Zend Profitz Review: Can You Profit From This?

Today, we’re going to talk about Zend Profitz. Can this moneymaker system help you earn passive income? Let’s find out in this Zend Profitz review.

While email marketing is one of the older methods of digital marketing today, it still remains an important one.

In fact, regardless of today’s trends of social media networks and instant messaging, email marketing still holds its effectivity. Sometimes, even more so than SEO.

The reason for this is that email is still essential to our online lives today. In fact, it’s now even more essential than before thanks to the mobile technology that we have today.

The only problem is that some people are doing email marketing wrong. And sometimes, one of those faults is that they haven’t built up their own email list.

Zend Profitz is a software system that claims it can help you with that purpose.

It’s a so-called “lead generator” that lets you build your email list so you can send your marketing campaigns to prospects, and hopefully convert those into sales.

It does sounds promising, but are the claims legitimate? Is Zend Profitz a good addition to your affiliate marketing tools? Or is it just another overhyped software system that is only full of fake claims?

Read through this Zend Profitz review and see if this is something that you can worth with.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Zend Profitz review. I’m not affiliated with Zend Profitz, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Zend Profits?

Zend Profitz is a moneymaking software system that’s built for any kind of online marketing.

Its basic premise is that it automatically collects emails from various online sources and builds your email list. Then, using that email list, you can then send any of the marketing campaigns that you made here (that contains your affiliate link) to send to these emails.

This, in turn, will, in theory, let you earn profits from the commissions you can gain.

Zend Profitz also works with any niche of your choice, and is quite easy to use as well.

The People Behind Zend Profitz

Zend Profitz is formed by a two-man team of known digital marketers, Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele.

Jason Fulton

Jason Fulton

Seun Ogundele

Seun Ogundele

The duo is also responsible for several other online money-making systems like UProfito, TockedCliKitz, and many others.

For more information about them, you can visit them through the links below.

Jason Fulton

Seun Ogundele

Features of Zend Profitz

Lead Grabber

Zend Profitz Lead Grabber

This Lead Grabber is the main feature of Zend Profitz.

The Lead Grabber is an installable extension for Chrome-based browsers that allows you to collect leads from various sources.

Basically, it works as an email scraper that gathers emails from several sources and compiles them into a list for you to use.

To use this, simply open up the installed extension, and a pop-up window will open up.

Zend Profitz Lead Grabber Extension

Next, click on the “Settings” button on the lower-right part of the extension. This will bring you to a window, where you can search for the keywords you need, as well as the sources for your leads.

Zend Profitz Lead Grabber How To Use

You can choose from several sources, like social media sites (Facebook, Instagram), various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and even from other websites.

Once you filled out the needed information, click on “Search For Leads”, then “Scrape Emails”, then click on “Start”.

Zend Profitz Lead Grabber How To Use

The extension will then cycle through different websites related to your chosen keyword while grabbing several emails for you to build your list.

At this point, you can stop anytime once you collected the leads you need, and then import them through a text file.

Done-For-You Campaigns

Zend Profitz Done-For-You Campaigns

This is where you can choose your own marketing campaigns.

You can pick a pre-made done-for-you campaign here, or you can create one of your own.

For creating your own campaign, you can also choose from several layouts, as well as several templates provided. There are also templates for any niche you want.

Zend Profitz Templates

Product Offers

Zend Profitz Offers

This is where affiliate marketers can find offers from some products to sell. These products usually come from both WarriorPlus and ClickBank.

These offers come complete with everything you need to start being an affiliate, including the affiliate links, and email swipes for promoting these.

This section also allows you to sign up to WarriorPlus or ClickBank, assuming you haven’t done so already.


If you want to see how Zend Profitz works, here’s the official demo video from one of the vendors of this product.

Zend Profitz One-Time Offers

Zend Profitz by itself is already a usable product. However, the system also offers a variety of upsells that can “upgrade” the software and add additional features.

Zend Profitz has a total of 5 upsells.

  • Front End: Zend Profitz ($19) – The front end to the entire system. Before availing of any of the upgrades listed below, you should purchase this first.
  • 1st OTO: Unlimited ($47) – Unlocks the unlimited version of the front end, giving you the ability to create unlimited marketing campaigns and unlimited leads.
  • 2nd OTO: Done For You ($197) – Unlocks more done-for-you marketing campaigns that you can use.
  • 3rd OTO: Automation ($47) – The full automation allows the author’s team to create ALL the marketing campaigns for you, as well as what products you would offer. All they’ll need is your affiliate network ID.
  • 4th OTO: Unlimited Traffic ($67) – Presumably, this gives you access to more training videos on how can you get unlimited traffic to your campaigns
  • 5th OTO: License Rights ($96) – Gives you a license to resell Zend Profitz. Sell the entire product as your own and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
  • 6th OTO: Commission Multiplier – Presumably, this gives you access to even more training videos about affiliate marketing and how can you increase your commissions.

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Should I Buy Zend Profitz?

After seeing how Zend Profitz works, it’s pretty obvious to me that their method is a very bad idea.

However, this idea is further reinforced after I tested the software for myself, and finding several errors in the software itself.

