Zero to Dangerous Review – Steven Kotler Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Steven Kotler’s program known as Zero to Dangerous. Is the program legit? Find out in this Zero to Dangerous review.

Are you having trouble striking a balance between your work ambitions and the demands of your family, health, and overall wellbeing? What if there was a program that could teach you how to boost your motivation, eliminate procrastination, and unlock your entire potential all at the same time?

You are probably interested with a program that could help you unlock your potential so that you can perform better at work and gain skills that you have wanted for a long time. Also, you seem to be looking for a way to balance your career and your personal life properly.

That is understandable, as it could be hard to separate them sometimes. Especially when you are working from home.

Well, this program claims that it can help you with all of those. The question is, does it really work, or is it just one big gimmick?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Zero to Dangerous review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Steven Kotler in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Zero to Dangerous Review: Quick Details

How Does Zero to Dangerous Work?

Daily Content and Exercises

They claim that the program will help you become an expert in the world’s most cutting-edge, science-based tactics for reaching peak performance in work and life over the course of eight weeks. You’ll be able to achieve meaningful results quickly with the aid of the framework, which will also free up your time, reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, and allow you to spend your whole workday in flow.

Intimated PhD Level Coaching

Over the course of eight weeks, you will have a one-on-one session with a neuroscientist or PhD-level psychologist coach. They say that their whole staff of coaches are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in their fields, and they will encourage you to achieve your goals and even exceed them.

Lifetime Group Coaching and Community

Live group coaching sessions are led by coaches with doctoral degrees once a week. Imagine that you have access to a network of high-achieving business executives who are there to give you with accountability, support, and feedback on your performance. You will get access for an infinite amount of time, and the program accommodates all time zones.

Who is the program for?

They say that the program is for the following types of people:

  • You are a talented professional with ambitious aspirations and innovative ideas. You have motivation, self-discipline, and creativity in plenty. You are knowledgeable about flow states and dedicated to performing at your greatest best.
  • You are sick of the always-on, insanely busy, and chaotic pace of the 21st century, and you want to graduate to a new style of living and working that is more intelligent.
  • Your capacity to think creatively and find solutions to challenges earns you a good living wage (entrepreneurs, executives, knowledge workers)
  • You consider yourself to be a high-performer, but you are aware that the manner you are currently working is not the most efficient.
  • You are aware that something is lacking, and you would prefer not to forego potential outcomes.

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Zero to Dangerous Overview

Zero to Dangerous Review - Steven Kotler

Both Steven Kotler, a three-time New York Times bestselling author and a world-renowned expert on peak performance, and Rian Doris, who is Kotler’s co-founder of the Flow Research Collective, will be teaching the course.  Their teaching styles, as they claim, complement one another.

For this section, we will be looking at the program’s curriculum.

Week 1 – Cultivating Your Dangerous Mindset & Flow 101

For this week, you will understand how the most successful individuals in the world think and perceive the world around them. You will also get an understanding of the neurology that underpins flow experiences, which will enable you to begin replicating these states in your own life.

Week 2 – Becoming a Time Jedi & Battling Cognitive Load

Your preconceived assumptions regarding the nature of time will be completely overturned by the end of this week’s lesson. After that, you will be assisted with reconstructing your sense of time from the ground up so that you may finally liberate an abundance of time in your life.

Week 3 – Reclaiming Sanity with Burnout Proofing, Recovery & Sleep

You’ll make the transition into an executive athlete for this week. That involves figuring out how to sleep better than you ever have before, honing your recovery techniques, and fortifying your defenses against burnout.

Week 4 – Optimizing Your Physiology with Positive Psychology

During this week, you will be taught how to put your biology to work for you rather than against you so that you may achieve your goals. You will become an expert in the non-negotiable routines that the scientific community agrees every human being should be engaging in to achieve their full potential.

Week 5 – Waging War on Distraction & Overwhelm

This is the week in which you reclaim your sanity from the technical masters who have been oppressing you. You will be assisted in recovering from the brain melt and becoming less dependent on stimuli. All of this in order for you to unlock a laser-like focus that is so potent that you will have to be careful about where you direct it.

Week 6 – Limitless Motivation, Pristine Clarity & Flowy Execution

This week, you will work on finding the kind of motivation that is comparable to having lightning going through your veins and that is what drives the best performers in the world. You will also learn the secrets of tenfold increasing the productivity you now derive from a workday.

Week 7 – Building a High Flow Lifestyle

You should have a good portion of the tools necessary for top performance under wraps at this point. In this section, you can now start enjoying the full extent of your unlocked potential.

Week 8 – Sustaining Peak-Performance Forever

The majority of performance programs only produce a temporary improvement in performance that lasts for two to three months. After that, the behavior goes back to normal. The Zero to Dangerous program aims to achieve the exact opposite. Over the course of a longer period of time, your outcomes should aggressively compound. This week will show you how to do it.

Zero to Dangerous FAQs

Is Zero to Dangerous an online training?

The entirety of Zero to Dangerous is made available in digital format. This indicates that you may carry out the tasks  at any location. On the other hand, this is not at all like a typical “online course.”

Most online courses have a 3 percent completion rate. The Zero to Dangerous course has a completion rate of almost 90 percent. This is due to the fact that it involves live interaction with some of the most remarkable specialists and leaders from all around the world. It is not simply a large, featureless video collection.

What is the Flow Research Collective?

The Flow Research Collective is an organization that focuses on research and training in the area of peak performance. On the research front, they are collaborating with academic institutions such as Stanford, UCLA, and USC, as well as businesses such as Deloitte, in an effort to get better understanding of what takes on in the human brain and body at peak states of human performance.

When it comes to training, they develop programs that help business leaders enhance their professional performance by reaching flow states more regularly. This is done via the use of their training programs.

What’s the purpose of “booking a Peak Performance Strategy Session” for Zero to Dangerous?

The Zero to Dangerous program includes both group coaching and an online community as one of its essential components. The fact that everyone in Zero to Dangerous is a motivational and goal-oriented leader is one of the many wonderful things about this.

The application process gives them the opportunity to select the sort of community they want to have and to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties.

When does Zero to Dangerous start?

Following the completion of your strategy session, you will be able to join Zero to Dangerous as soon as you are approved into the program. However, there are periods when they are at the maximum coaching capacity, so if you are interested, we encourage that you apply as soon as possible.

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Final Verdict – Zero to Dangerous Review

Before I end this Zero to Dangerous review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

The capacity to control one’s own state of consciousness may be of use to anybody.

You should always make the most informed decisions you can, with as much self-assurance and specificity as possible, even when faced with ambiguity. Find a resolution to a problem that has been giving you headaches for a significant length of time now. Create deeper, more genuine, and more meaningful connections not only with the people you care about, but also with the individuals you interact with every day.

Develop a solid and unwavering sense of inner serenity that is always there and that you can call upon at any time you feel the need. Find out what your genuine purpose in life is, and then make an effort to lead a life that is completely congruent with that mission.

I would advise you to read the next part if you are interested in finding a program that will assist you in generating some income.

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