zBuyer Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about zBuyer. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Lead generation is one of those things that a lot real estate agents use in order to find clients. There is always going to be someone who has an intention to put up their property for sale in the market. The only way that they could do that is by finding a real estate agent. Now, those people probably have a real estate agent in mind while they were planning on how and when they plan to sell their property. But there are times where these people haven’t really considered which agent they might work with. That opens up an opportunity for a lot of real estate agents to contact those people so that they could get to work in listing that property.

The same process also applies to those who have an intention to buy a property in a specific area. These people might be those that moved from another town or even another state. So they probably haven’t really found a real estate agent to work with yet. That also opens up another opportunity for real estate agents in that area. Maybe they could hit two birds with one stone. The problem with that is they don’t really know exactly who has an intention to do so.

That is where a lot of these real estate lead generation services come in. They use a lot of data in order to point those people wanting to buy and/or sell a property to an agent who works in that area. Not all of the real estate agents working today use these lead generation services. But it does help those that often struggle with finding clients.

When I heard about zBuyer, I was kind of curious about what makes them different from their competition. In essence, they are doing roughly the same thing as their competitors. But there might be something in how they do it that differentiates themselves from the rest. And we are going to find out if it is worth all the trouble. Or are you better off going with their competitors.

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zBuyer Review: Quick Details

  • Name: zBuyer
  • Founders: Steven T. Edwards and Lucas Edwards
  • Website: https://zbuyer.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, X (or the platform formerly known as Twitter)
  • Type: Lead generation service
  • Niche: Real estate, digital marketing, lead generation
  • Recommendation: There is nothing particularly different to how zBuyer generates leads compared to its competitors. While there is a likelihood that most of the leads that zBuyer provides to real estate agents are genuine, it takes quite a bit of work of turning those leads into actual clients.

Who Are Steven T. Edwards and Lucas Edwards?

zBuyer co-owner and chief sales officer Aaron Edwards

Steven T. Edwards and Lucas Edwards are the co-founders of zBuyer, a real estate lead generation company.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information that you could find about either Steven or Lucas. The only information that is available about either of them is that they are siblings. I was surprised to find out that zBuyer is largely a family business. It doesn’t seem that there is any story about how exactly the two of them decided to start the company together. From what I could find, Steven has about more than two decades’ worth of experience working the real estate industry. Lucas, one the other hand, had graduated with a degree in computer information systems in 2004. He had previously worked as a application developer for about a year.

It was in 2003 when Steve and Lucas decided to start zBuyer. The company at the time was mostly focused on serving real estate investors. They knew exactly who their target audience was at the time. The volume of leads that they were getting continued to grow as time went on. And that was when zBuyer started to expand to those who are just starting out a career as a real estate agent.

At some point throughout the company’s growth, Steven and Lucas’s other siblings Aaron and Jessica decide to join the company. Steven serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Lucas, on the other hand, serves as the company’s chief information officer. Aaron and Jessica are both considered co-owners of the business. Jessica serves as chief operating officer while Aaron serves as chief sales officer.

It is so interesting how the rest of the family decided to join and help run the company. I have seen other people say that you shouldn’t run a business with family. Because, obviously, there are going to be a lot of different opinions from everyone on how they should run the business. But considering that Steven and Lucas have more seniority than the other two when it comes to running the company, a lot of decisions probably fall on Steven.

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What is zBuyer?

zBuyer is a real estate lead generation company. They help real estate agents get leads through the use of digital marketing.

You have probably noticed that I have mentioned the term “lead generation” a couple of times in this review. I am aware that not a lot of people know exactly what that term means. So allow me to explain. Lead generation refers to a process of creating interest for the products and services of a business. It is often a part of any business’s marketing strategy. Lead refers to the people who could potentially become customers of that business. There are a lot of steps that happen before a lead becomes a customer. But it all starts when you market your business to consumers. It doesn’t matter where you market it. As long as people see it, all of them have become a lead for your business.

Pretty much the same applies to the leads that are generated for the real estate industry. These are the people who are either buying or selling a property. Sometimes, they are both. A company like zBuyer generates these leads by marketing themselves to them. Usually, in the form of digital advertising. Imagine this: You’re somebody who is planning to move to another state. There have been some houses that you have been looking up online. You know the price range for it and all. But you don’t really know real estate agents who work in that area. So you search for it online. Some of the results that show up would probably include an idea that seemingly gets exactly what you mean.

Screenshot of the zBuyer website

So you click on it, and then you’re redirected to a form that you have to fill up. It asks you for your contact information. You wait a while and then you suddenly get a call from an unknown number. The person on the other line is a real estate agent who works in that area where your dream home is located. That’s the entire process of lead generation. But it doesn’t really end until you have closed the deal on the house.

There isn’t really concrete information with regards to the pricing for zBuyer. You have to request a demo with them in order to learn about the pricing. But from what I could find, they charge $400 a month to get access to their service. They deliver leads to your inbox whenever they manage to capture a lead through their questionnaire form.

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Final Verdict – zBuyer Review

There is nothing really that differentiates zBuyer from all of the other real estate lead generation services that I have reviewed in the past. It works exactly how a lead generation service should work. But there’s nothing particular notable about this specific service. And that’s good, honestly.

Even if real estate agents manage to get leads from zBuyer, it doesn’t really guarantee that every single lead that they would get actually ends with a deal closing. That is kind of how leads usually are. It might seem like they have potential at the start. But there are a lot of other factors that might affect the process. People can choose not to continue working with the real estate agent that contacted them. And those people have the right to do so. But it’s definitely bad for the real estate agents since they paid money to get those leads.

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That’s it for my review of zBuyer. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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