Their Method Is Basically Spamming

Zend Profitz’ method of email scraping through various websites already constitutes spamming. That’s because you’re essentially taking the emails of other individuals and using them for commercial purposes without the consent of the individual.

And according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, that is already a violation of the said act.

If your business insists on doing this and you’re detected somehow, your business will face some severe consequences. These include, but is not limited to…

  • Marking your ISP by email clients and ISPs as a spammer
  • Your SMTP service will be suspended.
  • Your business website may be taken offline by your host.
  • You may face legal action.
  • More importantly, your brand image would be tarnished.

Besides, of the emails that Zend Profitz scrape for you are, for the most part, garbage. None of the emails came from “human” owners at all.

Which means, the list you’re going to build is purely inorganic in nature, further adding to the spam.

Some Of The Features Don’t Work At All

Zend Profitz Build Audience

One of the biggest ironies about this software system is that, while Zend Profitz IS designed to be a lead generator, you’re unable to use those leads at all.

It’s because of a technical error within the site itself. Whenever you try uploading your imported email list to this system to build your list, the progress just freezes.

Even if you already have a fast enough internet connection, your list could still take forever to upload (assuming it works).

And with no email list to build, you can’t possibly start any marketing campaign of your own here UNLESS it’s from one of the so-called “Done-For-You” campaigns here (which is part of the upsells for this product).

And if you can’t even start a marketing campaign here, then how can you earn money from this system?

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It Lacks Support & Stability

Some of the features of Zend Profitz, like the page builder, aren’t really new at all. There are plenty of alternatives to this if you look well enough.

The only difference is that most of these website builder services provide a subscription-based payment method to use their service. Zend Profitz does not.

HOWEVER, being cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Because the subscription-based payment model for some software is there for a very good reason.

It’s to provide the level of support that you’ll need to keep your software working at optimal performance. As well as to keep the server stable enough.

One-time payment software systems usually don’t provide the support that you’ll need to keep it working. Once you purchased the software, you’re on your own now.

Which is bad news for anyone. Software like this has a tendency to just shut down once there’s no money going in.

And if it does, then don’t expect any more support from them.

Not only will the software itself won’t work anymore. All the marketing campaings you created and hosted on this software system, will also be gone for good. As well as the traffic you worked hard for in this software (assuming you DID get some traffic).

The Chrome Extension part of Zend Profitz may STILL work, but as it only just promotes spamming, it’s going to be useless.

Now you may be thinking that it may not even happen at all. Well, it may happen sooner than you think.

And that’s because these vendors, “super affiliates”, tend to launch 2-3 products on WarriorPlus and JVZoo constantly. So how can they keep support their old products if they keep on releasing “new” ones?

Email Marketing: General Tips

Now that you’ve been at this point of this Zend Profitz review, you may be asking if it’s still possible to gain leads  via e-mail marketing. The answer is always “YES!”. And you don’t even need to resort to spamming anything to do so.

Just keep in mind these simple tips help out on your e-mail marketing efforts:

  1. Make An Organic Subscriber’s List – “Organic” means the email address you collect come from real people, and not just dummy or even corportate emails. This is where the “Subscribe” button is helpful for your website. But take note. Visitors will only subscribe if they find your content (and the products you’re selling) entertaining and eye-catching. So build your subscriber’s list by creating engaging content. Make sure that your potential customers are the ones that’ll approach you for your product, instead of the other way around.
  2. Remember The Law: Always keep in mind the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. You want to make sure that the e-mail you send to your subscribers follows the law. This means, having a clear subject line, giving a visible option to unsubscribe, and placing your name and address at the end of every e-mail.
  3. Mobile Optimization: Make sure your e-mails are comfortably viewable on a mobile device. Nowadays, people spend their time on their mobile devices than on their computers, including checking their e-mail.
  4. Maintain A Consistent Schedule: For newsletters, this is important. When you set and maintain a schedule when sending e-mails on your list, your subscribers will know when to expect new updates from your website.
  5. Have E-Mail Variety: Remember that there are real people behind those e-mails. If you send them ads all the time, they’ll find you annoying. From time to time, give some value to your subscribers by sharing some of your own tips and insights on your selected field. This’ll let them know that you value them as well.
  6. Respect: Keep in mind that these subscribers entrusted you not just with their e-mail addresses, but also some of their personal information, like their full names.  Take advantage of those to personalize your e-mails to them, but use them ethically.

Always make your sales e-mail as presentable as possible. And try to add some personal touch to it. Sometimes, most people will prefer reading content that they can relate to.

Failing to do a proper construction of the sales e-mail will just make some subscribers flag them as spam/junk.

Zend Profitz Review: Final Verdict

Before I close off this Zend Profitz review…

It’s also worth noting that one of the authors of this system, Jason Fulton, is already recognized as a scammer by some bloggers due to having many issues.

So having said that, this product could pass off as another scam.

Scam Alert 2

Similar to other software systems like ParaMountZ and ReZolved, Zend Profitz is full of errors. And for something that promotes itself as a “moneymaking” software system, this can create several trust issues.

So the best thing to do is to just avoid buying this software. If you want a reliable and surefire way to make money online, keep reading beyond this Zend Profitz review…

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