Zest App Review: Is This Software Worth the Money?

Today we will be looking at a software called Zest App. Is Zest App a scam? Find out as you read this Zest App review.

You have probably been thinking of a way to make more money. It is not like you are dissatisfied with how much they pay you in your current job, but it is just that times have changed.

The global pandemic has made us realize a lot of things. A large percentage of the world population is not prepared for a situation like this, and that only those who are very rich can survive another lockdown.

The costs of necessities and utilities keep going up, but salaries just would not keep up with it. Along with that, another lockdown means that establishments would close again, meaning people getting laid off from work.

Those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs were forced to adapt to a homebased work system, which is truly not for everyone.

Not everyone’s home can be considered as a home conducive environment, meaning that you should not expect as much productivity to come out.

People opt to look for side hustles in order to get more money into their saving accounts. This is where this software comes in.

Hopefully this Zest App review can help you decide whether you want to purchase this software or not.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Zest App review. I’m not affiliated with Zest App, or any other product, in any way.

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What is Zest App?

Zest App Review - Zest App product

Zest App claims that it is the first-ever app which will get you unlimited buyer traffic. Basically, they advertise this app as the first of its kind, even though we all know that that is a big lie.

I mean, I alone have reviewed a lot of these products in the past, meaning that Zest is definitely lying about their claims. The idea is not unique anymore, but of course, the advertising for this app claims that it is the first one ever app “that really works”.

Basically this app states that you need not create digital products, or any other things that require you to make use of a lot of time and effort. Going by what the app states, the process is fully-automated. I am not sure I would believe that, though.

Most of the time, apps like these state that it can make you money in mere minutes. However, you should know better than believe those. This sounds like a “get rich quick” scheme, but in software form.

Remember that a lot of these apps have their prices low because they want as many people as possible to use them. Do not be tempted by the cheap price, as these software might make you vulnerable to security issues.

Who Created Zest App?

Zest App Review - Zest App creators

The ones responsible for creating Zest App are Billy Darr, Finn Goswani, and Justin Opay.

It seems like these three guys are all affiliate marketers. Other than that though, I could not find any more information about them.

It also looks like these people have created and marketed their own software before.

However, that does not mean that you should let your guard down, though. It just puzzles me that they have no other online presence except for this one.

Purchasing this software would mean that you would have to trust these strangers with your personal information.

I am not against purchasing products from people who are trying to make it big, but I recommend caution.

Take note too that sites like WarriorPlus and JVZoo are hosts to some shady software. I would not be surprised if this turns out to be one.

Do not place your trust easily in products that promise to be the solution to all of your issues. There are a variety of reasons for their low cost, one of which is that they are far more shady than they appear.

Zest App Features

The information in this section was taken straight from the official sales page of Zest App.

  • Brand NEW ‘Zest’ Software: Zest App is a fully-automated 1-click app that makes us $764 a day through auto-pilot campaigns & free buyer traffic in as little as 24 seconds.
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials: The included video training teaches you how to take the free buyer traffic you get with Zest and turn it into an endless supply of cash in your bank account.
  • Quick Start Guide: If you don’t like going through video’s don’t worry, they got you covered with a Quick Start Guide that just shows you how to fire up Zest App to get free traffic & sales pouring in, in seconds.
  • $164.54 In 2Hrs Case Study: The real life case study shows you exactly how they made $164.54 in 2 hours using the Zest App.
  • Customer Only Q & A Call: A special live Q & A call will take place where Zest customers can get their questions answered live; if you can’t turn up live you’ll get the recording.

All of these qualities appear to be promising, and they may be enticing. I cannot blame you for being tempted, though.

However, you should take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

Of course, the software’s designer desires sales. As a result, all they’d say about the product is how great it is. They wouldn’t dare to inform you that using the program comes with hidden fees in the long run.

All of this is promised at a reasonable price with this program. What could be the reason behind this?

Simple. Because nothing they’ve mentioned regarding the product is accurate.

As you read further into this Zest App review, you will learn whether these “features” really are included or not.

