Zab Twins’ FBA Startup Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as FBA Startup by the Zab Twins. Is it legit? Find out in this Zab Twins’ FBA Startup review.

Amazon FBA is a fairly decent business opportunity you can sign up for. There are people that actually make money for it, and grow their business from it. Amazon has millions of users, after all.

What makes Amazon FBA different to the competition is that they fulfill the logistics for you and provide the warehouse space; all you need to do is supply them with the product.

With this in mind, is it really easy to run an Amazon business or not? Well, you may find the answer to that in this review.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Zab Twins’ FBA Startup review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Zab Twins’ FBA Startup in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Zab Twins Review: Quick Details

  • Name: FBA Startup
  • Founder: Brian and Arek Zabierek
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Amazon FBA
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend getting into Amazon FBA, as the competition there is overly saturated.

Who are the Zab Twins?

Brian and Arek Zabierek, collectively known as the Zab Twins, once found themselves in the same corporate grind that many of us experience. They harbored a burning desire to escape the monotonous rat race and achieve financial freedom.

In their pursuit of this elusive goal, they traversed various entrepreneurial paths, delving into dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

However, it was within the realm of Amazon FBA that their true passion ignited. Here, they unearthed the potential for unparalleled success, recognizing that with the right strategy, FBA could eclipse even the real estate industry in terms of profitability.

Having cracked the enigmatic code of prosperity, the Zab Twins were driven by a sense of purpose. They embarked on a mission to democratize their knowledge and experience, seeking to empower others on a similar journey.

Thus, they conceived their own FBA Startup course, meticulously designed to assist everyday Amazon sellers in launching thriving FBA enterprises.

Their aim? To enable others to replicate their achievements, attain financial independence, and break free from the shackles of corporate conformity.

What do they promise in this program?

Their breakthrough came through deciphering the intricate formula of success, a process involving the identification of a niche product devoid of market saturation. They then embarked on the journey of private-labeling this discovery, effectively transforming it into their unique offering.

The culmination of their efforts was a triumphant launch and strategic advertising on the Amazon platform, catapulting them to substantial prosperity.

With their achievements in hand, the Zab Twins felt a calling to share their hard-won wisdom with the wider public. This impetus drove them to create their FBA Startup course, tailored for the everyday Amazon seller.

Their central mission centered on facilitating the launch of FBA businesses for others, opening the doors to a realm of success akin to their own.

A primary aim was to decode the complexities of FBA, as they vividly remembered grappling with “information overload” during their initial foray into this venture. Their course was designed to provide clarity and actionable insights.

By May 2021, the twins had achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing over $1 million in sales and mentoring hundreds of budding FBA entrepreneurs through their online coaching.

However, it’s crucial to note that this Amazon boot camp comes with undisclosed hidden costs. The Zab Twins recommend a starting capital of $4,000 before embarking on their program and venturing into the world of FBA as an Amazon seller. This financial foundation is seen as a prudent prerequisite for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the Amazon marketplace effectively.

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FBA Startup Overview

The FBA Startup course curated by the Zab Twins serves as an all-encompassing roadmap for Amazon FBA enthusiasts, delving into the intricacies of private labeling to foster the creation of unique, personalized products.

This comprehensive offering holds the promise of leaving no stone unturned in your quest for mastery. It promises to teach you everything you need to know, from setting up your LLC and OFX account to using ranking logic, ManyChat, and other useful tools in a way that helps your product launch succeed.

However, the course’s ambit goes beyond the mere dissemination of theoretical knowledge. The Zab Twins go the extra mile, extending one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

This personalized approach is meticulously designed to function as a guiding compass, ensuring that students have access to the invaluable support and mentorship essential for navigating the often complex and challenging terrain of Amazon FBA.

The FBA Startup course is meticulously crafted to cater to the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs who harbor a keen desire to embark on the Amazon FBA journey. Irrespective of whether you find yourself in the early stages of e-commerce exploration or possess some prior experience in the realm of Amazon sales, this course purports to be an inclusive resource suitable for individuals at all levels of expertise.

