Zcode System Review: Is This A Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Zcode System sports betting system. How reliable can this be? Let’s see in this Zcode System review.

Watching your favorite sports competitions is always a good way to relax. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, or even esports.

There’s no better feeling than cheering for your favorite team, whether it’s live, or in front of your couch at home.

But let’s also face it. We also love betting on sports events. Though most of us only engage in friendly being with little stakes, which is okay.

But there’s also some people who take sports betting very seriously. These people are usually the ones engaged in high-stakes betting and don’t really care about betting on their favorite teams.

They would gladly bet on the team or matchup that has the most potential to win statistically, whether it’s their favorite team or not.

If you’re one of those people, then you may have heard of the Zcode System. They say that this system increases your chances of making money from sports betting.

But is this the right system for you to make money? Will you truly be able to make a consistent profit with this?

Before you spend your money on this, it’s better if you read this Zcode System review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is worth the investment, or not.

Note that this is a fully independent ZCode System review. I’m not affiliated with the ZCode System, in any form whatsoever.

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What Is The Zcode System?


The Zcode System is basically a program that’s designed for you to make the most out of your betting game. It uses several advanced algorithms and statistics to give a loose prediction of the outcome of the game.

Furthermore, it also uses those same technologies to determine if the game is a profitable bet, or not.

From this description, you can say that the Zcode System is basically a “betting robot”. But it claims to be much more than that.

The Zcode System supports a variety of sports that allow betting, such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and even esports.

This system is a result of over 13 years worth of experience and research, and has been consistently helping bettors since 1999. It also claims to be beginner-friendly as well. Such as you don’t even need to be a fan of several sports events to be able to understand and earn money through this system.

If you’re a regular bettor at sports, and you want to increase your consistency in your winnings, then the Zcode System could be a good investment for you.

However, while it doesn’t increase your chances, it’s still not a 100% guarantee. As such is the nature of gambling. Therefore, even with this system, you’re still at risk of money loss, especially when you’re betting with large stakes.

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Who Created The Zcode System?

The Zcode System was created by certain individuals named “Steve, Mike, & Ron”.

Oddly enough, there’s no mention on what are the full names of these creators, or even any kind of backstory about them. What is known, however, is that they’re sports enthusiasts, they engaged in forex trading before, and that they created and maintained this system since 1999.

It’s not going to be surprising at all if one finds it quite difficult to trust this system at all. And it’s all because of the anonymity of the creators involved.

What’s Inside The Zcode System?

This is what the member’s area of the Zcode System looks like.

Zcode System - Main Menu

The Zcode System contains a comprehensive list of various tools that will aid you in your betting game. All together, these can give you a good idea of what bets you should play, and which should you avoid.

VIP Picks

This is what is considered the main section of the entire Zcode System, and the area that you’ll most likely check often.

This section contains all the daily sports predictions and picks that you can use as a reference for your bets. The predictions that this system makes are based on a number of team and player performance statistics, which you can easily view by clicking on them.

The statistics usually used in determining these picks include odds, stakes, team data, win/loss streaks, and others. In addition, these statistics are constantly updated to reflect any changes, whether big or small, on any of the matchups within.

Finally, you’ll also be able to engage in a discussion with other members of the system. During which you can learn some other valuable information from certain picks to aid in your sports investment.

The variety of information provided in this section will allow you to place the best, most profitable picks. And potentially gain a lot of money from those bets.

Hot Trends

Zcode System - Hot Trends

In this section, you’ll be able to see the links to the hottest and winning sports betting systems that you may want to follow.

A sports betting system is a collection of repeated practices or rules that a sports bettor will do or use in order to make winning sports betting picks.

The criteria for these systems usually vary, from simple win-loss statistics on a certain league, to numerous complex statistics such as shots made, punches landed, and others.

This section will automatically pick and choose the current best sports betting system that you may want to use, along with even more statistics on why it’s the current best. You can also create your own sports betting system if you wish.

As said before, the Zcode System supports different sports and sports leagues to bet on. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of betting systems for basketball, baseball, soccer, esports, and even horse racing.

Power Rankings

Zcode System - Power Rankings

The “Power Rankings” section is simply a list of the current top teams from every sports league.

Here, you can see their current rank, an indication of whether they moved up or down in rankings, and their current win or lose streak.


As what it says, this section contains various video tutorials on how to use the system to its fullest.

If you ever find yourself having difficulty navigating through the various statistics on the Zcode System (and this will surely happen), you can refer to any of the tutorials presented here.

It’s also recommended that you start browsing this as well, when you’re a beginner.


Zcode System - Bookmakers

Bookmakers, or “bookies” for short, are individuals who simply organize and make a bet for you.

Basically, they take your bet amount and place it on a bet of your choice. If you win, the bookie will also be responsible for sending the payout for you.

This section will feature a list of bookmakers that this system recommends, their pros and cons, and will rank them according to their recommendation.

The Zcode System claims that you only need at least one or two accounts from different bookies in order to use this system.

Bonus Tools

Zcode System - Bonus Tools

As the name says, this section contains some miscellaneous tools that you may use to aid you in your sports betting experience in Zcode System.

