Zero Up Review – Fred Lam Course/Software Scam?

Do you think that dropshipping can change your life?Either you are a big fan of ecommerce and thinks that this is your future.If you are reading this most likely you searched for zero up review.

There is a lot of hype about this course this year.So that is why I am writing this review to help you made a decision.

Personally I am not a big fan of dropshipping.I will tell you why I left this industry in the last section of this review.

I recently wrote is dropshipping worth it.You may like it.

So,without wasting any time let?s dive into today?s review.

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Zero Up Review

Zero up is a mixture of course and software.In this course fred lam will teach you dropshipping.

How to setup a shopify store.What profitable products to choose in certain niches which are profitable.

The whole idea of zero up is based on teaching you drop shipping.The only question is that it is worth the money?

Can you really make big dollars and a life of financial freedom.

Can this course has the potential to change your fortunes with dropshipping.

Well yes it can but we will dive deep into this.

I want to appreciate you to took the time to read this review because now a days there are so much online scams that it?s seems to be impossible to know legit or scam.

All so called guru?s are selling you something.

Infact it is easiest way to make money online.To sell your own digital product.Let?s talk something about fred lam.

Fred Lam

Fred Lam has impressive online presence.He has his youtube channel and got a very good following there.

His followers on youtube are 85k.

Which is a solid audience to promote your course.He has above 215 value videos on his channel.

Fred lam has an excellent image in ecommerce industry.This is why he put zero up to teach people dropshipping.

Zero up price

Price is already written on their website.If you did know let me tell you.

Zero up cost is $1497 or you can make three time payment of 4597.If you make the decision of three time payment this means $1791.

If you do not want to lose more than three hundred bucks than i will advise you to go with the one time payment.

Now I am going to tell you what you will get inside.We will now talk about the cons and pros of zero up.Some will be harsh truth.So,be prepared for it too.

There are a lot of positive reviews about the course online.I will make it easier for you to make a decision.First we will talk about..

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Is Zero Up A Scam?

If you are looking for a straight forward answer than I will say no.It?s not a scam.

In fact I appreciate the efforts of fred lem that he puts in this course.Did the course worth it.

I will leave it up to you.I think you will get to the decision after reading the pros and cons of this course?

Things I liked in Zero Up

First of all I want to add one thing that it is a good idea by fred lam.

Because I reviewed hundred and thousands of online course.This idea seems to be very new for me and the ecommerce industry.


You do not have to know anything technical about shopify or ecommerce.

They will setup everything for you and ready to run business for you.

Selecting product

As you know that in the dropshipping industry,this is a very important factor.

To choose a product and niche.In zero up they will give you all information and guidance to make your own decision.

Facebook ads

If you ever run facebook ads they will tell you what to do.A complete guidance on running facebook ads.

More than this they will show you live examples of which ads are running well in the dropshipping industry.


As we all know that email marketing is very important in any online business.

For this in zero up they will integrate your account with an autoresponder.Which will take care of any email inquiry.


This is a very good step by fred lam.He will do weekly online webinars inside zero up.

As I said earlier that he is known as traffic genius.

So,he will give you training on fb ads.The training will be in super depth.There will be videos of 24 hours length.

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Things I Disliked In Zero Up

Having said the good things let?s talk about the bad one too.


I will not say that this is a scam or did not provide the value.

It does but it seems that fred lam did not put the work to sharpen the course.

There are a lot of videos on youtube and other online channel already that what he teaches in zero up.

You can get these videos for free rather than paying $15000 for this course.


This course is so much overpriced.

No matter that he is a traffic genius.You might say that you are paying for fred lam.

But it is still a lot of money.As I said that there are a lot of videos that you can get for free rather than paying for zero up.if this course was priced at $300-400.

Than I would be more than happy to buy it.

This is because if you are spending huge amount in this course.

Other than this you will definitely need 3 to 5 grands for facebook ads to give it a good shot.

If you are a risk taker than you can spend 10 grands to test your luck.

This is because dropshipping has high risks.

Other thing is if you once invest in the course than there is no money back guarantee.

Other Reviews

There are so much reviews out there about zero up.All of them are positive.

I think this is because they are promoting it as an affiliate or some other reason.I want to say you one thing too.

There are so much online scams out there like ecom cash code,affiliate champ and I recently reviewed Billy gene is marketing.

They use fake testimonials from fiver to get more sales.

Odi productions who is the beast in affiliate marketing also using fake testimonials.

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Final Verdict about Zero Up

In this I will give an overall idea whether you should buy it or not.

Well,my opinion is that if you have ten grands in your pocket than you can give it a try.

But still there will be a huge risk that you will end up losing your money.

This is because they are not proven marketing strategies.Which anyone can put their money on and believe in the process.

That is one of the reason I hate dropshipping.

I tried it but lost a lot of money in it.

This is why I am recommending you to choose affiliate marketing as your career.there are three worst business models online.

Dropshipping,Amazon fba and SMMA.

These are the terrible online business ideas and huge risks that you will end up losing your dropshipping and amazon fba you are in very competitive industry.

Shipping takes a lot of time and money and is not passive.

Also you have to deal with suppliers and other thing.

In SMMA you have to call hundreds of business owners and convince them that you are the only one good at running ads.

These are not business my guys.

You may say so what about the people that made their life through amazon fba and dropshipping.

Yes,but it is not passive.They are not financially free even now.They have to hard work over and over again.

That is what I like about affilIate marketing.Less risks and proven marketing strategies.

That everyone can put their money on.This is the best online business in the online industry.YES,and I am 110% confident what I am saying.

Take big action..Only $7 CHEERS!!

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