Rebel Builders Review – Zach Spear Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Zach Spear’s Rebel Builders training program. Is this even worth it? Find out in this Rebel Builders review.

If you’ve stumbled upon this review, you’re probably someone looking for an effective method to make money online. Preferably, something that can help you earn more than enough money to quit your 9-5 day job.

And as you may have found out at this point, there are a lot of opportunities and methods out there. A lot of people even have claimed that these opportunities have helped them achieve that financial freedom that you’re clamoring for.

Zach Spear’s Rebel Builders is one of those opportunities that you may have seen around. But of course, you would be skeptical at first.

“Is this even legit? Will it also work for me as much as it worked for that guy?” These are the questions that would surely pop up in your mind, and I can’t blame you for it.

Hence, I created this review with that in mind.

So before you invest any amount of money into this program, it’s better if you read this Rebel Builders review first. So you can decide for yourself if this program is going to be worth it for you, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully-independent and unbiased Rebel Builders review. And this is based on information that’s publicly available, along with my own opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with the creator of the Rebel Builders in any way or form whatsoever.

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Rebel Builders Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Rebel Builders
  • Owner: Zach Spear
  • Website:
  • Socials: LinkedInInstagram
  • Type: Online Course
  • Niche: Multi Level Marketing
  • Recommended?: DON’T EVEN TOUCH THIS! Anything involved with MLMs, it’s better if you just avoid it altogether, no matter what they say. There are much better moneymaking opportunities out there that are more legitimate.

What Is Rebel Builders?

Rebel Builders is a training program that is marketed as a “blueprint” that marketers can follow. Here, it teaches marketers how you can acquire more leads for your business, and convert them into buyers.

Here, you’ll learn a variety of things, such as…

  • Creating a high-converting sales funnel.
  • Driving traffic to your websites using paid advertisements.
  • Copywriting and creating an effective sales ad copy.

While this can be applied to almost any business to get more sales, Rebel Builders is specifically intended with Multi Level Marketing in mind. That’s because Zach Spear himself is also quite active in MLMs.

Rebel Builders is founded on the fact that, according to Zach’s belief, the traditional recruitment methods are already obsolete, outdated, and therefore not effective anymore. He believes that, with his “blueprint”, you’ll be able to recruit around 30 people to your business in just under a month, using just a simple two-page sales funnel.

In addition, he says that with Rebel Builders, you don’t have to be ashamed of being in the MLM business anymore. I beg to disagree with this statement, though.

Because nothing can change my mind about the fact that the MLM business model is very bad, and should be avoided at all costs.

How Does The Multi Level Marketing Business Model Work?

This part of the Rebel Builders review will explain why, regardless of any online course, the MLM business is a very bad idea.

I’m going to start with how I presently feel about multi-level marketing. I believe that these businesses are the worst, and that it is much better to burn your money than to join an MLM.

One thing that irritates me about MLMs is that they constantly present their opportunities as something like a real career. They even post these MLM invites in the guise of job postings on social media.

And sadly, plenty of people fall for these fake job postings, costing them plenty of time and money. Worse, even if you try to refuse, they may even harass or guilt-trip you into joining.

This is why you should be able to distinguish legitimate job opportunities from MLMs.

MLMs are also notorious for lying about how much money their members make. They urge its members to purchase high-end items in order to project a wealthy, successful existence.

Some MLMs even hold conferences to meet their members and honor those who have progressed to the top levels.

Honestly, the ranking system is a complete sham. I’m sure some of the individuals in there put in a lot of effort to get to where they are, but you can practically buy your way up the “corporate ladder”.

What’s preventing members from purchasing the goods themselves? Being promoted is dependent on how many products are purchased. Why wouldn’t it be based on the number of products they sold instead?

It is simple to rise up the ranks of an MLM if you have additional cash on hand. Simply keep purchasing items until you get the desired level. It’s a never-ending loop of foolishness.

Feel free to check out my other reviews about MLM companies so you’ll know why many people despise MLMs.

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My Favorite Program

Who Is Zach Spear?

Zach Spear is the creator of Rebel Builders, as well as its only instructor. He’s also a known expert in the subject of lead generation, digital marketing, and and email marketing

Rebel Builders Review - Zach Spear

Not much can really be said about his work history, other than the fact that he’s very active in MLMs. In fact, he has been in the MLM industry for a period of 10 years now.

His experience in MLMs has certainly taught him a lot. Since he claims that he’s the guy that has tried all methods to try and get to recruit members in network marketing.

And despite his diligence and the advice of his previous uplines to “just keep doing what he’s doing,”  nothing certainly seems to work for him.

Thus, he ditched the old systems and created a new one that has proven to work for him. He says that his new system combines the elements of network marketing, online marketing, and selling your own course or system.

And this became the basis of his Rebel Builders training program.

What’s Inside Rebel Builders?

