Zendrop Review – Legit or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Zendrop. Is the program legit? Find out in this Zendrop review.

Getting started with your own online business is a lot easier if you already have a store on AliExpress or Shopify.

In order to be successful as an internet entrepreneur, it is crucial to develop the information and skills that are necessary. As an additional safety measure, you want to have some idea about the product that you plan to offer in the future.

On your quest to building a successful online business, it is my hope that you will discover some knowledge that will be helpful to you in this post.

In this review, I hope I can help you find out if the dropshipping platform Zendrop is the one that works best for you.

I have devoted a significant amount of time to gathering information regarding Zendrop in order to provide you with additional details regarding it and to assist you in making an informed decision.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Zendrop review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Zendrop in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Zendrop Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Zendrop
  • Owner: Jared Goetz
  • Website: https://zendrop.com/
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: eCommerce Network
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommended?: If you are able to precisely predict what your customers will be looking to buy online, dropshipping can be a very successful business strategy for you to pursue. Because of this, becoming an expert requires a considerable time commitment in the form of practice and study. Because dropshipping is a full-time job, you should investigate other potential sources of passive income to make up for the loss of time flexibility that this career choice entails.

What is Zendrop?

Zendrop Review - Logo

Zendrop is a reliable business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce network that brings together retailers who are interested in dropshipping with reputable suppliers.

AliExpress and other similar businesses have helped reduce the number of instances in which customers have to deal with incorrectly labeled items, delayed shipping, and language barriers.

The shipping times offered by Zendrop are the quickest in the industry, and the company also offers customised packaging and branding options. Additionally, customer service is available around the clock in English.

This program is pretty similar to Dropshipping Mastery 2.0, League of Ecom, and We Flip It All.

So, what is dropshipping?

Through the practice known as dropshipping, a shop can sell products over the internet without ever really having to take delivery of the products itself.

The order is subsequently forwarded from the seller to the manufacturer, another retailer, or the wholesaler, who is responsible for its fulfillment and the subsequent shipment of the items to the buyer.

The number of online middlemen that take wholesale prices, add a profit margin on top of them, and then pass the difference on to their end clients is rapidly growing. Although dropshipping is legal, there is the potential for problems and improper use on both ends of the transaction.

Dropshippers are businesses who don’t hold their own inventory and instead contract out the shipping and processing of their products to a third party.

Zendrop Overview

By establishing direct relationships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, Zendrop is in a position to provide its customers the most competitive prices.

When a customer puts an order with Zendrop, the company is responsible for everything, including locating and keeping track of the products the customer requires, as well as packaging, labeling, and delivering the products to the customer in a timely manner.

It’s probable that the product you bought on AliExpress has already been passed through a number of intermediaries, all of whom will demand a cut of your product’s final retail price. Anyone who has attempted dropshipping from AliExpress can attest to the validity difficulties that occur with the merchants.

There is a possibility that they will discontinue supplying a product at precisely the time when demand is growing, make adjustments to it without informing you of the changes, and dismiss your enquiries about the products.

Zendrop will check the legitimacy of each vendor on your behalf so that you don’t have to, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your company while we perform the legwork of locating reliable service providers for you.

Although Zendrop does include a third party in the transaction, it could end up being cheaper for you in the long run. AliExpress is filled with shady vendors, and doing business with one can set you back several thousand dollars if you’re not careful.

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Product Sourcing

It’s hard for me to think of any place that has implemented such an innovative function as the capability to crowdsource items because I can’t think of someplace else that does it.

If the items you want to sell from AliExpress are not yet included in Zendrop’s database, the platform will source them for you and automate the entire process on your behalf if you choose to sell them.

Following the completion of a transaction, Zendrop will issue a quote for the product in question. This quote will often be quite comparable to the price that is displayed on AliExpress for the item in question.

As a direct consequence of this, you will be able to locate a product on Zendrop that is comparable to virtually any product that is sold on AliExpress.

Auto Fulfillment

The capability of Zendrop to carry out this procedure is one of the product’s most compelling characteristics. In the past, retailers who handled high order volumes faced the challenge of a laborious and time-consuming process known as order fulfillment.