The tools included here can vary, but here are some examples:

  • Power Ranking Indicator – This tool shows you how the power rank of teams has changed in the past time to predict their future performances. You can compare their performance to calculate your bet.
  • Team Strength Oscillator – This tool can be used to know the strength of the team. It provides thorough research on the team to double your profits.
  • MLB Pitcher Profit Oscillator – Through this tool, you can select your pitchers and compare them to go with the trend. This converts prediction into calculation.
  • Favorite Underdog Market Oscillator – This tool helps you find out the table when the underdog team tends to win more games than their usual performance. You can follow the chart in this tool to track their performance.
  • Team Volatility Oscillator – It shows the update related to the rankings of the team with the graph to know if they are stable or not.
  • MLB ERA Pitcher Oscillator – Used to track the performance of the pitcher. You can also check how well a pitcher has prevented the runs in the past through the chart.
  • Head to Head tool – Helps you track the performance of two teams when they are performing against each other.
  • Totals Predictor – It is a unique tool that has two lines. Blueline defines the over/under line and red lines differentiate between over/under.
  • Line reversal- It shows you the trend of betting. You can see where all the profit is going at the moment. You can edit or modify your bet with the help of this tool.
  • Hedging calculator – The hedging calculator helps you calculate the risk of losing so that you can plan your bet accordingly.
  • Odds Converter – It converts odds between all the seven formats, like American, fractional, decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay. You simply enter the value to convert to other formats.
  • Scores Predictor – This tool is to predict the score of the game along with the winner. It works on more than 80 parameters to show the results.
  • Playoff Simulator – It predicts the playoff brackets of the team through its research on more than 80 parameters.


Zcode Calculator - Forum

Finally, we have the Zcode System forum area.

Here, you can meet and interact with your fellow Zcode System VIP members. You can see the various tips and suggestions that each member posts, share your own tips, or just simply discuss your favorite sport, team, or anything related to Zcode System.

A Sneak Peek Of The Whole Zcode System Member’s Area

If you want to see what you can get when you join the Zcode System, here’s an official sneak peek.

How Much Does Joining The Zcode System Cost?

To join the Zcode System and avail of all its features, you need to pay $198. It’s also a monthly subscription, meaning you have to pay $198 each month to keep using the system.

Among all the other betting systems available on the market, the Zcode System is the most expensive to date. But it’s worth the price if you want to up your betting game since it’s the most reliable.

Still, in order to make this system sustainable, you need to consistently win more than $198 at your sports bets in order to cover the monthly cost. While it’s quite doable, it may not happen consistently enough to cover the cost.

It’s not the fault of the system, but that’s just what gambling is. You win some, you still lose some.

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Pros And Cons Of The Zcode System

The pros and cons that I’ll state here only cover the system itself. It won’t cover the verdict on whether this will be a good money-making system for anyone or not (which I’ll cover later.)


  • High Betting Accuracy – While not completely 100% accurate, Zcode System’s betting predictions and recommended picks are, for the most part, reliable. That’s because it uses several data from different sports and player’s parameters to come up with the required data to make a prediction.
  • Updates Constantly – Unlike most online betting prediction systems, the data on Zcode System is constantly being updated as the parameters for each team and player change. This ensures that you’ll be able to get the most accurate pick possible, despite any game condition.
  • Easy To Use – The Zcode System is really easy to use, that you only need to only copy the data that is given to you without much effort. Additionally, all the menus presented in the member’s area are easy to pickup. This allows you to use them as soon as you’ve become a member.


  • Very Expensive – All these features and convenience comes at a price. It’s very expensive, possibly the most expensive betting system around. Some people may not mind, given the quality of this system. But if you can’t continuously earn money through betting, you may not be able to cover the monthly cost of this.
  • The Options Are Overwhelming – While easy to use, beginners may have a very hard time navigating through the system at first, due to the overwhelming numbers that you should crunch here. One may find themselves visiting and re-visiting the tutorials constantly before they can get a hang of this system.
  • Not 100% Accurate – Remember that the Zcode System is not a “magical” system that automatically claims you winning bets. While its predictions and picks are highly accurate, it’s still not 100%. No system can do that. Therefore, you should not put too much faith in the Zcode System and just see this as a guide.

Will You Recommend The Zcode System?

I would highly recommend joining the Zcode System if you’re someone who regularly invests in sporting events, and wants to increase their chances of making money through betting.

However, if you’re only someone who bets on sporting events just for plain fun, and only for the support of your home team, then it’s useless for you to avail of this.

Personally, I don’t highly recommend this if you want to earn money as a side hustle. Sure, you can win big in high-stakes sports betting, and this system will definitely increase your chances of getting it.

But it isn’t a 100% chance of winning. It’s still gambling. And there’s still always quite a risk for it.

In my own opinion, while sports betting is technically legal in most parts, it’s only to be intended as some sort of a past time. One should not think of this as a way to make money.

And even so, one should set a maximum amount of money when doing these bets. Don’t ever exceed the budget that you set yourself for this.

While it’s going to be quite tempting to raise the stakes if you constantly win in sports bets like this, you should simply not do it.

Zcode System Review: Final Thoughts

To close up this Zcode System review, I would like to say some final thoughts.

Overall, the Zcode System is only useful for professional bettors who already know how they can manage their own risk during sports betting.

If you’re already familiar with day trading and cryptocurrency investments, then you may have developed the skills needed to manage some risks in sports betting.

But this is not something that anyone can use. Or, to be specific, it’s not something that anyone should use.

Any kind of sports betting/gambling isn’t good at earning money consistently, regardless of any system you use to assist you.

What you should be looking for as a side hustle is something that still gives you a somewhat consistent and reliable business opportunity, that still retains those two things even when you’re going to scale it.

Fortunately, I’m also here to offer you just that. A reliable business opportunity. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Zcode System review.

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