Pricing and Inclusions

ZestApp costs $18.65. Purchase of the software includes the following:

  • $0 To $1,000 A Day In 30 Days! You’re invited to the customer only LIVE stream where we’ll reveal how we make $1,000 – $27,451.32 a day…
  • $430 Passively Over & Over. Activate the same system we use to get multiple $430 payments everyday. Works perfectly with Zest.
  • $1,170 365 Days In A Row! Steal the EXACT system we’ve used to generate an average of $1,170 a day, 365-Days in a row for FREE.
  • Auto-pilot Income System. The whole point of the Internet is for it to make us money on complete auto-pilot. That’s what this bonus shows you how to do.
  • Newbie To Sales In 60 Seconds. This system let us make our first sale in 60 seconds without a list, paid traffic or anything else complicated, Everything is revealed to you inside.

A bonus is included for the first 200 people who purchase the software. It is called ZenSuite, an 8-in-1 toolbox with the following features:

  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Build Unlimited Funnels
  • Host Unlimited Files
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Build Unlimited Pages
  • Bitcoin Site Builder
  • Amazon Site Builder
  • ClickBank Site Builder

It essentially has everything you’ll need to launch your own internet marketing career.

However, I have reservations about this. It is far too inexpensive and claims to offer many features that large corporations charge for.

Everything here just sounds a little shady. It is just way too cheap for a reputable software to cost this low, and it includes way too many bonuses.

It looks like they really are desperate to sell this.

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Zest App FAQs

What If I’m Unhappy With Zest App?

The software comes with a 365-day money back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to try out the app. You can get a refund if you are unhappy with the results.

The problem I see with this though is I don’t think that they will refund your money. They will definitely blame you for not “working hard enough” and getting good results, and they will tell you to just wait it out until your guarantee is over.

Will This Work For Newbies With No Tech Skills?

Zest App does not require any technically skills, meaning that it is a newbie-friendly software. You can also access video trainings and contact live support for help.

I doubt that they have any live chat support though, as it is way too expensive to hire agents. With software this cheap, do not expect any good customer care support to help you.

Do I Need A Website, A List Or Hosting?

Apparently, you don’t. Zen App claims that it is a complete package that can help you.

Well, I highly doubt that it does. It should cost more if it truly works.

Does This Software Work On PC Or Mac?

The software is web-based, meaning that it can work on any device that can connect to the internet.

Is There A Monthly Fee?

There is no monthly fee. The one-time purchase fee is all you need to pay for.

Or, at least that is what they are making you believe. I think there are so hidden fees along the line.

Is Money-Making Training Included?

There is a step-by-step video training included with the purchase of the app.

That is just probably them telling you again and again that it will work if you “work hard enough”. Yeah, sure.

Zest App Pros & Cons


  • The software costs cheap


  • Software creators are unknown, which could cause security and privacy issues
  • They claim that the software has everything you need to be a successful internet marketer
  • The included bonuses all sound made-up
  • Ridiculous income claims that are impossible to reach

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Should You Purchase Zest App?

Certainly not. I do not think that I will ever recommend this product, even in a million years.

Don’t squander your hard-earned cash on a product like this. There are far better ways to make money.

I understand that many individuals have a hard time trusting others, but you should not hesitate with this one. Everything they say about the product is clearly false.

They look like they are being too desperate to make sales, which is why they included a lot of “bonuses”.

Also, why would you put your confidence in individuals that charge only $18.95 for software that may earn you hundreds of dollars every month? Clearly, they are concealing something from you.

If it sounds too good to be true, then do not trust it.

I recommend that you do your own research before purchasing software like this.

Because of their ignorance, many individuals take advantage of others. Make it difficult for yourself to be a target. Do not make yourself look vulnerable, as that is what scammers love to look for.

So, do I think that Zest App works?

I don’t think it does. You shouldn’t, either.

Products which advertise themselves as the “true solution” are all lying. Remember that.

Final Verdict – Zest App

After reviewing a quite a lot of apps being sold that are pretty similar to this one, I’ve noticed a popular trend.

They set the prices so low that consumers would believe they are getting a fantastic bargain. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted to get something when it is on sale?

They claim that the purchase of the program is the key to changing your life.

You should be aware that all of their claims are purely lies. There is no way to ensure earnings by acquiring anything like this, especially at a very low price point.

Unfortunately, software like Affiliate Pro Formula, ScrapeIt, and ProfitPrime, claim that they all work, and that they will bring you thousands of profits as long as you keep the program running.

Remember that no one would scam if there is no one to scam.

I would advise you to be wary of anyone who makes statements like that out of the blue.

What I can share with you, though, is a better way to make money. More information about said method can be found in the next section.

That’s it for my Zest App review. Hopefully, you will put what you learned from this Zest App review into practice.

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