The majority of dropshippers should expect to incur costs of several hundred dollars per week when they hire a virtual assistant to handle order fulfillment. If you so want, the entirety of that process can now be carried out by means of mechanical means.

When an order is placed, all you need to do is click the button labeled “auto fulfill orders,” and Zendrop will take care of everything else.

Custom Packaging & Private Labeling

It is possible that having a powerful brand name will increase sales of products of poor quality, such as those manufactured in China. When it comes to private labeling and bespoke packaging, on the other hand, there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that must be satisfied (minimum order quantity).

The Zendrop fulfillment team will be able to provide you with a price as soon as they have received your order details.


In order to verify the status of your cargo, there will be no need for any kind of manual intervention. Your account will be updated as soon as Zendrop receives tracking information from their Chinese source.

Shopify will make an API call on the customer’s behalf, which will result in the consumer receiving a copy of the tracking number.

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Thank You Cards

You may demonstrate to your customers how much they mean to you by personalizing the image, title, message, and address that appear on the thank-you cards you include in the packages they get from you.

By downloading a free sample, you will be able to examine the design and quality of the card before you send it out to your clients or customers.

Include discount coupons and promotional vouchers to entice them to return. This Shopify feature is right up your alley if you’ve been looking for additional methods to profit from your online store powered by Shopify.

This is an excellent tool for bringing in new business and keeping the business of existing customers happy without breaking the bank on promotional activities.

Service pricing

Zendrop’s free tier of service can either serve as a trial period or as a stepping stone to the company’s paid tiers. Upgrading to the platform’s Pro plan, which costs $49 per month or $499 per year, is the only way to access the platform’s untapped potential and unleash its full potential.

The free version includes some useful additional features, but it lacks others that are essential. With the free plan, you are allowed to place a total of 50 orders per month, which is little less than two orders per day.

Consequently, if you are serious about growing your business, it is time for you to upgrade to a more comprehensive Shopify plan.

The Pro plan gives users access to the Zendrop Academy, the US product catalog, auto-fulfillment, thank you notes, and expedited delivery options.

If you try out the service for a week and decide you don’t like it, you can get your money back. The trial period lasts for seven days.

Product pricing

In most cases, the prices offered by Zendrop are more affordable than those offered by AliExpress. Because Zendrop does not utilize the conventional retail channels but rather purchases directly from the manufacturer, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

It is common practice in the supply chain for one supplier to buy items from one manufacturer, and for that manufacturer to buy goods from another supplier. Before you make your purchase, each participant in the selling of an overpriced goods deducts a portion of their profit for themselves.

There is a possibility that the pricing will be more or lower than what is listed on AliExpress. Despite the fact that there are many contributing elements, let us discuss some potential causes.

The first is that Zendrop places a higher value on the quality of the goods than it does on the price, so you should anticipate it to look for the option that is both the most expensive and the best one.

A second problem is that it is common for Chinese merchants to engage in unethical business activities in order to make their items give the impression that they are priced more affordably than they actually are.

Final Verdict – Zendrop Review

Zendrop is not a scam, nor is it a dishonest service. With its help, dropshipping can be simplified, risks can be decreased, and tasks can be automated.

However, there is a slim chance of turning a profit through the use of dropshipping.

Finding a product that has the ability to spread quickly through word of mouth is vital to the long-term success of your retail establishment since, in the absence of such a product, you will not be able to afford the necessary level of advertising.

The majority of dropshipping products reach their peak demand within two to four weeks, if not earlier in some cases. This is due to the fact that many competitors will steal your idea and create advertisements that are superior to yours. Alternately, they may decide to increase the amount of money they spend on advertisements on Facebook in order to compete with yours.

For this reason, in order to maintain your financial success, you will need to regularly replace them.

Although many businesses share their gross revenue in their web posts, some only reveal their net revenue.

There’s a chance that some of them are successful, but that won’t stay forever.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that the dropshipping business model requires no work or time investment on the side of the business owner. Successful dropshippers often devote themselves fully to the business, as keeping up with the demand for new items, storefronts, ads, and vendors requires a constant supply of new business.

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