a lot of hard work.

You cannot just pay freelancers and have them work on your videos, then expect your channel to take off. That does not work that way.

If you ask me, it is better for you to find a better opportunity than YouTube. You should be looking at an opportunity that could make you money without having to learn a lot of complicated concepts. The next section will take about an opportunity you can start right now.

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