For those yearning to explore a business model with the potential for substantial profits and the coveted freedom of time, FBA emerges as a compelling option.

However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that achieving success in the FBA arena hinges on a trifecta of dedication, meticulous research, and adaptability to surmount the inevitable challenges that arise along the way.


In terms of pricing, the Zab Twins have chosen a less transparent approach. To uncover the precise cost of enrolling in the FBA Startup course, prospective participants are required to schedule a consultation call with them.

Nonetheless, piecing together available information, it becomes evident that the twins advise potential students to ensure they possess a starting capital exceeding $4,000 before embarking on the course and initiating their journey into the world of FBA entrepreneurship.

While this initial financial commitment may appear formidable, it is paramount to perceive it as an investment in both your education and your burgeoning business venture.

When approached with the right mindset and unwavering dedication, this capital outlay has the potential to yield substantial returns, paving the path toward lucrative financial prospects in the realm of Amazon FBA.

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Is FBA Startup Legit?

In an era characterized by a proliferation of online courses and self-proclaimed gurus pledging miraculous overnight achievements, it’s only natural for skepticism to surround offerings like FBA Startup. However, upon scrutiny, there is no compelling evidence to categorize FBA Startup as a dubious scheme.

The transition of the Zab Twins from conventional corporate employees to triumphant FBA entrepreneurs serves as a testament to the legitimacy of their course. Their journey lends authenticity to their teachings.

Furthermore, their untarnished track record and the absence of any association with dubious practices contribute to their credibility.

Nonetheless, prudence dictates that one should approach any online course with discernment and thorough due diligence prior to committing financially.

Prospective participants should engage in meticulous research, delving into reviews, testimonials, and success narratives to gain a more comprehensive and informed perspective on the course’s efficacy and the experiences of those who have undertaken it.

Final Verdict – Zab Twins’ FBA Startup Review

In concluding this review of the Zab Twins’ FBA Startup program, I find myself at a crossroads of thought. On one hand, the success story of Brian and Arek Zabierek is undeniably inspiring. They have navigated the challenging waters of Amazon FBA with notable success, translating their experiences into a course designed to help others replicate their achievements.

However, as I delve deeper, certain aspects of the program leave me with reservations.

Firstly, the financial barrier to entry is a significant concern. The recommendation of a starting capital of at least $4,000 is not a trivial amount for many aspiring entrepreneurs. While investment is a necessary part of any business venture, this initial outlay may be daunting and potentially prohibitive for individuals who are not in a position to risk such an amount.

The lack of transparency in pricing also adds to the unease, requiring potential participants to schedule a consultation call to learn about the cost. This approach can create an unnecessary hurdle and a sense of exclusivity that may not sit well with everyone.

Additionally, the promises of the FBA Startup course, while attractive, may not reflect the complex reality of the Amazon marketplace. The world of FBA is highly competitive, with ever-changing algorithms and market dynamics.

The course claims to offer comprehensive guidance and mentorship, but the practical application of these teachings can differ greatly depending on individual circumstances, market trends, and product niches.

Furthermore, the overwhelming focus on the financial success of the Zab Twins, while motivating, does not necessarily guarantee similar outcomes for all participants. Success in Amazon FBA requires more than just following a prescribed set of instructions; it demands creativity, market intuition, and an ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

The course might provide valuable knowledge, but it cannot inherently instill these entrepreneurial traits.

In essence, while the Zab Twins’ FBA Startup program offers insights and strategies that could be beneficial, prospective participants should temper their expectations. The journey to success in Amazon FBA is varied and complex, and while guidance is valuable, it is not a foolproof path to financial freedom.

Each potential entrepreneur must weigh the cost, both financial and in terms of time and effort, against the uncertain nature of success in such a competitive arena.

While I appreciate the effort and knowledge put into the FBA Startup course by the Zab Twins, I remain cautious. The program may serve as a useful tool for some, but it is not a guaranteed blueprint for success. As with any entrepreneurial venture, particularly in the dynamic and competitive world of Amazon FBA, there are no shortcuts to success.

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