The Rebel Builders training program is divided into three parts. Each part is essentially an online course in its own right, that makes up the totality of the Rebel Builders package.

Here, you’ll get an online course to increase the number of recruits you have per month (30 Recruits Per Month), how you can set up your own sales funnel (Immediate Income Webinar), and finally, a masterclass about Facebook ads (Facebook Ads Masterclass & Swipe Files).

Finally, you’ll also get a couple of freebies that can help you out in creating your marketing website. Here’s a quick overview of what each part contains on the inside.

30 Recruits Per Month

As the name mentions, this online course is all about increasing the number of recruits you can get for your business. Keep in mind that Rebel Builders, while it teaches online marketing, has a strong emphasis on helping with MLM businesses.

By increasing your recruitment rate, you’ll be on the road to becoming a Top Earner in your MLM business.

It consists of 5 modules that cover the following topics:

  1. Preparing & Customizing Your Funnel –  You will learn how to set up your sales funnel in a way that drives more conversions.
  2. Influencer Ad Creation & Design – Here’s how to create top converting ads and designs with attention-grabbing traits.
  3. Automating Tuning. 
  4. Finding & Finalizing Influencer Deals.
  5. Handling The Influx & Sponsoring Your Leads.

Immediate Income Webinar Funnel

This online course is all about creating your sales funnel for your business. While it’s specifically mentioned in the program, it’s assumed that you’ll learn here how you can set up your funnel website using ClickFunnels.

First, you’ll be taught how you can record your own “webinar” video for your funnel. You will learn how to set up and present your story in a compelling way, write a webinar script, leverage automation, and launch your webinar funnel.

This online course contains 6 modules in all.

Facebook Ads Masterclass & Swipe Files

This online course is where you’ll learn all about Facebook paid ads. These include setting up your Facebook pixels, creating your ads copy, and how to budget your ads.

It also contains some lessons about copywriting. You will learn the exact copywriting strategy that Zach and his team use on their prospects in the industry, how to manage your campaigns, scale, and reduce your overall costs.


Aside from the training courses, you’ll also get some free downloadable templates of the funnel website and ad swipes that Zach himself has used for his marketing campaign. All you have to do is to edit them as you see fit to make them suitable for your own campaign.

Pros & Cons Of Rebel Builders


  1. Zach Spear is a legitimate guru. His knowledge of online marketing isn’t lacking at all, and you can learn plenty of stuff from him.
  2. The program contains comprehensive content about online marketing education. Additionally, downloadable Done-For-You templates for the funnels and ad copies are available, so as to save you plenty of time and energy in creating your own.


  1. The cost for enrolling in Rebel Builders isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website, and it’s only revealed to you if you booked a call with them. But nevertheless, expect that it’s going to cost you a thousand dollars or more.
  2. As this is not the only training program that Zach has, expect to be presented with plenty of upsells, thus driving the price up on the training program even more.
  3. Paid ads will eventually become too expensive. And Facebook’s new policies on these ads mean that your account may get banned overtime.
  4. MLM is a very ugly business model that isn’t stable at all. You may earn money in the first months of your stay in MLMs, but eventually, your earnings will continuously drop as you’re going to run out of new downline recruits.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

MLM Stats
  • Almost 99% of participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs.
  • The success rate of an online business, which will give you financial and time freedom, is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from MLMs.
  • According to the AARP foundation, 47% of distributors of all MLMs lose their money. Apart from this, 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Of the remaining 26% that actually make money, 53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% of that 53%, who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long-term business with MLMs, because 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year.
  • 75% of people that joined MLMs say that they will never again join any kind of MLM.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 MLM distributors and it was concluded that most of them made 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale. 60% of them made less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvements.


Rebel Builders Review: Final Verdict

Let me close off this Rebel Builders review by saying some of my final thoughts.

For me, Zach Spear isn’t a scammer at all. He knows the subject matter that he teaches, and as far as online marketing goes, he has plenty that he can offer.

Thus, I don’t think Rebel Builders can be considered a scam training program at all.

However, the only reason why I can recommend this program to anyone at all, is because of the business model that it promotes. I’m sure you’re aware that MLMs have a reputation for lying to their customers, especially about their compensation plans.

There are many better ways to make money than joining in MLMs. Trust me, it’s not worth your time and effort.

I’ve already joined several MLMs in the past, and I failed pretty much all of them. And it’s not because I didn’t enroll in some training program that offers guaranteed results or followed the system they’re teaching.

It’s that it’s not really that stable at all in regards to creating income. You’re led to believe that you just have to follow them and it will work for you, too. When it’s the opposite. It just makes it worse.

Thankfully, this experience led me to discover this great business model that I’ve been using until this day.

It’s about digital real estate and lead generation, and I’ve been making consistent several figures worth of income from this. If you want to know more about it, continue reading after this Rebel Builders review.

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